Season 13: Episode 7 - Ride Over for Roller Girl: Flica's Flame Extinguished
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

The game's over for Jessica "Flica" Smith, the 27-year-old performance artist and roller girl from Chico, California. When her paranoia unsettles the tribe, they decide to cut her loose with a unanimous six votes against her. Forever the optimist, Flica delivers her final words: "It's been an adventure of a lifetime and I couldn't have asked for anything more. I guess I wasn't playing the game as hard as I should have. But it's really hard for me to change who I am when I just wanna be myself."

Stranger Among Us
Nate, kidnapped at the previous night's Tribal Council, returns to camp with the wary Aitu. Feeling like a fly on the wall, Nate observes the issues of the tribe's previous vote and the nervous tension created by Flica's need to be included on the next vote. "I'm always playing the game," states an excited Nate. "Got my eyes and ears open every much." As the tension in the camp escalates, Yul, Becky and Candice begin to rethink their order of votes, possibly cutting Jonathan loose earlier than expected. Faced with the new shift in his alliance, Yul contemplates his options. "We feel like we're starting to get to the point where a merge is imminent, so now there's been talk about, well if we come down to it, do we vote off Jonathan before we vote off Sundra? He'd be a tough person to go up against in an individual competition."

Survivor Catalog
Both tribes browse through Tree Mail's Survivor Catalog, picking two items that, if they win the Reward Challenge, they could acquire for their tribe. The ever-democratic Aitu laughs and makes a game of the catalog as they agree on peanut butter and potatoes, while the stubborn Raro is divided between the instant gratification of bread versus the practicality of potatoes. Brad, frustrated at being overruled, vents, "I had wanted a bag of potatoes and then peanut butter, trying to be the voice of reason. I was trying to think the longevity of the tribe, but you gotta do what the majority votes right?"

Reward Challenge: Smash and Grab
As the tribes assemble for their challenge, Jeff Probst describes the rules of the game. Each tribe will select three swimmers and two puzzle makers. The first swimmer will grab a club, swim to a platform, climb to the top and leap off. While in midair, they will smash a plaster box releasing a key, retrieve that key and swim back to shore. After retrieving six keys, the two puzzle makers will use those keys to unlock a chest filled with puzzle pieces. First tribe to solve the puzzle wins the Reward.

The challenge begins as Ozzy from Aitu sets the tone of the challenge, smashing his box and retrieving his key, while Rebecca from Raro, drained of all strength, struggles to retrieve her key and returns to the Raro mat empty handed, tagging out for the remainder of the challenge. Nate, still a member of Aitu through the Reward Challenge, is benched by the Aitu team and watches in horror as Rebecca collapses and the fate of the Raro team falls solely upon the swimming abilities of Adam and Parvati. Exhausted, Adam and Parvati push onward but to no avail. Dominating the challenge, Aitu wins the much anticipated peanut butter and potatoes, choosing to send Adam to Exile Island.

Peanut Butter Kisses
With gloomy weather having no effect on the victorious Aitu tribe, Flica begins to finally feel her tribe coming together as she and the giddy Candice have a silly peanut butter kiss. "I hope that we continue to grow as a tribe and maybe work some things out," says Flica. "Who knows, things just change constantly in this game and you never really know what's going to happen."

Puzzle Boy
Back at camp, Nate's reunion with his Raro tribe is far from the homecoming he pictured. "My team really could have used me today, like really could have used me," moans Nate. "For me it's frustrating because I couldn't do anything. I couldn't compete. I'm a good swimmer." Furious with Brad's choice at the challenge to help with the puzzle instead of swimming, Nate criticizes Brad, questioning his loyalty to the tribe. "For Brad to take the back seat today and want to be puzzle boy when we have a swimming challenge pissed me off. I don't care about that nonsense. It's like, 'Thanks for a lovely way to come home.'"

Ominous thunderclouds roll over Exile Island. Frustrated with the loss of the challenge and banishment to Exile Island, Adam haphazardly puts together a shelter to protect him from the storm. He's begun to lose faith in his tribe's abilities to win challenges. "I'm not happy to be back at Exile Island. I am starting to doubt my tribe. Challenge after challenge they just don't come through. It's hard to soar like an eagle when you're surrounded by turkeys."

Mixed Blessings
Blinding sunlight and deafening squawks awaken the Aitu tribe as Ozzy strolls into camp with a seabird he has caught with his bare hands. "Ozzy is amazing," Candice says in awe. "He's like half animal, half man, part fish, part monkey, part lord knows what. Getting coconuts down, getting fish, coming up with this bird"¦ I mean Ozzy, he's just"¦ Ozzy."

But, as Yul gulps down his portion of succulent meat, he realizes exactly how big a threat Ozzy really is. "I underestimated him. He provides a lot of food but, at the same time, ultimately we feel that we should get rid of him while we still have the control rather than wait for a merge and potentially have him dominate some of the individual challenges." Employing his abilities as Aitu's provider, Ozzy corners Candice in an attempt to form an alliance with her and Flica, whom he feels are the strongest women on Aitu. "I might be more of a threat," states Ozzy, "but people that do stick with me are going to be able to enjoy a ride."

Immunity Challenge: Stairway to Heaven
The tribes, prepared to face off once again, assemble at the Immunity Challenge where Jeff describes the rules of the game. Each tribe will race to arrange a series of logs, building a staircase to the top of a tower. Once the entire tribe is on the tower, three tribe members will sail down a zip line into the water, retrieve a bag of puzzle pieces and swim back. Once all three are back, they must climb a rope ladder to the top of the tower where the three remaining tribe members will solve the puzzle. First tribe to solve the puzzle wins Immunity and is safe from Tribal Council.

Aitu quickly takes the lead at the start of the challenge, building their staircase and climbing to the top of the tower as Raro flounders with the poles to make the staircase. Aitu sends Yul, Candice, and Ozzy down the zip line to retrieve the puzzle bags while Raro reaches the top of the tower and begins their decent down the zip line. Raro closes the gap and, with the tribes neck and neck, it is a race to solve the puzzle. Raro's Jenny, Rebecca and Adam work together flawlessly, coming from behind to complete the puzzle. Their losing streak is over and they finally win the coveted Immunity Idol.

Tipping Point
Stunned from the loss at the challenge and facing Tribal Council, Aitu wavers over whom to vote out. In an attempt to make sure his neck isn't on the chopping block, Jonathan targets Flica, suggesting to the tribe they may need Ozzy's strength for a bit longer up to the merge. "I'm trying to choose my battles carefully," states a cautious Jonathan. "I'm trying to stay one-step ahead of the competition. I may trip, "˜cause I'm running too far ahead." Flica, feeling the heat of the upcoming vote, begins a campaign of her own to oust Jonathan. With all the scrambling in camp, Yul considers the fate of his tribe. "Jonathan for some reason seems to inspire some level of mistrust among everybody. People don't fully trust him. And for me, I haven't seen it, but because everyone else is suspicious of him it can't help but rub off on me a little bit."

In the end, Flica's paranoia and lack of game playing skills do her in as her tribe ends the tension she created in camp, voting her out six votes to one.