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Season 13: Episode 12 - WRITTEN OFF AND WRITTEN OUT: Jonathan Voted Out
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

After realizing that the energy had shifted around camp, Jonathan Penner, the 44 year-old writer from Los Angeles, California, was eliminated in a 6 to 1 vote. The annoyed tribe was sick of listening to Jonathan talk incessantly, so they uniformly voted him out of game.

"These people are terrible liars, terrible liars. I wish they'd told me to my face, but they didn't do that because then there'd be an argument and obviously they didn't want to hear me talk anymore. So, now they'll have a peaceful camp and they'll have to deal with each other, stabbing each other in the back, as if that's some new thing in the game of ‘Survivor.' Four of those six people are going to join me on the jury soon enough."

Tribal Aftermath
On night 30 upon returning from Tribal Council, Jonathan admits that it's no fun being called names like "rat and cancer." He worries that Parvati and Adam's harsh words will affect his tribe's opinion of him. "I know I'm not gonna let a couple of kids like that ruin everything I've been working towards," he comments.

Thumb Chop
On day 31, the girls are chopping coconuts. Suddenly, Parvati chops her thumb with the rusty machete and she lets out a blood-curdling shriek. Becky and Sundra immediately rush to her side, keeping her calm and using her buff to apply pressure to the wound. The Survivor medical team rushes in to examine and stitch up her thumb. The boys look on and offer words of encouragement, while squeamish Adam avoids looking and nervously thinks about how Parvati's injury will affect them. "It's just her and I against the world right now," he says nervously.
When the tribe arrives at the challenge, Jeff Probst asks Parvati what happened and if she can get her thumb wet. She confirms that she can, and Jeff tells her that's a good thing because today's challenge will get the tribe members a little wet.

Jeff explains the rules of this challenge. Tribe members will each use a small bucket to transport water from the ocean into a larger bucket. When there is enough water in the larger bucket, the weight of the water will lower the bucket, raising a flag. The first person to raise their flag wins Reward. For this Reward, the winner will go to another island where some locals will escort that person to a sacred cave for a ritual, and then onto a picnic. The picnic will have fried chicken, meatloaf and apple pie.

Then Jeff announces that there is one more element to the challenge… "Jonathan, say hello to your wife Stacy." The Survivors look over as Jonathan's wife rounds the corner. Jonathan runs over and they tearfully hug and kiss. Then, Jeff introduces each of the tribe members' loved ones, and each one runs up and tearfully hugs their Survivor. Jeff Probst explains that the person who wins the challenge will share the Reward with his or her loved one. Also, each loved one will be partnered up with their Survivor to compete in the challenge. Jeff adds that the additional rules of this challenge are that the blindfolded Survivors will have to scoop water out of the ocean and toss it to his or her loved one, who will have to catch the water and empty it into their bucket while acting as the Survivor's guides.
Ozzy and his mom Gina seem to have fun with the task at hand, while Jonathan and his wife Stacy take a more competitive approach. Some teams make little progress, unlike Ozzy and Gina, Jonathan and Stacy and Parvati and her dad, Mike. Jonathan and Stacy excel as Stacy squeezes water from her now drenched hair and shirt into the bucket, leaving no wasted drop. Parvati and her dad Mike's flag starts to rise just as Jonathan and Stacy's flag ascends. When Parvati's flag raises the whole way, Jeff declares Parvati and Mike the winners of the challenge. As Jeff announces their victory, Jonathan's wife Stacy shows her frustration. As the winner of the challenge, Parvati is allowed to send one person to Exile Island. She sends Jonathan; he kisses his wife goodbye and departs as a tearful Stacy watches his boat drive away.

Jeff then announces that Mike (Parvati's dad) will choose two other Survivors and their loved ones to join Mike and Parvati on the reward. Mike can get no help from Parvati and Jeff asks that other Survivors remain quiet. Mike chooses Sundra and her mom Jeanette, and Adam and his dad George. The winners and their loved ones are instructed to go back to camp, where they will wait for a boat to pick them up in a couple of hours.

