Season 11: Episode 6 - DOUBLE TRIBAL TROUBLE: Margaret and Brian Voted Out
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

On night 15 after an explosive Tribal Council, Margaret Bobonich the 43-year-old Nurse Practitioner from Chargon, Ohio, was voted out of the tribe in a 6-1 decision. In the most heated Tribal Council to date, Judd unleashed his fury on Margaret after she claimed he was a bad sport. After Judd's tirade, Margaret was finally able to give her final words. "Best wishes to my Nakum tribe I think a lot of the tension will be gone now, but I think they will have a lot of trouble with Judd."

At the night's second Tribal Council where Rafe from Nakum cast a secret ballot to save one person from the vote, the Yaxha tribe ousted Brian Corridan, the 22-year-old Ivy League Student from New York, New York. Blindsided by the decisive 5-1 vote, Brian was sent packing instead of Amy, who had re-sprained her ankle earlier in the day. Still shocked, Brian gave his final words. "Well, I did everything I could. I did not see that coming."

The morning after Blake Towsley was voted out of Yaxha, Brandon pondered his next move, since he'd been oblivious to the tribe's decision. "The Blake vote opened my eyes. We were four strong. People flip so fast that you will find yourself voted off and you won't even know what the heck happened." In a search for answers, Brandon approached Bobby Jon at the water's edge, wondering if he had any regrets. "He was rubbing a lot of other people the wrong way," Bobby Jon explained.

As the Nakum tribe awoke on Day 15, they were greeted by unwanted guests--mosquitoes--out in full force. "Why do they have to bite through my shirt?" complained Stephenie. With the conditions worsening, the mood of the tribe suffered as the tribe claimed that Margaret's bad attitude was hampering the tribe's spirit. "The six of us get along really well and Margaret is just kind of fading out," explained Rafe. "I used to be much higher on the food chain than I am now, and I am sure Judd is waiting to get me out," lamented Margaret.

The tribes reconvened at the Reward Challenge where Host explained the rules. The tribes would split up in pairs to push a giant ball across a playing field. The tribe to push the ball across their opponent's end zone would score a point, and the first tribe to score 3 points wins Reward. This week, it's a barbeque including seven hamburgers and hotdogs, cold root beer and beer.

Before the start of the game Jeff shocked the tribes when he explained that both tribes would be going to Tribal Council that night--one person from each tribe would be sent home. He did give a glimmer of hope by explaining that the winners of the Reward Challenge would then face off in an Individual Immunity Challenge where the winner would be the only person safe from the night's vote.

The competition began as Stephenie and Cindy took on Amy and Danni. The Yaxha women proved too strong as they scored the first point for their team. Judd and Jamie then took on Bobby Jon and Brandon. After a fierce battle, Judd and Jamie scored to tie the game as Jamie and Bobby Jon flaunted their bravado by getting in each other's faces screaming at one another.

Amy, who re-injured her sprained ankle, and her partner Gary were over powered by Stephenie and Judd, which gave them a 2-1 lead. Having to compete again, Amy displayed her heart as she overcame her injury and helped score the game-tying point. In the final round, Bobby Jon and Brian took on Judd and Jamie. In the end, Judd and Jamie proved too strong as they scored the final point and took home the victory for the Nakum tribe.

Having won the Reward Challenge, Nakum now faced off for individual Immunity. The tribe members would have to collect three bags of letter tiles, empty them on their table and spell out a two-word phrase. The first person to correctly spell out the two-word phrase would win Immunity.

The challenge began as all of the Nakum members raced to their bags. Judd quickly fell behind as his tribemates began to unscramble the tiles. Rafe and Margaret were both closing in on the phrase as Judd looked over to Rafe's board and deciphered the puzzle. Surprisingly, Judd blurted out the answer to Rafe, who quickly placed the tiles in order and spelled out "Ancient Ruin." With the help of Judd, Rafe won Immunity and would be safe from the night's vote.

YAXHA PREPARES With the Tribal Council vote looming, the Yaxha tribe was once again forced to make the tough decision on whom to send home. Feeling vulnerable because of her re-injured ankle, Amy explained her precarious position. "I heard my ankle snap. It's swollen, but I can live with it. I just don't want to be the one to go." Later, when Brian campaigned against Bobby Jon, Gary wasn't seeing eye to eye with the idea. He explained, "Why would I want to get rid of one of our strongest players?" Just before leaving for Tribal Council, Brian put the night's vote into perspective, adding, "Of the six of us, no one is safe tonight, nobody has Immunity and every one is looking to get further. Anything could happen at Tribal Council tonight!" Ultimately, Amy survived to make it to the next Tribal Council, and Brian was voted out of the game.

Having only consumed corn and nuts for the last 15 days, the Nakum tribe quickly devoured the food they had just won. Despite stuffing their faces with hamburgers and hot dogs, the tribe wallowed in the fact that they still had to vote one of their own out of the tribe. However, Judd wasn't as concerned about the upcoming vote as he was about drinking the extra beer. "I felt like I deserved the extra beer anyway. They wouldn't be eating the damn burgers and hotdogs if it wasn't for me!" explained Judd.

As Tribal Council approached, the tribe had to decide if Judd's selfish attitude outweighed Margaret's. In the end, the decision was made as Margaret became the Nakum Tribe's latest tragedy as she was vote out of the game.