Season 13: Episode 13 - DOWN FOR THE COUNT: Parvati Voted Out
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

After exposing her strategy by flirting with Ozzy at the luxury spa reward, Parvati Shallow, the 23-year-old boxer from Los Angeles, California was eliminated in a 4 to 2 vote. She departed the game with no regrets. "I know that I could have worked it more in the hot tub if I wanted to, but I don't think it would have helped my place in this game. I've learned so much about myself; I really thought I would crack. And I just realized how strong I am and just what I'm capable of. When it comes down to it and if I'm thrown into the wilderness again, I know I can survive."

On Day 34, outsiders Parvati and Adam sit under the shelter feeling good about Jonathan being voted out. As they discuss their strategy to stay in the game, Parvati sums up their feelings: "We're the underdogs, we've gotta fight!"

As the tribe sits around the fire, Ozzy and Yul bring in Treemail which tells the tribe that the next challenge will be for a Reward. The Treemail explains that the Reward will involve eating and sleeping in splendor. The clue also indicates that the challenge will involve mud. Adam and Parvati determine that one of the two must win to avoid Adam being sent to the dreaded Exile Island. Parvati states, "We've got to make it happen."
The tribes arrive at the challenge, ready for action. Jeff Probst explains the rules of the challenge: tribe members are going to dive into a mud pit and cover their body with as much mud as they can, then race back and scrape it off into a bucket. Individuals cannot carry mud in their arms or in their hands; they can only use their body. The person with the most mud in their bucket at the end of 10 minutes will win. The winner of the challenge will indulge in a luxury spa reward with a massage, pool, plenty of food, plus beer, wine and champagne. The winner of this challenge will also send one person to Exile Island. The second and third place finishers will join the winner on the Reward.

Ozzy starts off in the lead as the tribe members race to the big pit of mud, throw themselves down and roll around in it. Racing back to their individual buckets, they frantically wipe the mud from their bodies. Yul, Ozzy and Adam seem to be in the lead, and Ozzy is able to transport a huge hunk of mud back to his bucket using only his neck. Yul starts carrying mud in the curve of his back, while Parvati piles mud on her head. After Jeff indicates that time is up, he weighs each individual bucket to determine who the winners are. Ozzy comes in first with 45 pounds of mud, Parvati comes in second with 24 pounds of mud, and Yul comes in third with 22.5 pounds of mud, beating Adam for the valuable third place by half a pound. Ozzy sends Adam to Exile Island.

Building Threat
Becky and Sundra return to camp by themselves as the only losers of the Reward challenge other than Adam, who is stuck on Exile Island. Suddenly, a downpour commences and the mud-covered girls are forced under the shelter. Becky notes, "Ozzy really likes to win." She believes they have no chance of beating him, and that "he is a bigger threat than I think people realize."
Spa Treatment
Parvati, Yul and Ozzy (all covered in mud) ride in a plane to a nearby island. They arrive at a hotel and spa, greeted by islanders with beautiful flower leis. The immaculate bungalow has an enormous bathroom and glass shower. The dirty group takes turns in the shower. Parvati catches a glimpse of her mud-covered face in the mirror and reflects on her appearance for a moment. The group is then treated to a hot rock and coconut massage. Feeling rejuvenated, Parvati states, "Okay, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. All I have left is five days of dirt. I can do it. I've gone 34 days, I can go five more."

Keep Fighting
A defeated Adam lies in the sand of Exile Island as flies land on his open sores. He laments the fact that Yul has the Idol. "Third time's the charm, although the charm's not here." He eats a raw crab and a raw clam. The rain pours down on him as a storm sets in. He lays in a lump, shivering and cold, but proclaims a hopeful last thought: "I've got to keep fighting and just put up with it for a little longer."

