Season 11: Episode 2 - VANISHING ACT: Magician's Assistant Morgan Voted Out
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

In a shocking Tribal Council, Yaxha displayed their tribe unity and unanimously voted out Morgan McDevitt, the 21-year-old magician's assistant from Decatur, Illinois, in a 7 to1 vote, making her the second person voted out of SURVIVOR: GUATEMALA. Questions about Morgan's work ethic around camp and her lack of physical strength in Challenges forced the decision. As she walked out of Tribal Council, a stunned Morgan delivered her Final Words: "Wow, I just didn't really see that one coming at all. I just feel really naive."

After the emotional Tribal Council in which they had voted out Jim Lynch, the humbled and battered Nakum tribe sruggled back to camp through the dark jungle. With much of the tribe still on shaky ground physically, an exasperated Bobby Jon added, "It seems like that's where I live. It seems like I'm paying rent at Tribal Council. I'm ready for it to change."

Having won the previous Immunity Challenge and with their confidence bolstered, the Yaxha tribe basked in their glory as they compared their tribal unity to that of Nakum's. Jamie speculated that the Yaxha tribe was the more diverse in the game, therefore the better tribe. "The fact that we get along so well is huge, because we do have good team morale," observed Stephenie. "It's become like a family. We're hoping to keep that family together for a long time"

Host Jeff Probst welcomed the tribes to the Challenge location where a giant spiderweb was strung over a body of water. One at a time, the Survivors must sprint up a ramp, over a net run to the web, where they must climb underneath it and gather hanging bags. After untying a bag, they must drop into the water and race with their bag back to the start, where the next person would be waiting to leave. Each tribe member must attempt to get a bag once. If they fall in the water before reaching a bag, they must return empty-handed before the next person may start. The first tribe to gather eight bags wins the Reward: valuable fishing supplies.

Shortly after the Challenge began, both tribes were neck and neck after Blake successfully returned with a bag for Nakum. Rafe, having difficulty getting out of the water and up the net bridge, caused the lead to sway in Nakum's advantage. However, Judd quickly returned the favor as he clumsily fell into the water. In an exciting finish, Brian and Blake were head-to-head as they raced to get the final bag for their tribes. In the end, Blake out-climbed Brian and returned victorious, winning the fishing gear for Nakum.

Hungry, yet excited, the Nakum tribe awoke early on day 5 in an attempt to fish with their new gear. Revitalized by the Reward win, Blake reeled in several small fish, as did Brandon. Pleased with the new protein source, the Nakum tribemates reveled as they consumed the much-needed food.

Becoming more desperate for protein, the Yaxha tribe reduced themselves to eating ants, grasshoppers and tiny minnows. While his tribe continued to work diligently around camp, Gary observed one tribe member not pulling her weight around camp and noted, "I love Morgan, but you got to work around camp if you want your tribemates to be on your side."

Despite having eaten fish earlier, Blake took a turn for the worse as he began to cramp and hyperventilate. When Margaret attempted to nurture him, the preferential treatment didn't go unnoticed. Becoming increasingly annoyed with Blake's bouts of dependency, Judd complained, "Blake just rests all day so he's got all his strength and his energy to go into all these Challenges. I want to be the hero next Challenge."

The tribes reconvened with Jeff Probst at the Immunity Challenge, and he explained the rules of the game. In an old-fashioned tug of war challenge, the tribes were to be tethered to ropes in a pit of mud. The first tribe to drag the other to their side of the mud pit and grab a flag would win that round. The first tribe with three flags would win Immunity.

The match started out with a grueling stalemate. Even as Brian attempted to upset two of the female Nakum members, no progress could be made and the match was declared a draw. In the first one-on-one round, Judd initially gained precious ground on Gary. As the seconds ticked away, ex-quarterback Gary tried to run back and tackle Judd. But Judd was already closer to the flag, so the strategy backfired and Judd won the first round for Nakum. In the second tiebreaker round, Brandon out-pulled Jamie and grabbed the second flag for Nakum. In the next round, Jamie was set to compete again, this time against Judd. At first, Jamie jumped out to a small lead, but as he pulled and pulled, Judd seemed to be plotting some sort of move. With only a few seconds left, Judd made an explosion towards his flag, dragging a spent Jamie to defeat. Three straight one-on-one victories gave Nakum the win, and defeat would send Yaxha to the night's looming Tribal Council.

Yaxha Pre-Tribal Scramble
After washing off the mud from the Challenge, the Yaxha tribe turned their thoughts to the night's vote as Jamie made a play to oust Stephenie. Fearing more Challenge losses and wanting to keep the stronger tribe members around, Gary proposed that either Morgan or Lydia should be next to go. He felt that Lydia would be the best candidate. Agreeing with Gary, Amy rationalized, "I love her, but Morgan is more athletic." In a last-ditch effort to save Lydia, Brian pleaded his case to keep Lydia, despite her being physically weak, adding, "We haven't lost any Challenge because of Lydia." Ultimately, Brian's last-ditch effort to save Lydia, prevailed as Morgan became the victim of the Yaxha Tribe's vote and was ousted from her tribe.