Season 11: Episode 5 - GOLDEN BOY NO MORE: Blake Voted Out
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

On night 14 after an emotional Tribal Council, Blake Towsley, the 24-year-old commercial real estate broker/model from Dallas, Texas, was voted out of the tribe in a 5-2 decision. Blake's cocky nature and long-winded stories about the good life he has had came back to haunt him as his tribe turned against him. Shocked by having his torch extinguished, Blake commented, "I didn't see it coming and don't understand the reason why. I am kind of perplexed right now and kind of angry. Playing the odds, I don't understand why it happened."

Returning from Tribal Council where Judd turned on his old tribe mates to help vote Brooke out, he antagonistically reminded Margaret of the cutthroat nature of the game. As the other tribe members stood by watching, Judd and Margaret exchanged words in the dark of night. "I don't care what people think of me in this game. As long as my wife and kids love me, that's all I care about," barked the riled up New York City doorman. Frustrated with his betrayal, Margaret complained, "Judd flipped the very first day that the new tribe came to be and he didn't bother to look back. He's a traitor!"

Upon returning to camp, the tribe relished their victory by devouring the chips and dip and soaking in their new pool. With their tribal unity at an all-time high and having the first real opportunity to escape the blazing Guatemalan sun, a thankful Brian put in all perspective. "We are having an amazing day. Yaxha is on cloud nine right now. To be able to swim, even in a tiny square, is heaven."

The Nakum tribe returned to camp where Jamie couldn't help but feel responsible for the tribe's loss. After apologizing profusely to his fellow tribe members, they reassured him that he had done his best. However, Jamie's performance did leave doubt in Stephenie's head as she became frustrated with being a part of yet another losing tribe, as she did in Palau. "Jamie is a cocky kind of guy and he was like, 'I can cut rope with a rock no problem.' He gets in there and gets his ass kicked by a 22-year-old farm boy who saws through it in 30 seconds! I am pissed and can't go through this again," complained a teary eyed Stephenie.

With the pouring rain pelting down upon them, the Yaxha tribe suffered through the night as they huddled underneath an umbrella to keep dry. However, Blake and Brian lay in the shelter, sound asleep. "Golden Boy," sang a sarcastic Amy, and she later explained, "I came up with the name 'Golden Boy' for Blake because he always comes up smelling like roses. Plus, he has the greatest stories."

As morning arrived on day 14, so did Blake's stories, much to the chagrin of his fellow tribemates. Blake's hubris and outrageous lifestyle factored into Brian's strategy perfectly as he stated, "Blake is digging himself a hole and I am doing everything I can to make sure he has a shovel."

While the fierce crocs fed in the murky waters as the morning sun rose, Blake took time away from camp to sit at the water's edge to reflect on his position in the game. "I don't think it could have worked out any better. We came over to the new Yaxha camp and we have the odds. Gary, Brian, and Amy have to know they have a target on their backs if we lose, so I am liking my odds right now."

Meanwhile, back at camp, the motley crew discussed their different backgrounds as city girl Amy got to know Brandon and learned about the farming world. "I am from the city and when they talk about farming and stuff, I am definitely the odd man out," explained Amy.

The tribes met host Jeff Probst at the Reward location to hear the rules of the game. First, using a sharp knife-like stone, they would have to cut through two ropes which would release two handles. At the next station, using a machete they would need to chop through another rope releasing two additional handles. Racing up to the top of a hill and placing the handles in a turnstile, the Survivors would crank a rope pulley, dragging a cart up to the top of the hill. At the final station of the challenge, six tribe members would jump into the cart while one would need to cut through a rope releasing the cart down the hill to the finish line. The first tribe to cross the finish line would win margaritas, chips and dip, but more importantly, a croc proof swimming cage.

With a huge Reward on the line, the Challenge began as Brandon hurried his way through the first rope. As Brandon completed the first stage of the rope, Jamie struggled and Nakum fell behind. Yaxha had stretched their lead to the final stage as the tribe climbed in their cart and propelled down the track past their competitors, still stuck at the first leg of the race. Yaxha had blown out their competition and won the much-needed Reward.

The tribes reconvened for the Immunity Challenge, and Jeff Probst explained the rules. Working together as a unit, each tribe would be divided into to groups of three holding a catch net. The remaining tribe member would act as a ball launcher from a catapult. The object: to catch the balls in the net, and the first tribe to catch five balls would win Immunity.

The action was intense as the two tribes scurried into the field to catch the balls. Yaxha caught the first ball as Nakum missed theirs. Nakum soon tied it up as Lydia launched the ball high in the air. In the end, Nakum outmatched their competitors and took home the victory and the much-desired Immunity Idol. The loss would send Yaxha to the night's Tribal Council.

Returning to camp after losing the Immunity Challenge, the Yaxha tribe was faced with the inevitable task of voting someone out of the game. Brian approached Gary in hopes of ousting Blake, a plan to which Gary quickly agreed. "Oh of course I would vote that way; he is driving me crazy." As the campaign against Blake continued, Gary and Danni talked about the idea of letting Blake go. Torn with the decision of staying with her old tribe members or flipping over to Gary, Amy and Brian, Danni explained, "I hate being the swing vote. [Though] it's part of the game, I just don't like it because it's going to hurt someone's feelings." In the end, Blake's long winded stories and lavish life style caught up with him, as his tribe turned against him and voted him out of SURVIVOR:GUATEMALA.