Season 25: Episode 12 - "Shot Into Smithereens"
Posted on Dec 6, 2012 12:00am

On night 30, the remaining six members of the Dangrayne tribe returned from Tribal Council after just voting out Jonathan. Abi reveals, "It's clear to me that Lisa and Denise, Malcolm and Skupin has a foursome alliance going on." She asks Carter how he feels about being one of the two outside of that alliance. He tells her that she shouldn't worry if she has a hidden immunity idol. Abi lies assuring Carter that she does. She admits, "I'm going to continue to bluff that I have the fourth hidden immunity idol. I mean that's all I have for me." Meanwhile, Malcolm, Lisa, Denise and Michael are gathered around the fire. Lisa feels beat up after Tribal Council because Jonathan tried to get her to change her vote and not send him home. Lisa comments, "Tribal Council was a very tough decision. I think Penner is correct. I do think Malcolm is playing a brilliant game." Denise compliments Lisa for not changing her vote and staying strong. Lisa admits, "Going to the end with Malcolm and Denise is not a great strategy, but betraying that trust opposes who I am."

The next day, the Dangrayne tribe arrives at the challenge. Jeff Probst, the host, surprises them with the news that they will team up with their loved ones to compete in the game. Everyone is tremendously excited and can't wait for their loved ones to appear. Michael Skupin's oldest son Michael is the first to be revealed. Michael is elated when he sees his son and reminds him that he met Jeff Probst twelve years ago when he competed in SURVIVOR the first time. Next, Carter reunites with his mother Bianca. Then Denise's husband Brad appears and is warmly received by his wife with lots of hugs and kisses. Lisa is very emotional when she sees her younger brother Justice. She says, "I don't think I've ever needed any person more in my life than this moment." Abi is happy to get love and support from her mother Vera. Finally, Malcolm's younger brother Miles joins him. Jeff then explains the rules of the reward challenge. Each SURVIVOR will toss a muddy bag to their loved one who will in turn catch it and use it to knock down a bamboo target. The first team to knock down all five of their targets wins reward. The winning SURVIVOR will get to take their loved one back to camp for an overnight visit. Miles knocks down the first target for Malcolm's team. Brad is the second one to hit a target for Denise and Bianca is the next for Carter. Michael is right behind her to knock down his first target for team Skupin. Miles hits a second target for his brother Malcolm before Justice or Vera score any targets for Lisa or Abi, respectively. Justice quickly makes up for previous missed opportunities, scoring three targets in a row. Abi and her mom Vera are still struggling. Vera encourages Abi to throw the muddy bags further so she can catch them. In the end, Miles, Michael and Bianca are all tied with four targets each and only one more to go. Miles knocks down the fifth and final bamboo target first, winning the reward challenge for his brother Malcolm. The others are disappointed to lose and not be able to spend more time with their loved ones. Jeff then informs Malcolm that he can choose two other Survivors to have their family member join them at camp. He chooses Michael and Lisa to share in the reward. Malcolm reveals, "You only have moments to make this decision and I'm rewarding Lisa and Skupin for sticking with me and Denise at the last Tribal and through the past few votes. Those are my allies. I need to take care of them. I need to keep them close."

The Dangrayne tribe arrives back at camp with Lisa's brother Justice, Malcolm's brother Miles and Michael's son Michael. Justice is so proud of his sister Lisa for remaining in the game at day thirty-one. Miles tells the others that he hasn't even missed Malcolm yet. Malcolm admits, "He's always around trying to get a laugh. He just wants to be the center of attention, but out here when I'm this close to a million dollars, him running his mouth could cost me." Meanwhile, Michael's son Michael attempts to climb a coconut tree to retrieve some coconuts. He loses his grip and slides down the tree cutting up his arms on the way down against the tree bark. Michael says, "That's my boy." Lisa and her brother Justice take a walk on the beach away from the others. She tells him about her alliance of four with Michael, Denise and Malcolm, but she admits that she does not want Malcolm to make it to the final three. Lisa then fills Justice in on the mistakes that she has made in the game so far, including the time that she admitted to Malcolm that she found his hidden immunity idol. Justice knows his sister well and that she is honest and caring. He says, "My job is to remind my sister to think of this as a game and to outwit, outlast, and outplay the other contestants." Justice and Lisa then meet up with Michael and his son Michael. Michael assures Justice that he and Lisa are in a strong alliance and doing well in the game. Justice suggests that they vote out Malcolm next if he is such a big threat. Michael agrees that that would be a big move adding that they could get Carter to vote with them against Malcolm as well. Later, when it is just the two of them, Lisa explains to Justice that she is having trouble breaking her word to people. For example, she gave her word to Malcolm that they would be in the final four. Justice reminds Lisa that Malcolm already forgave her when she tried to get him voted out in the past, and he must respect people who make big moves. Lisa appreciates the advice that her brother gives. He has helped her to step out of the game and refocus. She exclaims, "Yeah, I can play this game. I can play this game and I can play it well." Later, Lisa and Justice meet up with Michael and Michael on the beach and once again discuss voting out Malcolm next by blindsiding him with Carter and Abi's support.