Loved Ones at Camp
The entire tribe (minus Jonathan) returns to camp with the three loved ones in tow. Adam says that he calls his dad George because George is his best friend. Sundra kids with her mom as they gather firewood, telling her that she doesn't think she would last long out there. Annoyed with being overrun by the competitors' families, Ozzy and Becky stay on the edge of camp. A boat arrives and picks up Parvati, Adam, Sundra and their loved ones. Ozzy, Becky and Yul bond around a fire contemplating that this will be how the last couple of days might play out: with just the three of them.
A group of about 100 singing islanders greets the winners and their loved ones. The islanders take the Survivors and their family members to a cave of beautiful fresh water. Then the islanders have Parvati bless the water as they sing and pray. The islanders do this ritual twice a year. The locals have the girls jump into the water first, followed by the boys, and then the locals jump in as well. Sundra describes the once in a lifetime experience: "The world is getting much smaller, and it would only benefit us if we took the time to learn about somebody else." They leave the cave and walk to find a delectable picnic spread, which has fried chicken, biscuits, iced tea, corn, meatloaf and apple pie. Sundra notices that Adam and Parvati are a lot more relaxed without Jonathan around.

Hiding Coconuts
As Ozzy, Becky and Yul eat and enjoy the quiet time around camp, they discuss hiding food from Adam, Parvati and Jonathan to keep them weaker at the challenges. The three start hiding all of the coconuts. Ozzy states, "If you can't get your own food at this point, then maybe you shouldn't be in the game." Then, Sundra, Parvati and Adam return bringing with them a bounty of leftover food. Becky states that bringing them food has thrown the hiding of the food out the window.

Immunity Challenge: Flotsam & Jetsam
The tribes arrive at the next challenge and Jonathan comes stumbling in from Exile Island. Jeff explains the rules: each tribe member is going to race out into the water and maneuver across a series of obstacles. When a tribe member reaches the end, he or she will retrieve a bundle of sticks and race back. Then each tribe member must repeat the process for a second bundle of sticks. Once a person has both bundles back, they'll untie the sticks and use the rope and the sticks build one long pole. The tribe member will then use the pole to retrieve two rings. The first person to retrieve both rings wins immunity.
Ozzy starts out leading the pack with Yul and Jonathan following closely behind. Without hesitation, Ozzy retrieves the first bundle of sticks and delivers them safely to his mat. Yul retrieves his first bundle and starts the journey back to the mat as Ozzy rushes to get bundle number two. Yul delivers his first bundle as Ozzy slides across the obstacles and retrieves his second bundle. Becky and Parvati slip all over the obstacles and fall down repeatedly. Jonathan delivers his first bundle of sticks to his mat. Then, Sundra takes a hard fall on a barrel. Adam and Parvati return with each of their first bundles. Ozzy returns with his second bundle, builds his pole and retrieves the first ring. Shortly after, he retrieves his second ring and wins Immunity. At the end of the challenge, when Jeff inquires if anyone is nervous about the upcoming Tribal Council, Adam and Parvati raise their hands, believing that it will one of them to go next.

Shifting the Game
The tribe returns to camp after the challenge. Triumphant, Ozzy states, "The Immunity Challenge was right up my alley. It was actually quite hilarious to see people just eating it all over the place." Sundra, Ozzy, Yul, Becky, Parvati and Adam are sitting around the fire eating coconut. When Jonathan approaches, an awkward silence sets in. When Jonathan looks around and tries to spark conversation, all attempts are fruitless. Jonathan worries that something has changed and speculates on how bad the damage is. Then, Jonathan approaches Becky and Sundra to confirm that Adam will be next to be voted out. Sundra confirms that the plan is to vote for Adam. Meanwhile, Adam approaches Yul and lets him know that if Yul votes Jonathan out tonight, he will ensure votes to go to him from the jury if Yul makes it to the final two. Yul admits that his position in the game makes him feel like the Godfather. Then, Jonathan approaches Yul to gauge his position. Jonathan claims, "I'm the perfect person to keep around." Yul approaches Ozzy to discuss who should go next: Adam or Jonathan. Feeling very secure in the game, Ozzy says that he doesn't really care who goes next. In the end, Parvati and Adam's scheming pays off and in a 6 to 1 vote, Jonathan is voted out of the game. As Jonathan leaves, he says, "I'd like my hat back at some point."