Season 11: Episode 10 - BLINDSIDED!: Jamie Sent Home
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

On night 27, in a surprising 6-2 vote, the tribe voted out Jamie Newton, the 24-year-old water ski instructor from North Hollywood, California, making him the eleventh person voted out of SURVIVOR: GUATEMALA. Believing his alliance with the final six was solid, Jamie was shocked to have his torch snuffed out. As he left Tribal Council, he exclaimed, "Blindsided! Nice. Now that's how you vote somebody out!"

On night 24, after returning from Tribal Council, everyone except Jamie congratulated Gary for saving himself by pulling out the Immunity Idol at the last minute. Jamie then cornered Cindy about how Gary voted for her, but Cindy didn't care. Next, Jamie picked a fight with Gary, and the entire tribe became concerned that Jamie's paranoia was getting the best of him. Judd put it best, "He's losing it."

When the tribe convened for the Reward Challenge, host Jeff Probst explained the rules: Divide into two teams of two women and two men. Each male or female pair is connected by a rope and must race through a mud-pit obstacle course. At the end of the course are clay pots filled with corn. Each team must slog back through the mud to the starting line with the pot of corn and use it to fill a larger pot. The first team to fill the larger pot wins. The winning team will travel by helicopter to a beautiful estate where they will shower, spend the night and wake to a Folgers coffee banquet. "It'll rejuvenate you these last few days," Jeff Probst promised.

The two teams struggled through the thick mud pit, and the team of Danni, Judd, Gary and Stephenie took the victory. Mere moments later, still covered in thick brown mud, the winners were whisked away by helicopter.

En route to the Reward Danni, Gary, Stephenie and Judd enjoyed their spectacular helicopter trip high over the mountains, rivers and jungle forests of Guatemala. This was Danni's first-ever helicopter ride, which she pronounced "an awesome experience in itself." After arriving at the mansion, they were immediately greeted by Louie, the owner. Danni, Gary, Stephenie and Judd then headed to the luxurious swimming pool and showered off the dried, caked-on mud. To the surprise of the others, Judd got naked while showering. The time away from camp gave them an unexpected chance to bond. Stephenie noted that she and Danni were very much alike, adding, "She is a cool chick." Moments later, they gorged themselves on fancy hors d'oeuvres and champagne. "I love to eat, but Steph eats even more than I do," Danni observed.

Languishing back at camp, Cindy, Lydia and Rafe tried to keep their spirits up while the others enjoyed their Reward getaway. Lydia assured Rafe that he and Jamie had been close to winning the Reward for their team. However, Jamie's paranoia intensified, and he repeatedly pressured Rafe to give his word that nothing has changed in the final alliance of six. Frustrated, Rafe echoed Judd's earlier assessment, "I've given up trying to understand Jamie's strategy. He's losing it."

After a nice shower, Judd, Danni, Gary and Stephenie snacked on more finger food and relaxed in matching pajamas. Seeing the time away from camp as a perfect chance to approach Stephenie and Judd about changing something in the game, Gary noted, "I got to try, because I am the next to go if they do not change." Gary appealed to Judd's and Stephenie's competitive spirit by saying that the Final Four should be the four strongest players. Judd later commented, "Bonding with Gary and Danni will not affect my game plan." On the other hand, Stephenie thought it over, but concluded, "I've got a good thing going, so it's kind of iffy."

The next morning, Gary, Danni, Stephenie and Judd awoke to the smell of a variety of Folgers flavored brewed coffees. Moments later, they were surprised when Louie brought them a package of videotapes from home. Sipping coffee, the homesick group cried and laughed together as they watched the videos from their families. "If we didn't get any food or shower or nothing and just got the videotapes, I would have been completely satisfied," Stephenie said. After seeing his family on the tape, Gary noted, "It was the best Reward prize that we possibly could have had."

As Danni, Gary, Judd and Stephenie arrived back at camp, Judd complained, "Back to the hellhole." Cindy sprang to life when she saw the Folgers coffee basket the foursome had brought back. "That was the most perfect thing they could have walked into camp with," she said. Later, Jamie cornered Judd to ask if the Reward group had talked about strategy, but Judd assured him that there was "not even a peep" about it. Shortly before the Immunity Challenge, Gary was concerned about his fate, remarking, "If I don't win Immunity and things don't change, I'll be gone."

When the tribe assembled for the Immunity Challenge, Jeff Probst explained the rules: hooked to a rope, each tribe member must travel through an obstacle course to the finish line. Desperately needing Immunity, Gary led the way during most of the contest, but got tangled in the ropes, allowing Rafe to grab the victory.

Realized that winning yet another Immunity may have hurt him, Rafe said, "I just made myself a huge threat in this game and have to change the way I'm playing." Although Jamie had no reason to fear being voted out, he became paranoid and caused confusion and uncertainty in the camp. "Jamie's paranoid, but he's not going anywhere," Judd asserted.

Showing his level of concern, Jamie asked Cindy if the six-person alliance was still strong and took Rafe aside for yet another game of mancala. Rafe said, "If you ask me again, I'm gonna die." Worried about Jamie's increasingly strange behavior, Rafe approached Stephenie and Lydia with the idea of voting for Jamie instead of Gary. Ultimately, Gary was spared once again when the tribe turned on Jamie and voted him out instead.