Season 13: Episode 6 - DOUBLE TROUBLE: Cao Boi and Cristina Voted Out
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

In a monumental twist in the game on night 15, both tribes are sent to Tribal Council. Despite Aitu's dominance in the Immunity Challenge, they are forced to send a member home and choose the wild card, Cao Boi, as their sacrificial lamb. Anh-Tuan "Cao Boi" Bui, the 42-year-old Prelate of the Loyal Order of Moose from Christiansburg, Virginia, is sent home with six votes against him. As his torch is extinguished he presents his final words: "It was a wonderful experience. I had a great time. I didn't make it as far as I planned on going, but that's how it goes. I did learn I am most vulnerable among the Asian community. People who are like me, but not like me, I was aware of them in the beginning but eventually I learned to trust them. I should have known better."

Cao Boi wasn't the only sacrificial lamb on night 15. As Aitu feasts in front of Raro during their Tribal Council, they watch Raro send home Cristina Coria, the 35-year-old police officer from Los Angeles, California. Cristina's abrasive conduct and condescending tone ostracized her from her tribe, and she receives a majority of four votes against her. As Cristina leaves the game, she explains, "I really enjoyed being on Survivor. It was a great experience. Just disappointed I got voted off so soon. Basically I almost feel like I was taken advantage of. But you know what, I met some really good people and I met some really awful people. I guess that's part of the game. But it was just an awesome experience overall."

The Way You Are
On night 14, still boiling from an eye opening Tribal Council, Cristina confronts Adam and her tribe about calling her annoying and overbearing. Hoping for an apology, Cristina is yet again confronted by Adam who asserts himself as the leader of the anti-Cristina campaign. "I just don't understand. I never thought that's what they thought about me. But I'm going to stick my head up high still. I know I survived a lot of other things in my life, I'm going to survive this," notes a frustrated Cristina.

Voice of Reason
Mystically attached to the Immunity Idol, the unpredictable Cao Boi suggests to his tribe that he bring the idol with them to the Reward Challenge. "I would bring the Immunity Idol with us, at all times. Every challenge we should bring him." Jonathan, feeling that it would be an unnecessary rub in Raro's face if they brought the Idol when it wasn't needed, urged Cao Boi to rethink his reasoning. Frustrated with Cao Boi's attitude, Jonathan grumbles: "Cao Boi, he is rubbing some people the wrong way. He does have to get talked out of a tree once in a while."

Reward Challenge: Kicking and Screaming
The tribes assemble at a sand pit, where Jeff Probst explains the rules of their next challenge. Each tribe will select three people to be stationed at a post. Two members from the opposing tribe will try to physically remove them from their posts, drag them through the sand and over the finish line. First tribe to get all three opposing tribe members across their finish line wins a feast consisting of lamb shanks, bread and apple cider. The catch: they will be indulging at Tribal Council, where both tribes will vote one member out of the game.

Holding on the posts for Aitu are Candice, Ozzy and Sundra while Jenny, Nate and Cristina take their places on the Raro posts. In a brutal battle, Candice holds her own against Raro's Parvati and Rebecca, giving Aitu an incredible lead. Raro's Adam and Brad give Ozzy an equally brutal fight. Using any means necessary, Aitu manages to pull all three of the Raro members off their poles first and viciously drags Raro's last member, Cristina, across the Aitu finish line wining the right to feast at Tribal Council.

Plan Voodoo
Aitu returns home thrilled with their win, joking about wrestling a cop and defeating the muscle of the Raro tribe. But the win is bittersweet as Aitu faces the unenviable task of voting someone out. Believing Jonathan to be in possession of the hidden Immunity Idol, Cao Boi reveals a plan to Yul that could flush out the Idol. Plan Voodoo would create a tie: three votes against Jonathan and three against Candice, forcing Jonathan to play the Hidden Idol to send Candice home. "I think the plan's ingenious. I know that neither Jonathan nor Candice has the Immunity Idol because I have it," smiles Yul.

Second Chance?
With her neck is on the line, Cristina pleads to her tribemates for a second chance to prove herself an asset to the tribe. "Cristina's close with me. [There are] lots of good characteristics about her," says Nate. "She gave it her all today, and that for me was enough to say, 'Okay maybe you could be valuable.'" Still uncertain about his vote, Nate weighs his options with Rebecca. "If I were to keep Cristina, Jenny would have to go. She's one tough cookie. Cristina's strong but her mouth's strong. Jenny's sweet but I don't know if I can trust her yet."

Conspiracy Theory
Gearing up for Tribal Council, Yul contemplates Cao Boi's Plan Voodoo and the tribe's feelings for Jonathan. Meanwhile, Cao Boi reassures Flica that Plan Voodoo is in effect, confident his alliance with Becky and Yul will hold true. Jonathan, irked by the shift in the game, sees an opportunity to free his tribe from Cao Boi's antics. "We did not lose the challenge today; we won. It was just a twist in the game that said we have to vote somebody off and the consensus is that Cao Boi should go because he is pissing people off." Not one to put all his apples in one basket, Jonathan contemplates his position: "Tonight if I get voted off I'll be shocked. If I'm wrong then I've been outplayed and the conspiracy is much bigger than I can picture."

Idol Mania
At the first Tribal Council of the night, Cao Boi sinks further into his obsession to expose the hidden Immunity Idol. But Cao Boi's trust in his tribe is shattered when Plan Voodoo fails and his seemingly loyal tribemates vote him out of the game with six votes. Jonathan and Candice earn only one vote each.

Eyes bulging, Raro watches as Aitu devours loaves of bread, tender lamb shanks and apple cider on the jury seats. With Aitu observing Raro's Tribal Council, Cristina's overbearing personality is brought to attention once again. Before Raro can cast their votes, another surprise twist is revealed: Aitu will kidnap one member of the Raro tribe. This member will feast with Aitu, return to Aitu's camp and remain a member of the Aitu tribe through the next Reward Challenge. Aitu promptly kidnaps Nate and watches the depleted Raro vote Cristina out of the game, four votes to two.