Season 14: Episode 13 - Yau-Man Plays the Idol: Stacy Gets Caught in the Wake
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

On night 36 at a tension packed Tribal Council, an attempt to blindside Yau-Man was thwarted when his instinct prompted him to play his hidden Immunity Idol. After striking a deal with Dreamz, Yau-Man realized he had made himself a target. Sensing danger, Yau-Man saved himself by playing his idol and Stacy Kimball, the 27-year-old interactive internet producer from Boulder, Colorado, was voted out of the game. Accepting her fate, Stacy was thoughtful as she delivered her final words. "Tonight I gambled, hoping that Yau-Man wouldn't pull out the Immunity Idol, which he did. I was out-voted."

A Secret Path
Paranoid that his tribemates may vote him out, Boo secretly forges a trail in the brush just above the water well and explains his devious plan. "I'm making a back path to the water well, so when people want to go and discuss things at the water well, I can come and bend down here real quiet and listen. If my name comes up on the chopping block I'll know."

Meanwhile, Earl, Cassandra, Stacy and Yau-Man agree to target Boo next, keeping strategic conversations to a minimum. "At this point we all have to work together to get rid of certain people," explains Earl. "Everybody agreed that Boo will be the next person." Yau-Man expresses his excitement as the game's pace picks up. "There's a lot more combinations going in my head to say who should be the four and how do I get there. Getting rid of Boo first would make my life much, much better."

What I Wouldn't Do For a Car
As they decipher Tree Mail, the excitement in camp boils over when the tribe believes they will compete for a vehicle in the upcoming Reward Challenge. Dreamz begs his tribemates to help him win this challenge, since he's the only one without a car. "If we're playing for a car and it has anything to do with strength or agility or any of that stuff, I'm guaranteeing you I'm going to win the car today," boasts Dreamz.

Reward Challenge: Keep on Truckin'
In the most coveted Reward Challenge yet, Survivors compete for a brand new 2008 Ford Super Duty truck. Split into groups of three and tied together, they will maneuver over a series of see-saws, climb up and through a cargo net tower to a sand pit, dig up a hatchet and chop through a rope to release a box. The winning team will drive in the truck, delivering the box as well as a trailer carrying a mobile school office to a local Fijian School. While there, they will have a picnic lunch with the children. In addition, those three will also compete against each other in a hatchet-throwing contest for the keys of the Ford Super Duty. The winner will send someone to Exile Island.

The Green Team, consisting of Dreamz, Earl and Cassandra, take an early lead against Boo, Stacy and Yau-Man of the Orange Team. But soon, Orange makes up the time lost and is on the Green's tail. Although Earl, Dreamz and Cassandra reach the sand pit first, Boo muscles the Orange Team through the last of the cargo net tower and into the sandpit. With sand flying in every direction from both teams, Boo locates his hatchet first, slicing through the waiting rope. Orange wins the first leg of the challenge.

For the final round, Boo, Stacy and Yau-Man battle it out for the truck, attempting to chop two ropes by throwing hatchets at their targets. Yau-Man and Boo quickly hit one rope each as Stacy's hatchet flies wildly off target. After a few rounds, Yau-Man's aim is dead on and he slices through his second rope, winning the Ford Super Duty Truck.

A Shocking Deal
In an unprecedented move, instead of claiming his new truck, Yau-Man negotiates a deal with Dreamz. Knowing Dreamz desperately wants the truck, Yau-Man proposes to give Dreamz the Ford Super Duty under some conditions. If they are both in the final four, and if Dreamz wins Individual Immunity, Dreamz will give his Individual Immunity to Yau-Man. Without a second thought, Dreamz accepts Yau's deal, giving his word and accepting the vehicle. In his last order of business, Yau-Man elects himself to go to Exile Island.

