Season 11: Episode 12 - SCUMBAGS! Door slammed on Judd
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

"I hope you all get bit by a freaking crocodile. Scumbags!" grumbled Judd Sergeant, the 34 year-old hotel doorman from Ridgefield, New Jersey, after being blindsided by his alliance. Danni's plan to stir things up became reality on night 33 when the Xhakum Final Four alliance of Judd, Stephenie, Rafe and Cindy fractured and Judd became the thirteenth person voted out of SURVIVOR: GUATEMALA. Moments after departing the Tribal Council area, a shocked Judd confessed, "I think you're all a bunch of scumbags. It sucks being lied to. I can't wait for the Final Two, man. I'll have a lot more to say than that, man."

The day after the heated Tribal Council in which dirty laundry was aired and Gary Hogeboom was voted out, Danni was surprised that the tribe acted like nothing had happened. Knowing she was the last member of Yaxha, Danni was sure she would be voted out next and confessed, "I am next on the totem pole, about to have my head chopped off." After eating a routine breakfast of corn and nuts, the group took turns doing cartwheels. Hoping, against all odds, to change her inevitable fate, Danni pondered, "This perfect little alliance is going to have to start attacking each other. They can't all go to the final spot."

When the tribe convened for the Reward Challenge, host Jeff Probst explained it would be an auction. Each tribemate received money to bid on upcoming items. The first item, beef jerky, was a steal for Kansas girl Danni. Then Cindy outbid the others for a plate of chocolate chip cookies and a glass of milk. Other items included a Philly cheese steak sandwich and a mosquito net. The most important non-food item was a sealed envelope containing an advantage for the next Immunity Challenge. With her neck on the line, Danni eagerly outbid everyone else, hoping the sealed advantage would secure her a victory in the upcoming Immunity Challenge.

What's the next item up for bid? In a surprise move, Jeff Probst revealed the hidden SURVIVOR loved ones from behind the Maya ruins. The group included Judd's wife, Lydia's brother, Stephenie's boyfriend, Cindy's twin sister, Danni's brother and Rafe's mother. Greeted by screams and tears of joy, the loved ones were to be auctioned off to the highest bidder. A flurry of bidding followed, and the escalating price soon required the tribemates to pool their money. In the end, with the help of Cindy's money, Judd outbid Stephenie and won an overnight reward with his wife, Kristen. As Judd reveled in the excitement of the moment, Jeff presented a twist: Judd could choose two other Survivors' loved ones to join them. The three Survivors without a loved one would be exiled to the old Yaxha camp for the night with out even as much as a hug from their loved one. Without hesitation, Judd choose Cindy and Stephenie. Cindy's twin sister, Mindy, and Stephenie's long-time boyfriend, Mike, would also spend the night at the Xhakum camp, while Danni, Rafe and Lydia would have to spend a night at the old camp.

When the tribe returned to camp with their loved ones, Judd proudly gave them a guided tour of their Maya ruins living quarters. When Judd revealed to his wife he could make fire and boil water, he boasted, "My wife was shocked at my camping skills. I think she was digging it. She thought I was a sexy camper." Kristen giggled, "It seems like he is doing it all. I'm very proud of him." Within minutes, each of the Survivors stole away with their loved one for some time alone. Mindy exclaimed, "I'm excited to be here because I grew up playing wilderness people. It was our favorite thing to play." Away from the others, Judd told Kristen that he was in a tight alliance with Stephenie, Rafe and Cindy. He whispered, "Steph, I hope, goes my way and takes me to the Final Two."

While Rafe, Danni and Lydia were exiled to the old camp, Danni had the perfect opportunity to approach Rafe and implement a plan to change her destiny. Hoping to crack the alliance of Stephenie, Rafe, Judd and Cindy, Danni assured Rafe that she trusted him and she would, in turn, warn him if anybody tries to vote him out. Their bond appeared to be genuine, and Rafe even confessed to wanting to find a way to get rid of Judd because he was not sure he could be trusted. As Rafe put it, "You can't trust a guy like Judd, but you can trust that you can't trust him."

Later that night, at the Xhakum camp, Stephenie and Kristen talked about how well "city boy" Judd was doing in the jungle. Stephenie told Kristen she and Judd had a tight bond, and they planned to be the final two Survivors. Stephenie gushed, "Jersey would be proud." Moments later, while sitting atop the Maya ruins, Judd confirmed the plan for the Final Four to vote out Danni first, but if she won Immunity, they'd vote out Lydia instead. Stephenie and Cindy agree, and a confident Judd replied, "I'm so glad this worked out this way."

