Season 11: Episode 4 - THE VERDICT IS IN: Brooke Struck Out
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

26-year-old law student from Hood River, Oregon, was voted out of SURVIVOR:GUATEMALA in a harrowing 5-3 vote. Brooke's expulsion came on the heels of a tribal switch in which Judd swapped allegiances and helped cast Brooke out of the game. After seeing her torch extinguished, Brooke remarked, "Even though I was only out here 11 days, I have gotten to do so much. I think I proved myself on the 11-mile jungle trek, but I don't think my tribemates got to see that. It's too bad I didn't get a longer chance to prove how strong I am."


As the pressure of the game took its toll on the Nakum tribe, so did the relentlessly harsh environment of the Guatemalan jungle. With barely enough energy to grind corn and drink water, the hungry tribe sat around camp trying to conserve what little energy they could. Despite having won the past two Immunity Challenges, the tribe had paid a price. Brandon explained, "Everything out here just wears you down. I can't imagine how the other team feels if we are winning and feel this bad."

In contrast to their competitors, the Yaxha tribe had energy and spent the morning at the lake's edge attempting to catch minnows. Gary and Rafe led the charge as they outwitted the small catch by placing a pot in the water, then lifting it up quickly to catch them.

While at the lake, the tribe was face to face with one of the lake's inhabitants: a ferocious crocodile. After observing the dangerous croc eat a fish, Jamie nervously added, "Uh-oh, that could have been one of us swimming across its path!"


Upon arriving at the Reward Challenge, host Jeff Probst explained that instead of a Challenge, the tribes had earned a little relief. Instead, they would be getting to know each other by answering certain questions about one another. The person's name that appears most on the parchment will receive a gift from Jeff.

After finding out that both Danni and Jamie were most in need of nourishment, provided the two with an apple to eat. Gary and Bobby Jon were deemed the smelliest and were given a bush shower to clean up. Judd, Margaret, Gary and Amy were all elected to leave the challenge area to enjoy a picnic atop ancient Maya pyramids.

While the four were away, in a shocking move, Jeff switched up the tribes. The new Nakum tribe now consisted of Stephenie, Jamie, Rafe, Lydia, Brooke, Cindy, Margaret and Judd. The new Yaxha tribe now consisted of Bobby Jon, Blake, Brandon, Danni, Brian, Gary and Amy.

Upon arriving atop an ancient Maya pyramid, Judd, Margaret, Gary and Amy enjoyed the sweeping view of the vast landscape they have been calling home from for the past 10 days. As they sat awestruck, they devoured the much-needed protein.

Gary, still trying to hide his true identity as a former NFL football player, was asked by Judd and Margaret if, in fact, he had ever played pro football. "Margaret was asking Gary if he ever played pro football," Amy remarked, adding, "Who knows? Watch him be retired and he's like a multi-millionaire. I'll kill him… I'll freaken kill him!"

As the new Yaxha tribe wandered back into camp, they found a basket of fruit and wine waiting for them. Despite the celebratory mood, Brian explained the precarious position he was now left in: "The thing that sucks is that there are four Nakum and three Yaxha, and if it's a numbers game, they could easily pick us off one by one."

Soon after, Gary and Amy arrived, to the surprise of their new tribemates. After a moment of introductions, Danni questioned Gary about being a former quarterback. "I thought Gary was going to die when I asked him about being a quarterback," she recalled later. "Maybe he doesn't want people to know because they would think that he doesn't need the money." Once again, Gary denied the accusations and later added, "I'm not going to blow my strategy. That's my cover, so I'm keeping it."

As Margaret and Judd entered the camp to find their new tribemates awaiting them, Margaret revealed, "With this switch-up today, I don't feel safe at all, not at all." Later, Judd reveled in the tribal switch as he became the tribe's new alpha male. Finding himself atop the tribe's Maya ruins with Stephenie and Jamie, Judd conspired with his two new tribemates. Stephenie and Jamie persuaded Judd that Brooke should be next to go, because they felt she was the physically weakest of the new group. "I have no problems targeting my old tribe; I really don't," Judd explained."They have to get out of my jungle. See you later."

With the numbers to their advantage on the new Yaxha tribe, Blake and Bobby Jon conspired to form a new voting order. "We have the four-on-three here in this camp and have the physical team," explained Blake. "When it comes to voting people out, it's Amy, Brian and Gary out the door." Having sprained her ankle in a past challenge, Amy's status in the tribe was in question. Attempting to hide the bruised limb, she courageously walked around camp without a limp. Feeling insecure, Amy added, "I just think I am a major target right now; there is no doubt in my mind."

Arriving at the Immunity Challenge, explained the rules. The tribes must paddle out on the lake to retrieve three bags filled with Maya war clubs, then race back to shore and, one at a time, throw the clubs at targets placed 30, 40 and 50 feet away. The first tribe to break all three targets wins Immunity.

As the competition began, the tribes vigorously paddled their way out to gather their bags. Yaxha took and early lead until their boat collided with Nakum, throwing them off course. Nakum was already heading back to shore with their three bags of throwing clubs while Yaxha was struggling. Stephenie was the first person up for Nakum as she began to hurl the clubs at the closest target. After a few near-misses,she connected and smashed the tribe's first tile. Yaxha's first thrower was Brian, who failed one after another. Danni took over and smashed the first target for Yaxha. Nakum's Judd struggled with throw after throw and quickly lost the lead for his tribe.

Finally, each tribe had one tile left as Brandon began hurling for Yaxha and Jamie for Nakum. Brandon proved he had aim and athletic prowess as he connected on the final target, thus winning the Challenge and giving his tribe Immunity. The loss would send Nakum to the night's looming Tribal Council.

After returning to camp without Immunity, the Nakum tribemates schemed in different groups. Relying on each other, Margaret, Cindy and Brooke pledged to stay together. Their main issue was Judd. "We have to find out how loyal Judd is to the old Nakum tribe," Margaret explained.

Finding himself the determining swing vote, Judd lamented, "My biggest concern right now is Jamie and Stephenie not being as loyal as they say they are. When I go to Tribal Council, I don't know who I am going to vote for. I just don't know." In the end, Judd did know who to vote for: Brooke Struck, the 26-year-old law student from Hood River, Oregon.