Season 13: Episode 10 - SNAP! BACK TO PEDDLING SHOES
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

Nate Voted Out
After the tribes merge, Nate Gonzalez, the 26-year-old shoe salesman from Los Angeles, California, gets blindsided at Tribal Council. The confident Raro tribe comes into the merge with the numbers, but crafty Yul uses the hidden Immunity Idol to swing Jonathan back into the Aitu alliance. Feeling completely cheated, Nate explains, "It hurts to leave this early in the game. Jonathan, you can kiss my ass! You a dirty stanky, whack fruitcake who sold me out, who sold out our tribe when we brought you in. You trading bastard. So kiss my ass, Jonathan. Other than that everyone I love. But that's how it's gotta be in this world."

Your Father or Your Boss
Jonathan starts out his day fishing and tries once again to motivate Raro to work harder. Jonathan laments that the tribe needs to put some effort in around camp and start winning the challenges. He observes them as they lounge and stretch, doing nothing to advance their position. Fed up with feeling like he has to behave as the tribe's father or boss, Jonathan comments, "I'm not going to lose because you kids can't get your asses out of bed."

Aitu's Hurting
On Day 25, Aitu's small tribe of four is starts to feel the burn from constantly giving it their all in the challenges. Strong Yul is tired and achy with a sore leg. Sundra points out a big scab on her knee. An exhausted Sundra sums up the tribe's position: "We have to prove ourselves every day, every challenge. And that's all we can do."
The two tribes arrive ready to go head to head in the next challenge. But first, Jeff Probst reveals that two members of the Raro tribe were voted out in the last Tribal Council. A shocked Aitu tribe looks over at the almost even numbered Raro tribe, considering the consequences if they had been the ones to go to Tribal Council. Then, Jeff reveals a basket containing paints, brushes, a blank tribe flag and new buffs. Aitu's small tribe of four joins Raro's dwindling five to become one new tribe. They decide to reside on Raro's beach, where the coconuts are plentiful and they can live a rat-free existence. Adam confides that he wanted the merge to happen while Raro still had the numbers. "The future's looking bright!" he exclaims.

Jeff Probst directs the new tribe to follow the sound of drums to a native catamaran, which is filled with food and refreshments. The hungry tribe lets out some jubilant groans as they head over to the catamaran, where they are greeted by friendly islanders and partake in a delicious feast.

The Aitu four have some maneuvering to do in order to stay in the game and a determined Yul says that they must try to "figure out a chink in the armor."

Annoyed by the former Raro tribe's behavior, Jonathan voices his disdain for their desire to consume alcohol, "These kids are vomiting, they are eating and drinking so much." He continues to feel a growing annoyance with their actions. "They are psychos, I don't understand it!"
The merged tribe disembarks the catamaran, arriving on Raro beach with a newly painted flag that reads Aitutonga. Nate explains that the new tribe name is a mixture of Aitutaki tribe and Rarotonga tribe. Nate confides that the Raro alliance has the numbers and they plan on sticking together. Then, Nate and Ozzy take a walk on the beach and Nate lets Ozzy know that "my five are gonna want to cut off your strong points." The two have a friendship and agree to work together, if they can. Meanwhile, an unlikely coupling of intoxicated Adam and flirty Parvati snuggle under the shelter. When Parvati asks Adam about Candice, he comments, "You both can appreciate me." Drunken Adam proudly declares "It's been a great day, best day since I've been here."

Rational Player
Becky and Yul take a moment to strategize and Yul contemplates the advantages of revealing his hidden Immunity Idol. They decide that their best chance of getting any Raro member to flip is by approaching a more rational player: Jonathan.

Yul approaches Jonathan, asking if they might work together again. Jonathan entertains the notion and tells Yul a player can't get to the final four unless he has an alliance with someone who has the hidden Immunity Idol. Jonathan states, "If I flip again, the Raro people are going to go mental."

