Season 14: Episode 12 - Attorney Now on Jury Duty: Alex Voted Out
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

With his alliance decimated, Alex Angarita, the 28-year-old attorney from Los Angeles, California, attempted to penetrate the tight alliance of six. But at Tribal Council on Day 33, his pleas fell on deaf ears and he was unanimously voted out of the game. After his elimination, he delivered his final words: "I know that I played this game to the best of my ability. I gave it one hundred and ten percent every single day I was out here. I think the six remaining members are living in a dream world if they think that they're not going to have to backstab each other. I mean, things are going to get very ugly at this point."

Returning from Tribal Council, a dazed Alex is surprised to still be in the game. "Tonight's vote was pretty important for me," says an elated Alex. "My vote for Mookie is what saved my ass basically." As the seemingly tight alliance of six bickers amongst themselves, Alex realizes if he can find the crack in this alliance he could become a valuable swing vote. "Obviously they're not all in agreement," Alex explains. "It always creates room and opportunity." Earl in particular expresses his annoyance about his alliance. "I would have preferred Alex to go. But for some strange reason they wanted to split the vote between Mookie and Alex, and no one considered the fact that hey, they might vote for each other."

The Fourth Spot
In the protection of the island's cave, Yau-Man petitions to Earl and Cassandra to bring the physically weaker Stacy with them to the top four versus Dreamz. "I would like to see the top four as myself, Earl, Cassandra and Stacy because then I have a chance of getting to the top three," explains Yau-Man. Cassandra attempts to ease Yau-Man's fears by vaguely implying she will keep an open mind as they get closer to the top four. "I think Yau-Man is a real big threat," worries Cassandra. "I know he's playing the game. He's playing it to win it."

Reward Challenge: Hungry for Love
Survivors arrive at their next challenge where Jeff explains the rules. Using only their teeth, Survivors will rip pieces of meat off large hunks of pork, filling their individual plates. At the end of five minutes, the person with the most meat on their plate wins Reward and will send one person to Exile Island. The three with the most meat on their plates will be taken by helicopter to a Fijian rain forest to embark on a river rafting adventure. They'll also be treated to a massive lunch after the trip. The winner will also receive an advantage that will help them in the next Immunity Challenge.

The seven Survivors dash around the hanging pieces of meat, gnawing on the swinging carcasses. At the end of five minutes, Jeff begins weighing the heaping plates of meat. Boo sets the record, weighing in at 8.9 pounds, followed by Yau-Man and Dreamz. They'll both accompany Boo on the river rafting adventure. As winner of the challenge, Boo sends Earl to Exile Island and collects his advantage: a large bag of items that will help him in the next Immunity Challenge.

River Raft Reward
Wide-eyed, Boo, Yau-Man and Dreamz gaze through the windows of the helicopter as they soar past Exile Island into the Fijian Rainforest. The over-excited Boo can hardly contain himself to the chagrin of Dreamz. "During the Reward, Boo was talking a lot. He was just talking too much," says the annoyed Dreamz. "It's relaxing time, you know? It's time to chill. We won this, let's relax."

With their river rafting guide watching over them, Boo, Dreamz and Yau-Man enjoyed the ride of their lives through the winding river rapids. Waiting for them at the end is a picnic, along with a surprise: letters from home. Yau-Man and Boo enjoy their loved ones' letters, while tears fall from Dreamz's eyes as he reads his sister's uplifting words. "She thought that our opportunity was up," says a choked up Dreamz, "until I had the opportunity to come here. It lets me know that she still believes in me even if I don't believe in myself. It let me know that my fight is just the beginning. I remember my purpose here."

Make It Count
With a new re-hidden Immunity Idol buried somewhere back at his camp, Earl eagerly scans the two clues awaiting him on Exile Island. "I think two clues will be enough for me," he says with a smile. "Can't wait to get back to camp to go looking for that Idol. It'll be all worth it."

Feeding the Fire
Refreshed from the Reward, Dreamz and Yau-Man chronicle Boo's annoying behavior and how he almost spoiled the Reward with his constant chatter. Stacy and Alex join in with their own feelings of disgust. "Boo's been irritating enough to where I don't think these people want Boo to get the million dollars," says a devious Alex. "If somebody starts Boo bashing I'm going to feed the fire." Before heading to the Immunity Challenge, Alex chats with Dreamz. He assures Alex that should Boo not win individual Immunity, he'll help target Boo at Tribal Council. "I need to keep myself alive in this thing," says Alex with a glimmer of hope. "So I'm focusing all my energy and all of my will power on that challenge."

Immunity Challenge: Twister
Earl returns from Exile Island to join the Survivors at their Immunity Challenge. At the last Reward Challenge, Boo won an advantage in the form of three climbing steps, so he will skip the first stage of the challenge. Survivors will race to dig up three climbing steps buried randomly in the sand. The first two people to find their climbing steps and cross the finish line will join Boo in the final stage. There they will use those climbing steps to ascend to the top of a 12-foot pole and retrieve their flag. The first person to retrieve their flag wins individual Immunity.

The first stage begins with Dreamz miraculously finding all three climbing steps before anyone else, advancing him to the next stage. As the others battle it out, Yau-Man and Alex find their first climbing step. Moments later, Alex pulls up his second and third steps, joining Boo and Dreamz.

In the final round, Boo, Dreamz and Alex quickly attach theirs steps to their poles, lifting themselves out of the water. Reaching as far as he can, Boo plants his next step halfway up his pole. Frantically Alex ditches his steps and begins scaling his pole. Almost to the top, Alex slips, unable to pull himself to the top. Dreamz also ditches his climbing steps to scale his pole. Meanwhile, Boo calmly attaches another climbing step, giving himself just enough space to life himself to the top. Yanking his flag from the holder seconds before Alex, Boo wins individual Immunity.

Never Say Die
Wanting to express her respect for Alex in the game, Cassandra approaches Alex. He quickly takes the opportunity to make his case. Knowing Yau-Man posses a hidden Idol, Alex speculates that Yau-Man has no intention of taking Cassandra to the finals. Alex explains a way to blindside Yau-Man now while she still has Alex's extra vote. "It all started to make a little sense," says Cassandra, contemplating Alex's plan. "I felt like Yau-Man's going to have to eventually leave so why not tonight?" Earl and Dreamz soon join Alex and Cassandra's discussion, with Alex quickly bringing them up to speed. Earl doesn't buy it. "I'd rather just vote your ass off now. I'll risk it," says an irritated Earl. He has no intentions of aligning with Alex.

Later, Cassandra and Dreamz discuss Alex's proposal with Stacy just out of earshot. "The plan was to get rid of Alex tonight, but Alex is my friend," explains Dreamz. "Yau-Man has already said that I was a big threat. That means that he's going to try to get rid of me." Feeling it may be time to make a power play, Cassandra weighs her options. "It's pretty safe to say if I vote Yau-Man out, Stacy and Dreamz will more than likely vote with me. In order to blind side Yau-Man we definitely feel like we have to blindside Earl at the same time. I'm hoping that by the time it's time for Tribal Council, I'll have a clear feeling exactly of who I'm going to vote for."

In the end, Alex's attempt to infiltrate the alliance of six was thwarted. The tribe banded together and voted Alex out of the game six votes to one.