Self-Imposed Exile
"I feel very good about giving Dreamz that car," reflects Yau-Man as he makes himself comfortable on Exile Island. "I made Dreamz the offer that if and when we get to the final four together, that if he wins Immunity he has to give it to me. By giving away the truck it's the best way to get rid of my biggest competitor. I have pretty much guaranteed myself a free pass at the final four." With one goal in mind, Yau-Man pours over the clues to the re-hidden Immunity Idol. "The third clue pretty much pinpoints where the re-hidden Immunity Idol is located. I will need to share it with Earl, and hopefully one of us will find it."

School Daze
Watching the excited faces of the local children as they deliver the needed school supplies, Dreamz began to reflect upon his deal with Yau-Man. "When I got that brand new truck it was my next step up. But I was thinking, when Yau-Man gave me the car, what did he gain out of that? If I give Yau-Man Immunity off my neck I'm gone. So the best thing for me to do is to get rid of him before he makes it to the final four."

The Binding Contract 
Back at camp, Dreamz vents his frustrations to Cassandra. He's absolutely certain that Yau-Man's sole purpose of making the deal with Dreamz was to eliminate him. Knowing this, Dreamz and Cassandra discuss the possibility of voting Yau-Man out immediately in the hope of rendering the verbal contract useless. "I will give Yau-Man the Immunity necklace because I wouldn't want my son to not be a man of his word," explains Dreamz. "That puts me in a bind… I gotta get Yau-Man out of this game before the final four or look like a total liar and people won't trust me again."

Immunity Challenge: Grapple Perch
Survivors reconvene at the Immunity Challenge where Jeff explains the game. On platforms in the ocean, Survivors will toss a ball attached to a rope into a hoop to pull down a balance beam. From there, they'll cross to the finish. The first four will move on and do it again, with the first two to cross moving into the final round. They'll once again lower a balance beam, then move onto another beam to a small perch. Balancing on that perch, they will use a grappling hook to fish for a buoy. The first one to raise their buoy wins Individual Immunity.

Dreamz makes it look easy, quickly lowering his beam, crossing to the finish and advancing onto the next round. As Cassandra and Stacy flounder, Boo, Earl and Yau-Man join Dreamz in the second round. In the second round, Boo and Yau-Man advance to the final round to battle it out for Individual Immunity. As Yau-Man desperately attempts to lower his beam, Boo makes it across his first balance beam and onto the second beam. Once on the perch, Boo calmly raises his buoy and wins Individual Immunity. He's safe from the night's vote.

An Idol Each
Returning to camp after his stay on Exile Island, Yau-Man shares the clues to the location of the hidden Immunity Idol with Earl. Jogging his memory and following directions from the previous clues, Earl wanders through the forest near his camp. Using Yau's clue, Earl hones in on the pine trees and strikes gold. "We have two Idols man. Just think, we used to share an Idol and now go figure, we both have our own Immunity Idol." Later as the elated Earl shows Yau the Idol, Yau says, "Earl and I each have our own hidden Immunity Idol. With that we will certainly guarantee our place at the final four, and with my deal made with Dreamz, I'll guarantee myself a place in the final three," states a confident Yau-Man

A Loophole
Believing her time in the game is up, Stacy eagerly welcomes Dreamz' proposal to blindside Yau-Man. "I was a little concerned that I would be next today," says Stacy. "But Dreamz came up with another idea. If Yau-Man's not in the game then really Dreamz didn't go against him in that deal." Needing another vote, Dreamz and Stacy reveal the plan to Cassandra. "There's definitely a risk involved in voting Yau-Man," cautions Cassandra. "If [Yau] uses the Immunity Idol I will have burned two bridges, one with Earl and one with him. They're two valuables bridges."

To cover their tracks and keep suspicion to a minimum, Stacy pretends to be resigned to her fate. Though Stacy gives the performance of a lifetime, Yau-Man's instinct serves him well. Worried that his neck was on the line, he played his hidden Immunity Idol, saving himself and Stacy is voted out of the game by default.