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Season 13: Episode 11 - KISS HER GOODBYE: Candice Gets Voted Out
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

With the former Raro tribe down in numbers and Adam holding Immunity, Candice Woodcock, the 23 year-old pre-med student from Fayetteville, North Carolina, knew that she would be the next to go. When the votes are finally cast, she was eliminated from the game, 5 votes to 3. After Jeff Probst revealed her name as the person next to go, she and Adam savored one long last kiss.

During her final words, Candice is as pleased as she can be with how things turned out. "Wow! What can I say? What a fabulous time I've had out here playing this game. I think I can look at myself in the mirror and be comfortable with the way I've played this game, definitely. That little kiss was a nice way to leave. We were partners through this and it was sincere."

Tribal Fallout
Immediately upon returning to camp after Tribal Council, Candice confronts Jonathan about his alliance flipping. Jonathan explains that Yul has the idol and his only alternative to flipping would have been to go home.

Yul, Sundra and Ozzy on the other hand, are relieved and joyful over their success at turning the game on its head. Yul explains, "I wanted to play [the idol] at a time when it resets the entire game in your favor and it worked!"

Parvati, Adam and Candice continue to confront Jonathan around the fire. Parvati tells him that that she is "so disappointed," and his behavior makes her sick to her stomach. Parvati confides, "I couldn't control myself. I snapped on him and told him how I felt about him and called him out. I think that he's a filthy miserable rat."
Gutting a Fish
On Day 28, tough Sundra shows Parvati how to gut a fish. Jonathan looks on, commenting that he doesn't understand how it's possible that she would be only now discovering how to gut a fish. "She's a lazy selfish girl," he comments. As Adam and Parvati sit by the fire and eat, Adam comments, "This game's not as fun in this position."

Reward Challenge: Survivor Auction
When the tribe arrives at the challenge, Jeff Probst reveals that this is the Survivor Auction. Each tribe member will have five hundred dollars. Bidding will be in increments of twenty dollars. Borrowing money is allowed. Sharing food is not allowed. The auction will end without warning.

Jeff Probst announces that the first item is up for bidding. The item is covered and Jonathan wins, bidding a hundred dollars on what turns out to be a hot dog, fries and a cold beer. Unfortunately for him, Jonathan spills some of his beer before devouring the meal.

The second item up for bids is a hot bubble bath and a huge piece of delicious chocolate cake. Parvati is the winner of this item, which she enjoys during the remainder of the auction. The third item is a sealed note, which he adds is a little "power in this game." Becky and Candice go head to head bidding on the note. Candice borrows money from Adam, while Becky borrows from Yul. Becky wins the paper for a bid of six hundred forty dollars. The note reveals that Becky must send someone to Exile Island immediately and take all of his or her money. Becky sends a defeated Candice to Exile, once again. Jeff reminds the tribe that the hidden Immunity Idol could still be out on Exile Island. Yul immediately responds, "I can end the suspense now, I have [the idol.]" To prove it, Yul shows the idol to the tribe. The auction continues, as Ozzy wins an ice-cream machine to use for the duration of the auction. Jonathan wins a pepperoni pizza, which he obnoxiously devours with the hungry tribe looking on. Before the auction is over, Sundra buys a one hundred forty dollar sea cucumber and Jonathan buys the ability to clean his mouth with a toothbrush, toothpaste and mouthwash.
Stinky Behavior
Jonathan announces that he is much thirstier now that he has consumed all of the food at the auction. He lets out a loud burp in front of Becky and Sundra. Becky comments that she can smell the pepperoni from his pizza. Becky, Yul and Sundra discuss Jonathan's behavior and wonder if they should reconsider their voting order. Parvati lets Adam know that there might be a little crack in the Aitu alliance for Parvati, Candice and Adam to work on. Parvati and Adam approach Sundra and Becky to try to persuade them to vote for Jonathan in the next Tribal Council. Then Parvati and Adam go fishing, as Yul joins Becky and Sundra for a little strategy talk. The group worries that Jonathan's true personality is now coming out. Jonathan joins the trio, and worries about the girls' opinion of him. "Clearly the energy has shifted," he says.