The next morning, Lisa, Justice, Michael and Michael get together and pray on the beach for God's will to be done in this game. Malcolm notices them praying and is worried by the strength of the bond between Skupin and Lisa. He reveals, "I'm afraid that her brother, who seems like a very level headed and intelligent guy, might have snapped her back to her senses and got her thinking about who she really needs to be sitting next to in that final three to have a shot at winning." Michael, Lisa and Malcolm say goodbye to their loved ones but not before asking them to give them their shirts and any other clothes they can spare.

The Dangrayne tribe arrives on their mat. Jeff explains the rules of the immunity challenge. They will each race across a bamboo balance beam to a platform where they will find a hook attached to rope. After dropping it in the water, the castaways must use the hook to retrieve three bags. Once they have all three bags, they will race to the finish and use the rope and sticks inside the bag to fashion a pole. Once the pole is long enough, they will use it to hit a target that will drop a flag. The first person to drop their flag wins immunity and has a one in five shot at winning this game. One of the losers will be voted out tonight at Tribal Council. Michael, Lisa, Malcolm, Abi and Carter all make it across the balance beam and onto the second platform quickly. Denise takes the longest and struggles to get across the beam. Carter retrieves his three bags before anyone else and heads for the beach to build his pole. Lisa, Michael, Malcolm and Denise get their three bags next and head back to the beach. Denise has made up a lot of ground. Abi struggles to retrieve her three bags and then takes time to get them back to the beach. Lisa is the first to get her sticks tied together to create a pole. She uses it to try and hit the target, but it is too short. So she goes back to rebuild her stick. Carter and Skupin try their poles next, but neither one is strong enough nor long enough so they go back to adjust them. Malcolm is now ready to try his pole. Carter quickly goes back out with his new pole. In the end, Malcolm knocks down his target first and wins individual immunity for the first time.

The Dangrayne tribe arrives back at camp after the immunity challenge. Malcolm is excited to have won individual immunity and not have to worry about tonight's vote. He is safe both tonight and at the next Tribal Council since he also still holds a hidden immunity idol. Malcolm admits, "I'm in the final four in SURVIVOR and it's only day thirty-three. I can taste it." Michael and Lisa meet and discuss their options. They are unsure whether to vote out Abi or Carter tonight. Next, Michael meets with Malcolm and admits that he would prefer not to vote for Carter tonight. Malcolm points out that Carter is a big threat in challenges. Just as they are discussing things, Carter joins their conversation. They are honest with him, and admit that they are considering voting for him tonight. Carter pleads, "Out of respect for the game and out of respect for me, keep me around." He then leaves and lets Malcolm and Michael make their decision. The pair then gets together with Lisa and Denise to discuss the vote. Later, the entire Dangrayne tribe is around the fire waiting to eat dinner. Abi gives Lisa a hard time for voting for her in the past even though they were close. Abi also points out that Lisa's word used to be more important than the money, and now she is willing to go against her word. Denise asks Abi for a moment of peace. Abi argues and reminds her that she is safe in her alliance of four, while she and Carter are on the outside. She tells them all that she will play her hidden immunity idol tonight to keep her safe. She leaves camp to go and retrieve it, sure that the others will vote for her tonight. She reveals, "I am an alliance of one person. So I just need to play smart, play my fantasy idol and try and bluff in this game." Malcolm doubts that Abi holds an immunity idol, but he is sure that Carter is a big threat. Malcolm knows that it would not be a smart decision to keep Carter and let Abi go just to bring peace around camp, but he is fed up with Abi. He vents, "If Abi goes home tonight, it's because she's a bitch."

At the start of Tribal Council, Malcolm comments that he is glad to have won immunity, but he still feels safe in his alliance with Michael, Denise and Lisa. Carter admits that he is vulnerable tonight, but he hopes that his tribe will keep him since he's a worthy opponent and deserves to stay. He hopes they will not take the easy route and vote him out instead of Abi, who he says will be easier to beat in the end. Michael admits that voting out Carter would be like voting out one of his kids because he has gotten so close to him in the game. Jeff asks Lisa if she would prefer to sit next to someone who deserves to be there or somebody that she could likely beat. Lisa answers, "I would sit next to somebody I think I can beat." Abi reminds everyone that she is going to play her hidden immunity idol tonight. Denise comments that no one has seen the idol or any clues of it so they can only go on Abi's word whether she really does hold it. She also admits that there is still tension between her and Abi, but things have gotten better. Abi still does not understand why people feel that she brings tension to the game. Jeff asks Denise whether she thinks Abi could win the game. Denise does not think Abi could. The Dangrayne tribe then votes. Abi does not play a real or fake immunity idol. Jeff reveals five votes "“ one for Abi and four for Carter. Carter Williams, the 24 year-old track coach from Shawnee, KS, becomes the thirteenth person to leave SURVIVOR: PHILIPPINES.