Season 12: Episode 1 - LUMBERJILL CUT DOWN: Tina taken out at first TC
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

The highly anticipated and mysterious SURVIVOR: PANAMA--EXILE ISLAND has begun, and on night three, Tina Scheer, the 45-year-old logging sports promoter/performer from Hayward, Wisconsin becomes the first casualty when she is voted out of her tribe in a unanimous 3-1 decision. Perceived as the most outspoken in her tribe, Tina meets her demise at Tribal Council when she questions others' work ethic. After seeing her torch extinguished, Tina delivers her Final Words: "I think the girls made a huge mistake voting me out. I hope they do terribly. I have no regrets. I was just with the wrong girls."

Separated by gender and age, the Older Women, Older Men, Younger Women and Younger Men meet host Jeff Probst on Exile Island. There, he explains that each week, at least one Survivor will be banished to the Island, forced to live on their own away from their tribe until they're allowed back into the game.

Next, Jeff Probst explains the rules of the first Reward Challenge. The four tribes each delegate one player to participate, as they must run across the island to a pile of skulls. Next, the players must smash open the skulls on rocks until they find an amulet. The first three players to return to the starting line and present the amulet win flint for fire. The losing tribe will elect one tribe member to stay on Exile Island.

The race for the amulets begins as Terry, Austin, Ruth Marie and Danielle race to smash the skulls. Terry returns first, followed by Austin and Ruth Marie. Danielle returns empty-handed, leaving the Younger Women without flint for fire and with a dreaded decision to make. Who will be left behind on Exile Island? Misty is selected, but before the tribes leave for their beaches, reveals a secret of the Island, announcing, "Hidden somewhere on Exile Island is an Immunity Idol. Find it, and you will be safe from Tribal Council!"

Upon arriving at their camp, the Older Women quickly get to work. Emerging as the tribe's leader, Tina starts the fire and begins work on the shelter. In the meantime, having never camped before, Cirie reveals an embarrassing concern: she is afraid of leaves. "I was thinking, 'Leaves are the least of your problem, honey!'" remarks an astonished Tina.

With little sunlight remaining in the day, the Younger Men play coconut baseball before realizing the need to build shelter and start a fire before sunset. Aras then brings the group together in a meditation circle, hoping to bring in some positive energy. "Aras has a lot of ideas, but some of them are kind of hair-brained, like doing meditation to get fire," explains Nick. Despite Aras's faith, the Young Men flounder as they haplessly set up their camp. "We don't have a clue what we are doing," remarks Austin.

At the Young Women's camp, the tribemates struggle with indecision about where to set up camp. Unable to decide and becoming increasingly annoyed, Sally complains, "I was starting to get more frustrated on the whole shelter. If you see and you like it, don't even look anymore." With little daylight remaining, Courtney finds a dead turtle lying on the beach. Feeling for the dead turtle, Courtney turns the decision into an ordeal, and all Danielle and Sally can do is roll their eyes.

After the efficient Older Men start fire and set up camp, Dan and Terry find time to bond. Dan reveals that he was an astronaut, while Terry tells Dan he was a Navy pilot. The two men shake hands and agree never to lie to each other in the game.

Later, frustrations grow when Shane reveals that he is a three-pack-a-day smoker. Not having a cigarette and realizing he needs to be on his best behavior, Shane laments, "I have to get through this detox, and I can't lash out at anybody. I just can't. It is unbelievably hard, and I have only been here a day."

Alone on Exile Island, Misty toughs out the night's storm, huddling on the ground for warmth. The next day's sun brings hunger, and she digs for worms and eats them. "I am tired, hungry and really, really thirsty," she complains. Worried that she is at a disadvantage because she lives away from her tribemates, Misty hatches a plan: "When I see my tribemates at the next Immunity Challenge, I will trick them into thinking that I found the Immunity Idol"