Season 13: Episode 3 - New Tribes, New Alliances: Cecilia Voted Out
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

On night nine during a tense Tribal Council, Cecilia Mansilla, the 29-year-old Technology Risk Consultant from Oakland, California, leaves the game in a five to three vote. Presumably in a secure position, the decision came as a shock to the unsuspecting Cecilia as Jessica and Cao Boi switched their votes in the final hour.

Disappointed in the swift turn the game has taken, Cecilia delivers her final words. "This vote tonight, it's insane. It's just a testament as to how quickly the game can change. But I have no regrets. I had a great time.”

Lightened Load Returning to their camp after a calculated vote at Tribal Council where Billy professed his admiration for Candice of the Raro tribe, Aitu discussed the probability of Billy's love affair. "All the stuff that came out of Billy's mouth tonight was just ridiculous. Words can't even describe the Candice situation. If it's true it's true, but, it's not true," notes a smirking J.P.

Broken Record In the early light of day, the Puka tribe is greeted with a slew of new non-stop stories from Cao Boi. Aggravated with Cao Boi's garrulous behavior, Brad sums up his frustration on the matter: "I have had a sort of coming to Jesus in my own mind with Cao Boi. I really in my heart of hearts don't think he's all there and will ever be there… unless he's medicated."

Four Tribes Become Two The four tribes are in for a surprise when they convene for their next challenge. To the shock and disbelief of all Survivors, Jeff Probst commands, "Drop your buffs. You have been living together as tribes divided based on ethnicity. It is now time to integrate." In a series of random selections, two new tribes are born. The Raro tribe now consists of Nate, Rebecca and Stephannie from the old Hiki tribe, Brad and Jenny from Puka, J.P. and Cristina from the Aitu tribe and Adam and Parvati returning to their home at Raro. The new Aitu tribe consists of Yul, Becky and Cao Boi from the old Puka tribe, Sundra from Hiki, Jonathan, Candice and Flica from the old Raro tribe and Ozzy and Cecilia returning to their old camp at Aitu. Anxiously the two new tribes depart for their new homes.

Melting Pot Rejoicing as the new Raro tribe arrives at their camp, Stephannie puts the mixture of ethnicities that make up her new family into perspective. "The way our tribe is blended at this point… you really don't see color, you see the heart of that individual and what they're doing to make your tribe stronger. That's what this is about." However, a warm welcome is not the only thing on the new tribe's mind as Brad reveals the game is on. "It's going to be all smiles and pleasure to meet you, and [we're] glad you're here but in the back of your mind, it's a game and you're in it to win it for yourself. First and foremost, cold hard cash."

It's Not Personal, It's Business As the new Aitu tribe settles into their camp, Candice, Becky, Jonathan and Yul waste no time forming a tight alliance of four. Needing a fifth person to give them a number advantage in their tribe, Jonathan pulls in a hesitant Flica as their fifth. Weary of his plan, Jessica laments, "Jonathan wants me to stay in the alliance from our original tribe. I'm just kinda playing my cards, like I'm not really thinking about alliances. I'm just here to make friends and see what happens and try to go as long as I can with out feeling fake.”

Idol Chatter Later, in a move to solidify his relationship with Becky, Yul confides to her that he found the hidden Immunity Idol at Exile Island. "I think it's a huge advantage in this game to have someone you can absolutely trust and I think given our backgrounds and common interest, I felt comfortable disclosing the information to her,” explains Yul.

Catch of the Day With the abundance of strong young men on her tribe, a flirtatious Parvati casts her net: "I decided to work Nate. I'm absolutely going to flirt. It's what I do best." Meanwhile, Nate is busy catching his own prey as he spears a giant octopus. Reveling in his success, Nate gushes, "Yeah, we're eating this fool tonight!"

Immunity Challenge: Steeple Chase The two new tribes face off on the battlefield for the first time as Jeff Probst explains the rules. The tribes will be clipped together by a rope carrying 15 pound sand bags each. They will start on opposite sides of the course, racing through knee-deep water to catch the other tribe. If a tribe member drops out they must give their 15 pounds to someone from their tribe, doubling that person's weight. The first tribe to tackle a member from the other tribe to the ground wins Immunity.

The challenge begins as the tribes tirelessly trudge through the water, attempting to make up ground on each other. In a strategic move, Aitu decides to have all their women drop out in order for the men to run the course and catch Raro. Despite their heroic attempts, Raro proves too strong as the overpowering men dominate the challenge and tackle Aitu.

Raro wins Immunity and the right to send a member of the losing Aitu tribe to Exile Island. Raro selects Candice from the new Aitu tribe, thus saving her from Aitu's Tribal Council.

Game On, For Some With Candice on Exile Island, the tables turn on the alliance of Becky, Yul and Jonathan when Cao Boi targets Becky as the weakest link on the tribe. "We're all voting for Becky. Cao Boi, myself, Cecilia Sundra and Flica seem to have some sort of agreement and we'll see if it stands," states an uneasy Ozzy. Getting wind of the new plan to oust Becky, Jonathan and Yul scramble to save Becky and their alliance. "Trying to convince Flica and Cao Boi to vote with us is the key. If not, then all bets are off and it's going to be a whole different kettle of fish," states a worried Jonathan.

At Tribal Council, Jonathan and Yul's bargaining pays off when Cao Boi and Flica help save Becky and vote Cecilia out, five votes to three.