Season 12: Episode 11 - Fire Dancer Snuffed: Courtney Cast Out
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

In a shocking 3-2-1 split decision, 31-year-old performance artist Courtney Marit from Los Angeles, California becomes the eleventh castaway voted out of SURVIVOR: PANAMA--EXILE ISLAND. Courtney, seen as a threat if carried to the Final Two, is shocked at the covert betrayal by her ex-Casaya allies. As smoke curls from her freshly snuffed torch, Courtney delivers her Final Words: "I'm just completely shocked right now. My sisters that I unfortunately trusted turned on me. I guess they saw me as too much of a threat to go to the Final Two."

As the sun rises over Gitanos Island on day 29, Terry has taken up the spear gun in an effort to catch some fish. Noticing the rest of the tribe huddled on the beach, Terry, lone outsider to the alliance of ex-Casayas, is mindful of the advantage of having Bruce out of the game. Terry explains, "Bruce being gone out of this game was a good thing for me, because I got to skip a Challenge, and pretty much every Immunity Challenge coming down the road, I've got to take. It is really imperative to try to make some allies and hopefully tie up one or two members before the next Immunity Challenge."

While Terry seems as mentally tough as ever, Shane's behavior leads some to believe he is cracking up. With a rectangular piece of wood he calls his "Blackberry," Shane spends his morning sitting on his "thinking rock" in delusional bliss. Danielle laments, "Shane found a piece of wood and is actually calling it his Blackberry. And he sits down and he like pretends he's like communicating with other people. Come on. He's nuts."

The castaways convene with host Jeff Probst, who explains that for this Challenge, the tribe will be divided into two teams of three. Each team member will be attached to a rope that spans the length of an obstacle course. They must follow the rope while navigating the various obstacles. When the final platform is reached, they will unclip from the rope and, one at a time, race across a lily pad run, jump into the water and retrieve one of three bags. Once all three bags have been retrieved, they will clip onto the rope again and make their way back through all the obstacles to the beach. The first team to reach the finish with all three members and all three bags wins the Reward: a barbeque feast.

With Terry, Courtney and Danielle against Shane, Aras and Cirie, the teams are in a dead heat as they follow the rope along the obstacle course. Cirie gets tangled on the bamboo crawl, giving Terry, Courtney and Danielle the advantage. Terry is first to unclip, and after hurrying across the lily pads, dives down to retrieve the first bag. After Danielle and Courtney have unclipped and retrieved their bags, they begin the trek back to the beach as Cirie still struggles with the bamboo crawl. Shane and Aras finally unclip to hustle after their bags. But it's too late as Terry, Courtney and Danielle cross the finish line to win the Reward. With the power of choice, Terry, Courtney and Danielle banish Aras to Exile Island.

Before Terry, Courtney and Danielle venture on their Reward, Jeff Probst explains to the three winners that they will compete for yet another individual Reward. With a brand new fully loaded GMC Yukon on the line, they will use a slingshot to fire marbles at three tiles. The first person to break all three tiles wins the Yukon.

Like a firing squad, Terry, Courtney and Danielle line up in front of their tiles. After the second round, Danielle is the only one to break a tile. Several rounds later, the two women are tied at one tile each, while Terry has pulled ahead to break two. Courtney fires a direct hit to pull even with Terry, but it's too little too late when Terry smashes his third and final tile, winning himself a brand new GMC Yukon.

As their plane touches down on a far-off island, Terry, Courtney and Danielle are met by Terry's GMC Yukon, loaded with everything they will need for a beach barbeque. After driving through the jungle, the trio arrives at a beautiful lagoon. Washing down barbeque steaks with sodas, the conversation turns to strategy. Terry works hard to swing Courtney and Danielle to his side, and it seems as if Courtney is now in his back pocket. While Danielle is open to the idea of a new alliance, she is still skeptical, intoning, "Terry brought up the fact that his ideal four would be the three girls and him, and that's just a given. I mean, obviously he wants Aras out for his sake. I like that idea, but he's going to have to change up his strategy a little bit too. I'm not going to make this so easy for him to win."

Back at camp, Cirie and Shane are also comparing notes. When Shane expresses an interest in taking Courtney to the Final Two, Cirie becomes wary, musing, "If [Shane] could take Courtney to the Final Two, he may just win a million dollars. Against anyone else, I don't know how good his chances are, and I think he knows that. So Courtney, to me, is more dangerous than having Terry around. So I just want to get rid of Courtney as soon as I possibly can and go from there."

With nothing left to do in camp but wait for Danielle, Courtney and Terry to return from their Reward, Cirie decides to go fishing. Picking up the drop line and hook, Cirie ventures out on the rocks to try her luck. Using snails as bait, she casts her line into the water, and just a short while later she has a fish on the hook. Squealing with delight, Cirie reels in her catch and drags it all the way back to camp. Cirie beams, "Who'd of thunk Cirie could catch a fish!"

Waking up on the morning of day 30, the breakfast snails are yet to cook but the strategizing is boiling over. Danielle, who is concerned that Terry will take the unpopular Courtney to the final two thus leaving Danielle with nothing better than a third place finish, has been grilling Terry on his intentions. Terry offers up a solution: whom ever finishes first and second in the final Immunity Challenge will automatically go to the final two. Danielle, satisfied with this solution, tells Courtney who takes offense to the idea. Meanwhile Cirie, who has been listening nearby, tries to convince Danielle that the arrangement is nothing more than a trap to draw Danielle into an alliance with him.

Aras returns from Exile Island as the tribe convenes yet again with Jeff Probst, who explains that the Immunity Challenge will be a test of endurance. Each tribe member will kneel at the end of a long plank suspended over a pit of water. They'll be holding on to two ropes connected to a weighted hook. Starting with twenty percent of their body weight, the weight will increase by another ten percent every fifteen minutes. When the weight becomes too much to hold, the ropes will slip from their hands, the plank will give out and they'll fall into the water. The last person left standing wins Immunity.

With each Survivor clinging to ropes weighted with twenty percent of their body weight, Shane is first to show signs of fatigue, and after thirteen minutes he becomes the first eliminated from the Challenge. Five minutes later, Cirie goes, with Danielle falling just a minute later. After two days on Exile Island, Aras' weakened condition shows as his arms give out, sending him into the water below. Now down to Terry and Courtney, the two fierce competitors struggle to maintain their grip on forty percent of their body weight. After thirty minutes in the hot sun, Courtney lets go of one rope, then loses her grip on the second, leaving Terry to win his fourth straight Immunity Challenge.

Returning to camp from a taxing Immunity Challenge, the pre-tribal shuffle gets underway almost immediately. Believing herself to be allied with Terry, Danielle and Cirie, Courtney is convinced that the vote will be for Aras, while Shane, believing he is allied with Courtney, Aras and Cirie, thinks the vote will be for Danielle. Cirie, knowing Aras is her biggest ally and Courtney is her biggest threat, devises a plan to save Aras and send Courtney home. Heading into Tribal Council, Danielle, Courtney and Aras are all in jeopardy of leaving the game.

In the end, Cirie's masterminding prevails as Courtney is voted out in a 3-2-1 split decision, making her the eleventh castaway voted out of SURVIVOR: PANAMA--EXILE ISLAND.