Season 13: Episode 8 - Out of Style and On the Jury: Brad Voted Out
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

In an unexpected vote, Brad Virata, the 29-year-old fashion director from Los Angeles, California, gets voted out seven to one and becomes the first member of the jury. After losing his tribe's trust, Brad was blindsided at Tribal Council. In his final words, a reflective Brad states, "My experience overall has been the best, worst experience of my entire life. I didn't know I was going. I didn't know what was brewing. It's kind of a sigh of relief for me. At the same time, parting is bittersweet. Anything is possible in this game. And making the jury just proves that point."

Alliance of Five?
Aitu's confidant alliance of Yul, Becky, Sundra, Candice and Jonathan discuss strategy for their next vote off--Ozzy. The five discuss plans for the merge and anticipate that it may be coming in the next couple of days. The tight group agrees to stick together. But secretly, Candice speculates that Jonathan doesn't have any allegiance, so she would like to see him go.

At Aitu, Candice and Jonathan discuss their plans for the rest of the game. They both plan on flopping and joining their original tribe mates Parvati and Adam when the two tribes merge into one. Jonathan says that he is "determined to not be the guy who made the move too late."

Brad's Independence
The Raro tribe relaxes around a fire and discusses their plan for the merge, which they believe is forthcoming. Brad announces that the merge signifies "every man for himself." Nate is suspicious of Brad's comment, which causes him to lose his trust in Brad. Nate feels that Brad should be next to go.

Reward Challenge: Barrel of Monkeys
After the tribes arrive at the challenge ready to compete for a Reward, Jeff Probst announces a surprise twist. He offers each individual player the opportunity to "change their fate in the game" by choosing to mutiny against their current tribe and join the other tribe. Given only ten seconds, the players must decide whether to stay on the tribe they are currently on or take a chance by joining the other tribe. With three seconds remaining, Candice jumps off of her tribe mat, signifying that she is choosing to mutiny and, a second later, Jonathan follows. The two leave the stunned Aitu tribe and join their new Raro tribe.

Jeff explains the rules of the challenge. Two tribe members will squeeze into a barrel together and remain in the barrel while two other tribe members push, pull and roll the barrel through a series of obstacles in order to retrieve four buoys. Next, they must float the barrel through a final water obstacle, where they will collect four flags anchored underwater. Once the flags have been collected, the tribe must paddle back to shore, hang their flags on a flagpole, recover a buried axe and chop a rope in order to hoist their flags. The first tribe to raise their flags wins coffee, muffins, danishes and letters from home. In addition, the winning tribe will send one person from the losing tribe to Exile Island.

Ozzy and Yul start with a lead for Aitu, sending a barrel containing Becky and Sundra careening down a steep ramp. Raro's Adam and Nate follow closely with their barrel containing Candice and Jenny. The tribes are neck and neck as the barrels full of women crash over a series of logs and finally are dumped off into the water. Both tribes latch their buoys onto their barrels and begin the difficult swim. Unfortunately for Raro, they veer completely off path. Strong swimmer Ozzy leads the Aitu barrel swiftly through the course and retrieves Aitu's flags. Aitu floats the barrel back to shore where Becky and Sundra are released from their tight wooden confines. The small but mighty tribe of four raises their flags with time to spare, winning coffee, pastries and treasured letters from home. Aitu gets their revenge by sending Candice to Exile Island.

Solidified Bond
The winning Aitu tribe walks over to a deck where they are greeted by welcoming couches, dry ropes and a succulent feast of coffee and pastries. Yul gushes that he is "amazingly proud" of the small tribe. Sundra cries as she and the other members of her tribe savor their hard won victory against the enormous Raro tribe. Aitu enjoys looking at pictures from home and Yul says that it helps to see the photos and to realize that they all have hopes, dreams and aspirations. Ozzy proclaims, "We're a team to the end now."

Revenge is Sweet
Alone on Exile Island again, Candice wishes she could be bonding with her new tribemates. She ponders Jonathan's decision to mutiny with her. Convinced that he is only playing the game for himself, she considers his strategy. Candice acknowledges that she now has four people in the game that are officially her enemies.

Sold Out
At Raro, Jonathan attempts to bond with his new tribe members. "I am in the danger seat now," he professes. "My game plan is to earn their trust." Nate wonders why Jonathan would think that Raro would be willing to bond with someone who just "sold out" his own tribe.

Early Bird
As the roosters crow to wake a sleepy Raro tribe, Jonathan works to prove his worth. As Jenny, Parvati, Rebecca and Brad relax and enjoy a slow and sleepy morning, Jonathan continues to tend fire and forage for food. Adam acknowledges Jonathan's hard work around camp, calling him a "workhorse." Jonathan tells Adam that he and Candice wanted to get back over to Adam and Parvati, so they could reunite with their original tribe.

Immunity Challenge: Depth Charge
Aitu and Raro arrive at the challenge ready for action, as Jeff explains the rules. The four tribe members that did not participate in the last challenge for Raro will now go head to head with the only four members of Aitu. The four tribe members have to paddle out in glass bottom boats in search of three targets on the ocean floor. They must line up the targets with cross hairs on their glass bottom boat, drop a cannonball and release two buoys. Once all six buoys have been collected the tribe must paddle back to shore. Reading a clue from one of the buoys, the tribe must use all six buoys to spell out the answer. First tribe to answer the clue correctly wins immunity.

On Jeff's shout of "go," the tribes board their respective boats and start frantically paddling to their first stations. Raro leads, lining up their first target with ease and retrieving their first set of buoys, while Aitu narrowly misses. Raro gets another set of buoys. Suddenly, Yul from the Aitu tribe figures out a trick to getting the cannonballs into the target and is successful at the first station. Aitu quickly surpasses a floundering Raro as they retrieve the remaining two sets of buoys. The Aitu tribe paddles ashore, then Yul quickly locates the clue buoy and reads it aloud: "The most famous mutiny in history occurred on this ship." The tribe members quickly spell the word "Bounty" with the buoys. Jeff declares them the winners as Raro looks on pathetically from their boat. The small tribe of four is safe from Tribal Council.

Scrambling for the Truth
Jonathan continues to work hard fishing at Raro. Reunited with her new tribe, Candice informs Parvati that she is not tight with Jonathan and wouldn't mind if he was the one to be voted out. Meanwhile, Adam and Nate discuss the game plan for voting at Tribal Council. Adam points out that Jonathan is now stuck with them, so they should vote for Brad, and keep Jonathan in as an easy vote-off later in the game. Nate decides that he must play Brad by easing his mind and confirming that the new members are the first to go.

The newly reunited Adam and Candice prepare food and discuss Jonathan. Candice lets Adam know that Jonathan is playing him and would vote him off, if given the chance. Adam is furious and immediately grabs Nate to talk about a change in plans for the vote. Nate ponders the advantages of voting Jonathan versus Brad.

When the time arrives for the vote, Adam's sudden distrust in Jonathan is not enough to turn the tide against Brad's "every man for himself" mentality. After getting voted off seven votes to one, a stunned Brad snuffs out his torch and leaves the island as the first member of the jury.