Season 13: Episode 2 - PLUG PULLED ON HEAVY METAL
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

Billy Thrown Out On night six, Billy Garcia, the 36-year-old heavy metal musician from New York, New York, is voted out of the game four votes to one after his tribe purposefully loses the Immunity Challenge to vote him out. Billy, labeled lazy and untrustworthy by his tribe, seals his fate at Tribal Council as he shockingly professes his love for Raro tribe member Candice, claiming she is his million-dollar prize.

After his torch is extinguished, Billy gives his final thoughts on the game. "I came into this wanting to live the dream of playing Survivor. I got to live that dream for 6 days. And I think it's kind of cool that the heavy metal guy is getting eliminated by some guy named Ozzy. Too bad there wasn't a heavy metal tribe; I think I would've fit in better there."

A SPARK AND A FLAME The morning brings renewed life to the depleted Hiki tribe as a determined Rebecca attempts to make fire with the flint given to them at the previous Tribal Council. Finally, her work pays off as sparks turn to flame. As the tribe rejoices, Rebecca gleefully adds, "This has been a great day for our team. We're figuring it out and working as one, and I couldn't ask for anything more."

GUNFIRE Finding her place in the Aitu tribe, Cristina is compelled to share a shocking story with her tribe. As an officer, she was shot in the line of duty, nearly losing her arm. Despite her tale of woe, the surfer Ozzy clashes with Christina's authority as he rejects her chicken trap idea. "A lot of the ideas that she has are coming from somebody who's not done a lot of camping, who's not been in the outdoors a lot, so it doesn't make any sense to me." Complains Ozzy, "Cristina and I, we don't click very well."

BEDTIME STORIES With a common Korean upbringing, Becky and Yul from Puka tribe find themselves aligning together. "Yul seems sort of like an older brother to me," explains Becky. But as the darkness of night falls, Cao Boi's disregard for his tribemates' tolerance of ethnic stereotypes leaves him in the cold as he continues to tell jokes that offend. "A joke is a joke right?" defends Cao Boi. Not agreeing with Cao Boi's antics, Brad adds, "I think the bigger picture is, we get it, but other people won't get it." Yul diplomatically explains, "It's good to have a sense of humor but if it's at the expense of a particular ethnic group, I don't think that's cool."

JONATHAN IS BACK Although he receives a warm welcome home, Jonathan quickly sums up the poor state of affairs of his Raro tribe. "I've come back and these guys haven't done anything. I don't understand why they don't have a better floor. Basically it's the same shack that they've been in for three or four days now." Getting the tribe motivated to build a better shelter proves more difficult than expected as his ideas clash with an outspoken Adam. Jonathan vents, "Adam is hungry and he's crabby and he doesn't understand that other people have needs, and I don't need him being like that."

DEAD WEIGHT Anticipating an upcoming challenge, the majority of the Aitu tribe discusses their immediate future as Billy slumbers just steps away in the shelter. In a bold move, Ozzy suggests to his teammates to throw the next challenge in order to vote out Billy. Although the tribe agrees Billy is useless and dishonest, the idea of throwing the challenge does not sit well Cristina. "I still think that we should all work as a team. It's disappointing and I don't know if I can trust Oscar anymore".

IMMUNITY/REWARD CHALLENGE: TOW THE LINE The four tribes square off again for Immunity and Reward as Jeff Probst explains the challenge. Each tribe must remember a historical story of Captain James Cook. Tied together as a group, the tribe must make their way over and under logs and through a field of poles, gathering seven answer flags. Once they cross a two-line rope bridge over a pit of water, they must use the seven answer flags collected to solve five questions about the story. The first tribe to answer the five questions correctly wins Immunity and two large tarps as a Reward. The first three tribes to finish win Immunity and are safe from Tribal Council. The losing tribe decides who will go to Exile Island.

The challenge begins as Raro, Hiki and Puka quickly make their way through the course, while Aitu casually lags behind. Puka and Raro make quick work of the course as they surprisingly complete the challenge and tie for the win. As Hiki answers the final question on their board correctly, they too secure a victory, leaving Aitu in last place. Before leaving the challenge, Aitu sends Yul from Puka to Exile Island. As Yul gathers his things, Billy from the defeated Aitu tribe turns to Candice from Raro and whispers, "I'm next." In an effort to console him, Candice says, "Well, we love you," to which Billy replies, "I love you."

BURRIED TREASURE Shortly after his arrival on the dreaded Exile Island, the clever and resourceful Yul makes quick work of the clues as he digs deep into the sand. To his surprise, X marks the spot as he unearths the hidden Immunity Idol. An ecstatic Yul reveals his thoughts and strategy behind his game-changing find. "If there's a clear opportunity where I could change the game, I'd use it."

DEAD MAN'S BLUFF Returning to camp defeated and realizing her discomfort in throwing the challenge, Cristina complains, "It was such an easy game; it just made me realize that Oscar's really conniving. I think Oscar's more of a threat right now." Aware of his position in the game, Billy plays to Cristina's morals, telling her that he knows about sabotaging the challenge in order to vote him out. "I just hope they don't throw another challenge to get rid of you," Billy tells Cristina. With fingers crossed and high hopes, Billy says, "My hand is a weak hand but at least I have one queen."

In the end at a heated Tribal Council, Billy is ousted from his tribe, four votes to one.