Season 13: Episode 9 - TWO FOR ONE SPECIAL: Rebecca and Jenny Voted Out
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

In a surprise twist, two Raro tribe members are voted out of the game. First to go is Rebecca Borman, the 34-year-old make-up artist from Laurelton, New York, with nearly every vote going her way. The tribe then opens a message in a bottle they received at the Immunity Challenge to reveal that they must immediately vote out one more tribe member. Jenny Guzon-Bae, the 36-year-old real estate agent from Lake Forest, Illinois, is shocked to be voted off with four votes to Jonathan's two. Angrily, Jenny states, "To be honest, I am completely pissed off about tonight's vote. Jonathan did a great job of pulling his weight. I respect that, but in the end I feel completely burned, because I was blindsided. Had I known that there would be two voted out tonight, I would have done everything possible to make sure I would still be in this game.'

Adam & Candice Reconnect
Jonathan forages for food and laments his jump to the Raro tribe. Meanwhile, Raro's "all-American couple' reconnects under the tribe's shelter. Adam and Candice giggle, cuddle and kiss as skeptical Jenny and Parvati observe from afar. Jenny admits that she is weary of Candice and does not want Adam to falter.

Underdog Tribe
Atiu tribe members continue to work hard around camp, with Ozzy fishing while the rest gather wood. The tribe receives Treemail that has nautical flags, each of which represent letters of the alphabet. The Aitu tribe members study and pray that they will do well at the upcoming challenge. Yul states, "For us, we don't have any strategic options, other than to win.'

Reward Challenge: Make Your Point
The tribes arrive at the challenge ready to battle it out for Reward, and Jeff Probst informs the shocked Aitu tribe that Brad is the first member of the jury. Jeff then explains the rules of the challenge. Two tribe members, armed with a compass and a coordinate, will race out to a large sixteen-point compass rose to locate treasure chests buried under the sand. Each chest has the next coordinate painted on the top. When tribe members find a chest, they must race back to their mat. The next two tribe members will take the compass and the new coordinate to retrieve another chest. Once the tribe has all four chests, they will remove seven nautical flags, remembering that each flag represents a letter from the alphabet. The winning tribe gets to partake in a local feast and celebration. In addition, the winning tribe will send one person from the losing tribe to Exile Island.

On Jeff's "go,' Raro and Aitu race out to each tribe-colored compass rose. Raro's Jonathan and Jenny immediately start arguing about the coordinate that Jeff has given them, while Yul and Sundra find the first chest for Aitu very quickly. Raro finds their first chest moments later. Then, the Raro tribe starts to flounder as Ozzy and Becky find another chest for Aitu. As the challenge progresses, Aitu excels and Raro lags further and further behind. After Aitu finds the fourth and final chest, they untie the knotted ropes. With the flag tiles released, the team quickly solves the puzzle, spelling the word "VICTORY.' They win the celebratory feast and choose to send Candice to Exile Island once again.

Suffering on Exile
A teary Candice arrives on Exile Island, and she prepares a sea cucumber for nourishment. Candice reflects, "It's not fun to know that people you like want to see you suffer.'

Aitu's Reward
The Aitu tribe is jetted off in a chartered plane to a remote island where some local islanders greet them. They are immediately hoisted up on platforms, as the locals sing and chant a "warrior's welcome.' The tribe is presented with a welcome supply of food. Reserved Yul comes out of his shell, dancing and letting loose with some of the local women. Ozzy comments, "We carry a piece of their spirit with us to the next challenge. Raro doesn't know what's coming.'

Lead By Example
Jonathan has a problem with his tribemates' work ethic and he attempts to influence their bad habits by showing them his hard work. Nate and Adam retrieve a Treemail map which illustrates the islands, and the tribe takes the time to study the names. Jenny comments that Rebecca needs to show more in the challenges if she wants to stay in the game.

Immunity Challenge: South Pacific
The two tribes converge at the challenge ready for action, and Candice returns from Exile Island. Jeff Probst first warns that he hopes the tribes have studied the map they were given in Treemail. Each tribe will swim out one at a time to a pontoon. Each member will dive down and unclip a bundle of island names and swim back to shore. Then the next person goes, until all four tribe members have had a turn. After all of the members are back, they must identify ten islands at an answer table. The first tribe to correctly identify all ten islands wins Immunity. The losing tribe will receive a bottle containing a message. The bottle must remain sealed and will come with them to Tribal Council.

The challenge begins with Aitu's confident swimmer Ozzy taking an immediate lead and quickly returning with his bundle of island names. Nate from Raro has a bit of difficulty, but retrieves his tribe's first bundle. The Aitu tribe has a slight lead, until Jonathan and Parvati make up some time for Raro. The race gets closer as Sundra heads out and retrieves the fourth and final bundle for Aitu. Rebecca has problems diving down for Raro's last bundle. As Aitu begins working on the puzzle, Rebecca finally heads back to shore. Then Aitu, the underdog, completes the puzzle and Jeff declares their fourth straight win. As the losers, Raro wins the message in a bottle and a trip to Tribal Council.

Mystery in the Bottle
The Raro tribe contemplates the bottle, what message it could contain and how it might affect the game. Adam tells Candice that after this vote, Jenny becomes a threat and she may be the next to go. Candice speculates that the bottle must contain something bad. "If it was something good, wouldn't they give it to the winning tribe?'

Rebecca's poor performance around camp and at challenges is enough to get her voted out of the game. Then, Jeff directs Parvati to read the message in a bottle that the tribe received at the Immunity Challenge. "You've just voted out one member of your tribe, you will now vote out another. That's not fun,' Parvati adds. While Jonathan earns two votes for being the last member to join the tribe, Jenny gets four votes, just enough to eliminate her from the game.