With no other option, Yul is forced to pose a hypothetical scenario to Jonathan-suggesting that he has the Immunity Idol. If Aitu votes for Jonathan and Raro votes for Yul, Yul will play the idol and therefore Jonathan would be the next to go home. Skeptical that Yul is serious; Jonathan figures, "If Yul has the idol, I have to consider flipping"¦. If I was with the guy who had the idol all along and I have to flip back, that's a fantastic twist."
Happy Dance
Yul informs Sundra that he has the Immunity Idol and thinks that he can persuade Jonathan to join the Aitu alliance. Becky playfully dances up to them as they all revel in the moment. Sundra is happy to have the "nice little wild card." Yul then brings Ozzy into the circle of knowledge. Ozzy feels bad about turning his back on his friend Nate, but feels that being true to Yul and his former Aitu tribe is the right thing to do.

Going Home
Parvati and Candice discuss the next target for Tribal Council voting. They are threatened by the way that Yul and Jonathan have been talking and want to oust Yul. Candice suspiciously questions Jonathan about Yul and they discuss who should be the first to go from the new Aitutonga tribe. Jonathan thinks it should be challenge dominator, Ozzy. Candice informs Jonathan that Nate and Parvati would like Yul to go. Nervously, Jonathan informs Candice, "If we vote for Yul and he has [the idol] we will find ourselves going home."

Immunity Challenge: Mast Cling On
The merged Aitutonga tribe arrives at the challenge, ready for business. Jeff Probst informs the tribe that they will now be competing for individual Immunity and he reveals the Immunity necklace. Jeff explains the rules of this challenge. Each individual must hang on to a pole for as long as they can. When they fall off of the pole, they are out of the challenge. Last person left hanging on their pole wins Immunity and is safe at Tribal Council. One caveat is that no one can use the top of the pole for support.

Each tribe member starts the challenge, clinging to his or her individual pole. Adam is the first to drop from his pole, logging only nine minutes. Jonathan points out that people with bigger feet are likely at a disadvantage, since the rope on the pole is the same size for everyone. Jonathan is next to slide down his pole and be eliminated. Then, Nate struggles as Sundra starts to slip. Nate's feet shake as he falls off of his pole. Sundra and Yul both lose the fight and fall off of their poles. Suddenly, rain starts pouring down on the remaining participants. Parvati falls off, and then Becky falls off. Down to only Candice and Ozzy, the two grip their poles, clinging to hope. As the rain continues to soak them, Nate comments from the sidelines, "We could be out here until tomorrow morning with these two." After more than two hours, Candice slides slowly from the pole, defeated by the challenge powerhouse Ozzy. Triumphant, Ozzy collects his prize as Jeff places the necklace around his neck.
Up Against the Wall
Returning to camp from the challenge, the Aitutonga tribe discusses how hard this challenge was. Relieved that his friend is safe, Nate confides that he is happy that Ozzy won the Immunity necklace. Parvati points out that "Yul is the choice because he's brilliant."

Backed into a corner, Yul decides that he must show Jonathan the hidden Immunity Idol, in order to switch up the game and get Jonathan to vote with Aitu. Yul tells Jonathan that he wants to take him to the final two, because he has made enemies, whereas Sundra and Becky have not. Although Jonathan has no option other than getting voted out, he tells Yul that he needs to think about it. Jonathan tells his former Raro tribe mates that he is concerned that Yul may have the idol. Adam, Parvati, Nate and Candice reply that he simply doesn't have it. Jonathan is frustrated by the Raro alliance's inability to imagine scenarios.

Isolated from the group, Adam and Candice strategize in the woods, and talk quickly turns to flirty smiles and passionate kissing. Meanwhile, Jonathan solidifies his bond with the Aitu alliance and asks that they vote for Nate, rather than Adam. Jonathan believes that if he betrays his protectors, Adam and Candice, "It makes me the guy who betrayed every single person in the game at one time or another." Aitu agrees that it will be Nate who gets their votes. Though Becky and Yul worry about the mutinous Jonathan playing them for fools, Jonathan sticks to his word with the Aitu alliance. And in a nail-biting five to four vote during Tribal Council, Nate is voted out and Yul does not have to play his Immunity Idol to stay in the game.