Need a Hug
Day 29 marks Candice's fourth visit to Exile Island. As a storm sets in, she explains that she is in need of a hug. "It's tough to keep coming out here over and over and over again." A very emotional Candice reveals that she misses Adam and "emotionally, I'm on the edge," she sobs.

The tribe receives Treemail that contains some intriguing questions about the first thirty days of the tribe's adventure. Adam feels pressure to perform well during the challenge. "I would love to get some revenge against Jonathan, so I need to win this one," states a determined Adam.
Immunity Challenge: Recollection
Upon arriving at the next challenge, Ozzy first hands over the Immunity necklace, as Jeff Probst announces that Immunity is back up for grabs. He explains the challenge rules: the tribe members will be quizzed on how well they recollect the events of the last 30 days. First, each tribe member will answer four questions which will have numeric answers. Then, each tribe member will add, subtract or divide the numeric answers to come up with a final number. Then they must untie a corresponding box, searching for a key. That key opens a lock and raises a flag. The first three to raise their flag move on to a final round. The winner of that round wins Immunity and a one in seven shot at a million dollars.

The tribe members answer the series of questions as quickly as possible. Calculating his numbers, Jonathan finally settles on an answer and he starts untying his corresponding box. Then, Ozzy starts untying. As Jonathan discovers his number was wrong, Ozzy discovers his number is wrong and they re-calculate their numbers. Parvati is the first to get the number right, find the key and raise her flag. Jonathan, Adam and Candice all feverishly untie boxes. Jonathan claims the second spot in the final round and by a fraction of a second; Adam claims the last spot in the final round.

Jeff explains that in this round, each competitor will answer more questions. They'll use the key to unlock a timber tunnel, crawl though the tunnel and go over a series of floating pontoons to raise one final flag.

Adam quickly answers the questions, gets the key and moves on to the timber tunnel. Jonathan tries for a key, but his answer is wrong. Parvati gets her key, and heads over to the timber tunnel. Adam makes quick work of the timber tunnel and moves on to the pontoons, where he struggles to drag himself across the pontoons, using only his arms to move his body. Before Parvati can enter the tunnel and Jonathan can even locate his key, Adam casually raises his flag and wins Immunity.
No Fish for You
On Day 30, Candice admits, "It's lookin' like my number's up." She confides that she is upset to go before Jonathan. Adam, Candice and Parvati appeal to Yul to try to get Yul's alliance to vote obnoxious Jonathan out of the game. Yul explains that because Jonathan is a rational player, he feels that he can predict Jonathan's behavior. Parvati, Candice and Adam accuse Yul of being the ringleader and let him know that they will hold him accountable when they are on the jury. Jonathan approaches, sees that the four are talking about him and confides that he is now getting angry.

Candice, Adam and Parvati relax in the shelter. Candice and Adam get affectionate and kiss, until Parvati comments that she is getting uncomfortable. Meanwhile, the rest of the tribe works hard to prepare the fish. Jonathan questions if they really need to feed Candice, Adam and Parvati. Ozzy responds, "There ain't no such thing as a free lunch, as they say." Ozzy, Jonathan, Sundra Yul and Becky all enjoy the fish. Suddenly, Parvati, Adam and Candice notice the rest of the tribe is sitting over to the side of the camp eating. A storm rolls in as an angry Candice stomps over to the group. "Since when do you guys not share food?" Jonathan and company explain that the others were sitting in the shelter, not helping with the preparation of the food. Candice explodes, attempting to shake things up by telling Jonathan, "You're a rat, because you betray everybody in this game."

At Tribal Council, Parvati outs Yul as the puppet master, and Adam picks up where Candice left off, berating Jonathan. In the end, Candice gets the most votes, and Adam stands up, passionately kissing her good-bye. Jeff Probst extinguishes her torch and comments, "A kiss is nice"¦ Maybe if it were love he would have given you the Immunity necklace."