Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

The streak of Immunity Challenge losses added up to five and counting for the hopeless Ulong tribe as they were forced to suffer yet another vicious Tribal Council. The tribe found itself once again in a tie as Ibrehem Rahmen, the 27-year-old waiter from Birmingham, Alabama, and James Miller, the 33-year-old steelworker from Mobile, Alabama, both received two votes apiece. After the required second vote, the Ulong tribe finally chose to expel James. Shortly after witnessing the tie-breaking vote, James admitted, "My gut failed me, and I'm sad and depressed."

Returning to camp from Tribal Council. in which he was granted crucial last-second Immunity, Ulong's Ibrehem was thankful for his second chance. Although he took some blame from his tribemates and knew he was still on the chopping block, Ibrehem's spiritual base kept him balanced. "I think you appreciate things a little more when it's almost taken away from you," he noted.

After enduring a Tribal Council in which they voted off Willard Smith, the 57-year-old lawyer from Bellevue, Washington, the Koror tribe faced the new day refreshed and alive as they worked around camp. Work turned to play as the lively tribe members took to arts and crafts, then puppet theater. "It's a different day. We all got fed, everyone's got a little energy, everyone's doing a project," smiled Tom Westman, the 41-year-old firefighter from Sayville, New York.

As the tribes convened for a Reward Challenge, host Jeff Probst explained that the competition would involve marksmanship. Using an old authentic gun, tribe members would take turns shooting tribe-colored targets. The first tribe to take out eight of their targets would win the Challenge. The Reward would allow the winning tribe to experience a day trip on an authentic Japanese barge to a secluded lake where millions of stinger-free jellyfish swam freely. The Reward included Pringles and mai-tais to help the winners relax before they snorkeled amongst the jellyfish.

As the Challenge began, both tribes had difficulty hitting the target. But the Survivors' aim improved as Tom, then @Stephenie LaGrossa, the 25-year-old pharmaceutical sales rep from Philadelphia, Pennsylvia, then @Bobby Jon Drinkard, the 27-year-old waiter from Troy, Alabama, all hit their targets. After Stephenie broke her second target in a row, Ulong took the 4-2 lead. With Ulong one successful shot away from victory, James missed the target, allowing Koror to tie up the competition at seven.

After Stephenie broke yet another tile, Koror's chance to tie it up or lose fell on the shoulders of Caryn Groedel, the 46-year-old civil rights lawyer from Solon, Ohio, who stepped up, aimed the gun, but missed to the left. Ulong seized Reward.

After their much-needed victory, the Ulong tribe boarded the Japanese barge to be greeted by loads of mouthwatering Pringles and mai-tais. After enjoying a scenic expedition, the castaways were awestruck to arrive at Jellyfish Lake and see the placid waters filled with beautiful and harmless jellyfish. "I wanted to cherish every second. I was at a place in this world where I won't ever go again," Bobby Jon commented.

After suffering through an extremely tough storm the night before, the Koror tribe awakened quite shell-shocked. Especially distraught by the storm's furor, Janu Tornell, the 39-year-old Vegas showgirl from Las Vegas, Nevada, was shaken to her core and needed Tom's emotional support to bring her back. Janu's fragile state was not well received by the rest of her tribe. "She gets totally caught up in her head. Everything is always dramatic with Janu," complained Katie Gallagher, the 29-year-old advertising executive from Merced, California.

After securing a flag inside a foot locker as instructed in Tree Mail, the tribes reconvened for the Immunity Challenge. Jeff Probst explained that they would be given wood and rope and 20 minutes to construct an impenetrable fortress to protect the already-bound foot locker. After 20 minutes, the tribes would race to break into the fortress constructed by the opposing tribe and rescue their flag. The first tribe to capture their flag and hoist it up a flagpole would also capture Immunity.

The Challenge started off with a tight race into the sea as the castaways from both tribes collected their bundles of lumber. Ulong took a lead as they went to work on the fortress around the crate, while Koror was still collecting their bundles. After both tribes secured their fortresses, they switched positions and took to the task of undoing what the other tribe had worked so hard to create. It looked as though Ulong was making better progress on the footlocker than Koror. But looks can be deceiving as Koror, in a rush of glory, ripped the Ulong foot locker from its bindings and quickly opened it to free their flag. Ulong could only watch as Koror hoisted their flag into the air, and for the fifth consecutive time, seized Immunity.

With only four remaining tribe members and another trip to Tribal Council on deck, the Ulong tribe was thinning into extinction. The choice this time was whether to vote out Ibrehem, on the chopping block since his miracle Immunity, or James, who repeatedly let his tribe down in Challenges. With James and Ibrehem sure to each vote for each other, the choice came down to Bobby Jon and Stephenie.

After lying to Bobby Jon about her vote at a previous Tribal Council, Stephenie formed a quick alliance with him. "At this point of the game, I'm looking for the future. It will definitely be me and Stephenie all the way to the end," noted Bobby Jon.

In the end, Bobby Jon's plan went according to schedule as the thinning Ulong tribe voted off James in the tie-breaker vote. James became the seventh castaway voted out of SURVIVOR: PALAU.