Season 14: Episode 11 - Fallen Horseman: Mookie Voted Out
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

On night 30, Mookie Lee, the 25-year-old program manager from Chicago, Illinois, joined the jury when he received the majority of votes at a heated Tribal Council. Alex saved himself by casting a vote against his close friend and ally Mookie, tipping the scales in his favor. Sad yet gratified, Mookie had this to say during his final words: "You know I'm pretty relieved that I'm out of the game, but at the same time it would have been nice to still be in the game had the alliances stayed put for me. I wish I could be back there raising hell, making everyone's lives miserable, as miserable as my life has been here. Kind of like, grass is green on the other side you know. It's unfortunate that I'm out of the game but it was a great experience and I wouldn't take it back for anything."

Death Row
Returning from the devastating Tribal Council, Mookie and Alex fear their days are numbered. "I thought Dreamz would be more on par with the Four Horsemen alliance but I guess not," says a stunned Mookie. "He's the one that turned and back-stabbed us." With Alex and Mookie separated from the rest of the tribe, Stacy and Earl explain to Dreamz why they excluded him from the last minute change of vote. "Everybody made a pact to vote out Mookie and then all of a sudden they switched to Edgardo so I was the only one that voted Mookie," vents Dreamz. "At first I feel they didn't trust me but then they came to me and then let me know that they just changed it just in case Mookie pulled out the Immunity Idol. I was comfortable after that."

True Traitor 
Alex and Mookie drill Dreamz on his betrayal when he attempts to make amends. Accusing Dreamz of backstabbing them, Dreamz fabricates stories of being outnumbered and pressured by the other alliance. "As fast as I'm trying to get them out of here, I still want to be friends, because I'm going need the vote in the future if I'm in the final two," explains Dreamz.

Reward Challenge: Slosh Pit
Survivors arrive at a vast mud field where Jeff Probst explains the challenge. The tribe will be randomly divided into two teams, and one person from each team will launch balls from a platform out into the muddy field. The other teammates will attempt to catch the ball using a basket. Each time someone catches a ball they score a point. The first team to five wins Reward. A seaplane will take the winning team to a luxury spa resort where they will have a hot shower, dinner and a night in a bed, returning to camp in the morning. In addition, the winning team will send one person from the losing team to Exile Island, where they will find a new clue to the hidden Immunity Idol re-hidden after being played at the last Tribal Council.

On the platform for the Orange Team is Yau-Man, launching balls to his team consisting of Mookie, Cassandra and Boo. Stacy launches balls to the Green Team consisting of Earl, Alex and Dreamz. Stacy and Yau-Man fire balls deep into the muddy field where Boo effortlessly catches a ball. Mookie steals one from Earl, scoring two points for the Orange team and giving them an early lead. The game heats up quickly as teams resort to ruthless game play, tripping each other whenever possible. As the Green team begins to score points, Boo lands on his leg incorrectly and goes down writhing in pain. Testing it to see if he can put weight on his injured knee, Boo stands. With a sickening crack, he pops his leg back into place and keeps going. When both Stacy and Yau-Man learn to direct their launches, the score is tied at four points each. With a final shot, Stacy launches a ball perfectly to Dreamz who makes the catch and scores the winning point for the Green Team. Alex, Earl, Dreamz and Stacy send Boo to Exile Island before heading out to their Spa Reward.

Healing Time
Eagerly devouring the clues to the newly hidden Immunity Idol, Boo is relieved to learn the Idol is located back at camp. Boo takes advantage of the time granted on Exile Island, resting his hurt knee and willing it to heal faster. "It's not here. It's on my beach. That makes it a lot easier for me here," says a thankful Boo. "I don't want to do anything. I hurt my knee and it's painful."