Hot Tub Fun
Parvati and Ozzy marvel at the fact that there are only four more Immunity Challenges left in the game. Ozzy admits that he once was in the same position as Parvati, forced to fight. Parvati confides "Ozzy's a loner, but he's opened up to me." Yul, Parvati and Ozzy enjoy dinner and champagne. Parvati suspects that her chances of sticking around can improve if she is friendlier, especially towards Ozzy. Mid-dinner during a storm, there is a sudden blackout. They light candles as an island band and dance troupe arrive to put on a show for the three. Then, Ozzy, Parvati and Yul take off their pajamas and hop into the hot tub for further relaxation. Parvati flirts with Ozzy, and Yul confides that he's not sure if Parvati is flirting in order to advance her game. Ozzy states, "I'm looking out for myself. I mean, I've been playing this game on an individual level since I got here and I'm playing it now more than ever. So, I might play the game with Parvati while there is still an opportunity."
Cover Our Bases
On Day 36, Becky and Sundra sleep under the shelter. Becky confides that she misses Yul and needs to talk about some new thoughts she is having regarding strategy. After Yul, Parvati and Ozzy return to the beach, Yul and Becky immediately go to a secluded area to strategize about whether or not to keep Ozzy around. "Either we go to the final four and take the high road, or we really play the game to the final end and we take steps to ensure you guys get there," Yul says. Later, Sundra joins Yul and Becky by the fire, and Yul admits that Parvati was flirting with Ozzy. He thinks that he has underestimated her game. Sundra sums up their thoughts: "You know at this point, we know the other two Raro members are desperate…. Let's cover our bases, let's cover our bases, let's cover our bases, we don't want any surprises--because it's getting to that point."

Immunity Challenge: Cannonball Run
The tribes arrive at the challenge, ready for action. After Adam returns from Exile Island, Jeff Probst gets the Immunity necklace back from Ozzy. Jeff describes the challenge: tribe members will each carry four bundles of puzzle pieces one at a time across balance beams to a mat. Once all four bundles have been collected, tribe members will use those pieces to create a table maze. Then they'll use the maze to maneuver one cannon ball past the decoy holes into each of the two corner pockets. The first person to complete the puzzle and sink the balls into the correct holes wins Immunity and is guaranteed a 1 in 5 shot at winning the game.

Ozzy takes off across the balance beam as Adam fumbles. As usual, Ozzy delivers a bundle first, with Becky close behind. Ozzy continues to quickly dominate this challenge, bringing bundle after bundle safely to his mat. Yul starts to catch up to him and they both begin to build their respective table mazes. Yul gets stuck on the table maze as Ozzy quickly maneuvers the cannonballs to their correct pockets, winning yet another Immunity Challenge.
Biggest Threat
Upon return to the Aitutonga beach with Ozzy holding Immunity, Adam and Parvati start their scramble to stay in the game. First, Adam touches base with Yul, who tells him that if he wants to stay, Yul can make it happen for him. Adam states, "Yul is definitely the puppet master here and he acts like it too… As long as it benefits me, I'm fine with it." Then, Parvati takes Yul aside to question him about her position in the game. Yul tells her that he sees her as a big threat, however he sees Adam as the bigger threat, so it would likely be Adam who is next to go. When Adam, Parvati and Ozzy hang out in the shelter, Parvati asks Adam whom he is voting for; he responds Sundra. Then, Parvati asks Ozzy whom he is going to vote for. Worried that he should cover all of his bases, he ponders voting for Sundra. Suddenly, Yul, Becky and Sundra notice that Ozzy is in the shelter with Adam and Parvati, so Yul decides to go confront them. Yul approaches Adam and asks him not to try to sway Ozzy to their side. A very uneasy Adam says, "It makes me uneasy the way Yul reacted. Maybe I was talkin' more than I should have. Tonight I have the most uneasy feeling and you know I just think the chances are greater I'll be voted off." As everyone departs for Tribal Council, Yul grabs Jonathan's hat. "Jonathan wanted his hat and I thought I would give it to him. If I got voted out and I left something that meant a lot to me here and I asked someone to give it to me, I'd expect them to do it. I just feel it's the nice thing to do."

During Tribal Council, Parvati hints about her flirting, talks about the hot tub and says, "Me and two guys in a hot tub, the odds were in my favor, I guess." In the end, Parvati's flirting exposes her strategy and the Aitu four stay united to vote her out of the game.