The next morning, the loved ones experienced the grueling SURVIVOR camp life when they all participated in routine chores. Cindy's sister Mindy put it best, "They have nothing, and it's so much work, everything they do." After struggling with the wood-gathering, the bugs and the heat, Stephenie's boyfriend Mike confessed, "This is the real deal. Most people would not survive out here a day."

When Danni, Rafe and Lydia retuned to the Xhakum camp, they were surprised to see the loved ones still there. After introductions and some camp-life chat, it was time for the loved ones to depart. Stephenie, Cindy and Judd walked down to the pier, where a speedboat had arrived to whisk away the loved ones. Judd was energized by his wife and gushed, "I haven't been eating, so she made me full just by looking at her. It's like eating twenty-five White Castle cheeseburgers, man." Cindy delighted in the memory she and Mindy would share of her visit. After saying goodbye to her boyfriend Mike, a teary-eyed Stephenie confessed, "I hate goodbyes, so I can't wait so say hello."

LYDIA MAKES A MOVE Also feeling like she might be a target at the next Tribal Council, Lydia approached Judd, hoping to get him to switch his alliance. Knowing the only way to guarantee himself a spot in the Final Two would be to get rid of the strongest players, Judd entertained the idea, but cautiously. Lydia pressed on and questioned, "Maybe it's time to make a difference." Danni now had the opportunity she was waiting for and noted, "It's funny. The more you stick around, the more problems you can cause and the more doors you can open."

IMMUNITY CHALLENGE: WATCH YOUR STEP When the tribe convened in the shadow of the Maya ruins, Jeff Probst took back the all-important Immunity necklace from Rafe and explained the rules of the game: one at a time, players make a move on the giant multi-level playing board. Flip a tile to the red side, and step onto it. Once a tile has been flipped and stepped on, it cannot be used again. In addition, the top level is a spinning platform to be used for strategic repositioning on the board.

Before starting the game, Jeff asked Danni if she still had her advantage envelope. She confirmed that she did and that it was still sealed. Before the first move of the game, Danni opened her advantage to reveal a note that read, "Switch positions with any player." This would allow Danni to trade positions on the board with anyone at any time during the game.

After the first few rounds of tile-flipping, it was clear that each tribe member had his or her own strategy. Some chose to move forward and some to move sideways. After spinning on the top-level platform, Cindy soon found herself boxed in and was the first person out of the game. A moment later, in a bold strategic move, Danni used her advantage to trade places with Stephenie. Eventually, Stephenie and Danni were the only two players left on the board. Danni's use of the clue worked: she outmaneuvered Stephenie, grabbing the victory and the Immunity necklace for the first time.

The camp took on a new dynamic when the tribe returned from the Challenge. With Danni wearing the Immunity necklace, the once-solid "plan B" to vote out Lydia came into question. While grinding corn, Stephenie asked Danni what Judd was talking about earlier up on the ruins with Lydia. Danni told Stephenie that Judd was talking about voting off the strongest players. This instantly put Judd's loyalty in to question, and Stephenie noted, "I believe Judd for the most part, but he has made it clear he is playing the game and is going to win. He's already been caught in quite a few lies, and Danni really hasn't lied at all."

Moments later, Stephenie revealed to Rafe what she had heard from Danni. Stephenie proposed they vote Judd out, but Rafe was not so sure that was the right thing to do. When Rafe, Stephenie and Danni convened behind the Maya ruins, it was clear Danni had now become a major player in the game. Stephenie and Rafe were convinced by Danni that Judd was going to try to vote one of them out. The three of them discussed bringing Lydia in and voting out Judd while at the same time not telling Cindy for fear she would reveal the plan to Judd. Stephenie explained, "Judd and I have been really close, but if someone is going to slit your throat because you like their company, hell no, they got to go." Danni was hopeful she had cracked the long-standing alliance when she said, "Hopefully my plan will work to rat Judd out."

Lydia approached Judd again on the ruins and offered her vote in exchange for not getting voted out herself. Moments later, she offered Rafe the same deal and Judd overheard her. With Lydia scrambling, Judd was confident everyone was voting for her and boasted, "I'm glad someone's going home right now. As long as it aint me, I'll always have a smile on my face."

At Tribal Council Judd Sergeant, the NYC hotel doorman, had the door slammed shut on his Survivor dream when his alliance turned on him. A disappointed and bitter Judd called the other Survivors "scumbags" as he departed the Tribal Council area. The 4-2 vote made Judd the fourth person to join the Jury and the thirteenth person voted out of SURVIVOR: GUATEMALA.