Wounded Lion 
Whisked off on a seaplane, Dreamz, Stacy, Earl and Alex arrive still caked in mud at a plush resort and find a welcoming spread of food awaiting them. "The first thing I'm going to do when I get to this Reward is see if I can wiggle my way back into this alliance," says Alex, rejuvenated and excited. After steaming hot showers and an indulgent feast, Alex begins his desperate search for cracks within Earl's alliance. "A lion is most dangerous when he's wounded and his back is up against the wall and that's how I feel because I'm clearly on the chopping block," says Alex. "I'm not going down without a fight."

Hide and Seek 
"When your back is against the wall you start being creative," explains Mookie. "I wonder who really had the Idol." Left in camp by themselves, Mookie and Alex begin rummaging through Yau-Man's personal bags and find the familiar turtle necklace in his pants. With confirmation that Yau-Man possesses the idol, Mookie and Alex excitedly contemplate their next move. Resting in the shade, Mookie suggests outing Yau-Man at Tribal Council in hopes of causing chaos and paranoia within Yau-Man's alliance. But when Mookie hears something behind them in the bushes, he finds Cassandra and Stacy crouched low to the ground. Believing the girls overheard their devious plan, Alex and Mookie race back to camp to confront Yau-Man.

Short on options, Alex and Mookie locate Yau-Man and blackmail him. "It changed somewhat for me personally just having that information," says Yau-Man. "Just put me at risk so I will have to tell all my voting block just straight out."

Gathering his alliance near the fire, Yau-Man strategically bares his soul to his associates. Informing the group of Alex and Mookie's invasion of privacy and ruthless blackmailing, Yau-Man miraculously manages to gain the sympathy of Cassandra and Stacy. But for Dreamz, the news of the Idol haunts him. "Finding out that Yau-Man has the Immunity Idol changed a whole bunch of stuff because everybody with Immunity Idol is considered dangerous." Facing an Immunity Challenge, Yau-Man worries. "The worst thing that can happen is either Alex or Mookie win the next Immunity Challenge and somehow they manage to get Dreamz and Boo to their side. Then it will be a four-four split, and if we lose that four-four split it may be downhill for me."

Immunity Challenge: Torched
The Survivors reconvene for their Immunity Challenge where Boo rejoins his tribe after his stay at Exile Island. Testing their memory, each Survivor will secretly select three squares on a grid, horizontally, vertically or diagonally. The goal is to knock out their opposing teammate by guessing squares and bombing them one by one. The last person with squares still left on the board wins individual Immunity and is safe from the vote.

In the first round both Dreamz and Cassandra hit their own targets along with Earl's, Boo's and Yau-Man's. Earl is the first out of the game after back-to-back hits, followed by Boo and Dreamz who are eliminated by Stacy. Cassandra is the next out after a hit by Mookie, leaving Stacy, Yau-Man, Alex and Mookie. Yau-Man gladly takes out Mookie, leaving Alex and Yau-Man and Stacy in the game. Thinking strategically, Stacy hits her own target and in the process takes out both Alex and Yau-Man last targets, winning individual Immunity.

Rock the Boat
Returning from Exile Island, Boo fears Alex or Mookie could have stumbled across the newly hidden Immunity Idol and could play it at Tribal Council. Boo proposes splitting the votes, three for Mookie, and three for Alex. Earl and Yau-Man reluctantly agree to split their votes, unwilling to go against the majority of their alliance. "People want to do three votes Mookie and three votes Alex. I'm against doing a spilt vote but you know, I'm not going to sit there and say, 'No guys, we're going to do this,' because that would be the wrong approach."

Packing their bags, Alex and Mookie vow to raise hell at Tribal Council and go down fighting no matter what. "I'm a lawyer," says Alex. "I know what it's like to use information strategically. At tonight's Tribal Council, Mookie and I are going out swinging and if that doesn't work, I think my best bet is to just try to stay alive past this vote. I've got one vote, I better make it count."

At Tribal Council, Alex's last-ditch effort to stay in the game pays off as he casts his vote against his friend and confidant Mookie. Mookie becomes the fifth member of the jury that will ultimately decide who will win the title of Sole Survivor.