Season 13: Episode 4 - SPIKED AT TRIBAL COUNCIL: JP Voted Out
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

At Raro's Tribal Council, JP Calderon, the 30-year-old Professional Volleyball Player from Marina Del Rey, California, is shocked by his tribe as he is sent off in a 7 to 2 vote. With his behavior seen as bossy and arrogant, it didn't take long for his tribe to take action and dismiss him in one fell swoop.

Dumbfounded at the sudden turn of events, JP delivers his final words: "Wow, this is something I never ever saw coming. It takes more than just being strong and big and physical and thinking you're mentally tough. You gotta really watch your back. There's no hard feelings, that's the way the game is played and man, they really pulled one over on me. You definitely can't trust anybody in this game” there's no way."

Ozzy's Fury
A frustrated Ozzy returns to the Aitu camp after his confidant, Cecilia, was voted out. Despite Aitu's attempts to ease the tension in the air, Ozzy expresses his disappointment and betrayal. "I feel like I'm on the outside. To lose the only member of my former tribe, the person that helped me lay the foundations of everything these people are going to enjoy makes me feel like crap. If they want to vote me out, they should do it soon so I don't have to keep catching food for them. I just don't feel like playing along anymore."

Candice Returns from Exile
On day nine, Candice returns from Exile Island and is bombarded with questions on why she was sent there by Raro and saved from Tribal Council. Candice deflects accusations that her old Raro tribemates may have been trying to save her, exposing roots on the other tribe. "I don't want the rest of the team thinking I have some special get out of jail free card from the other team," says a concerned Candice.

Men vs. Women
After a brutal night's sleep on the back-breaking ground, the women of Raro quickly get to work rectifying their miserable sleeping situation. But to the ladies' chagrin, instead of assisting with the reconstruction, the men lounge by the fire relaxing. A fed up Parvati vents, "They're starting to rule the roost a little bit. I think they're getting very comfortable with their position in this tribe because they know we need them; they're strong."

Dismissing his responsibilities of work in the tribe, JP rationalizes the actions of the men and why they are so comfortable: "As a group of guys, we're way stronger than the other tribe's group of guys, and I think the testosterone is flying a little bit. The guys want to stick together. These girls are going to need man power for sure, so the four guy alliance is definitely relaxed."

Reward Challenge: Strung Along
Aitu and Raro meet on the battlefield to square off for Reward where Jeff Probst explains the rules of the game. Each tribe will have two tribe members attached by belt to a rope, which snakes over, under and around a series of obstacles. The rest of the tribe will push and pull their two tribe members, attached to the rope, through the course. Once the entire tribe reaches the end of the rope, one person from each tribe will swim out to a barrel where they will retrieve a decoding wheel, bring it back to the tribe mat and use that decoder wheel to decipher one phrase. The tribe that solves the phrase first wins the Reward of three blankets, two pillows and one hammock. In addition, the winning tribe will send a member of the losing tribe to Exile Island.

The challenge begins with Cristina and Jenny attached by belt to a lengthy rope for the Raro Tribe, while Candice and Becky are belted to their rope for the Aitu tribe. Both tribes are neck and neck at the first obstacle, tumbling over the tall course and sliding through the sand under beams and poles. Aitu quickly gains the lead working together as Raro wastes time arguing over strategy. Once to the end of the rope, Ozzy helps to give Aitu an even bigger lead as he glides swiftly through the water, retrieving the decoder wheel. Raro comes from behind, making up time as Brad also sails through the water to retrieve Raro's decoder wheel. But Aitu solves the phrase first, winning the creature comfort of pillows, blankets and hammock. The victorious Aitu happily sends Adam from Raro to Exile Island.

Animal Kingdom
Ecstatic from their win, Ozzy, Yul and Jonathan spend the remainder of the day fishing. Returning to camp with a bounty of eleven fish, Ozzy is given title of Poseidon from an extremely grateful and impressed Yul. Elated, Ozzy realizes he is quickly solidifying a revived position within the Aitu tribe: "I'm happy being the sole provider of this tribe. I feel like I have the most power. If they lose me then they're going to be losing a lot of strength."

Later, while hiking, Cai Boi spots a mother bird guarding her nest in the tall trees and climbs to investigate, only to accidentally knock one the baby chicks out of the nest. Regretting his decision, Cao Boi laments, "The kid in me wants to climb the tree. The kid in me just keeps wanting to do this and that, without thinking and getting in trouble. I should know better. What do I do these stupid things for? I feel really bad. I'm really humbled."

New Plans in the Making
With an afternoon of tending to JP's every need as he lounges by the fire, Parvati is unsettled with the realization JP is in control of the tribe. "JP's very demanding. He's like, 'Hand me that machete, hand me this bowl, serve me.' I'm like no. That just doesn't fly with me at all." As darkness falls, Parvati remains by the fire alone with Nate. Using her feminine wiles, she flirts with Nate in order to infiltrate the guys' alliance. As she plants seeds of discontent, Nate advises her to be patient and let JP dig his own grave. Heeding Nate's advice, Parvati reveals she'll be cautious with her next move. "I do not want to upset JP right now. So I'm just gonna let the king sit pretty till something happens."

Immunity Challenge: Mayday
Aitu and Raro reconvene for their next Immunity Challenge where Jeff Probst explains the rules. Four tribe members from each tribe will assemble a stretcher puzzle and race though the jungle with the stretcher to the beach. Once there, one tribe member will swim out to rescue another tribe member shackled to the top of a mast. Both members will swim back to the beach while holding onto a life ring, place the rescued tribe member on the stretcher and race back through the jungle to their starting mat. There, the remaining three tribe members must build a fire tall and strong enough to burn through a rope and raise the tribe's flag. First tribe to raise their flag wins Immunity and is safe from Tribal Council.

On Jeff's "˜Go,' the tribes race to their puzzle stretchers. Raro quickly assembles the stretcher, sprinting through the jungle with a solid lead. With their stretcher now assembled, Aitu makes it to the beach while JP, well on his way through the water to his mast for Raro, is lapped by Ozzy from Aitu, who glides past JP to reach his mast first. Suddenly Aitu is in the lead as Ozzy quickly rescues Candice, swims back to shore and dashes through the jungle back to their mat. Raro falls further behind as JP frees Parvati from the mast and they swim back to shore. Once Raro reaches their mat, Rebecca, Jenny and Stephannie quickly start on their fire. But it isn't enough for Raro; Cao Boi's expert fire-making skills ignite Aitu's fire, burning through the rope and raising the Aitu flag first. They win Immunity and are saved from the dreaded Tribal Council.

The Master Plan
Back at camp, an aggravated Stephannie confides to her tribe that she is the weakest link and should be voted out. Frustrated with his tribemate's lack of heart, Nate explains why he will obey Stephannie's wish to be voted out: "All these people are out here trying to play a game and if someone is doubting themselves this early and doesn't want to be here, I'm not going to keep you here."

Honoring her request, the men agree to cast their vote for Stephannie. However, Jenny and Rebecca, not comfortable losing another woman, make a sudden decision to switch up the vote. "˜I know it's important right now as a tribe to keep the strong ones in so that we can win, but then again it's five women, four men so if we're going to do any type of alliance it needs to be done right now, tonight, if any of the women want to stay in the game," explains Rebecca.

After the decision is made to go after the men, Jenny finds Cristina and the hopeless Stephannie on the beach and reveals her plan to oust JP. Jenny then approaches Brad and Parvati in hopes of turning the tide against JP.

In the end, Jenny's plan comes to fruition as the over-confident JP is blindsided by the vote at Tribal Council and is sent packing.