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Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

In an episode with many twists and turns, both tribes of SURVIVOR: PALAU were forced to endure Tribal Council and two Survivors were voted out: Willard Smith, the 57-year-old lawyer from Bellevue, Washington and Angie Jakusz, the 24-year-old bartender from New Orleans, Louisiana. Undefeated in Immunity Challenges, the still-full Koror tribe used their first Tribal Council to vote out Willard in a unanimous decision. Because of his age, Willard had difficulty in Challenges and in helping around camp, so his tribe chose him to be the first member voted out. After the his torch was snuffed, Willard admitted, "I surprised myself out here by not being quite as strong as I expected to be. I think the tribe as a whole are good people, by and large."

After suffering another defeat, the depleted Ulong tribe had to endure yet another brutal Tribal Council. On the chopping block for singlehandedly losing the Reward Challenge, Ibrehem Rahman, the 27-year-old waiter from Birmingham, Alabama, received a shocking reprieve when Koror granted him Immunity in a last-minute twist of fate. With Ibrehem off the block, the remaining members of Ulong found themselves deadlocked in a tie between Angie and Bobby Jon Drinkard, the 27-year-old waiter from Troy, Alabama. After the required second vote, team Ulong finally chose to send home Angie. Shortly after Tribal Council, Angie let it be known, "It was a different and refreshing experience. All those little things in life, never going to take that for granted ever again."

Still strong with all nine original members, the Koror tribe enjoyed their string of victories and tribal unity. Enjoying it a little too much was Gregg Carey, the 28-year-old business consultant from Chicago, Illinois, and Jennifer Lyon, the 32-year-old nanny from Encino, California, who have seemed to have coupled off from the rest of the tribe. "It's very obvious. They won't admit how close they're getting, but we can all see it," remarked Coby Archa, the 32-year-old hairstylist from Athens, Texas.

After enduring a Tribal Council in which they voted off Kimberly Mullen, the 25-year-old graduate student from Huber Heights, Ohio, Ulong anticipated the oncoming storm by taking cover in a nearby cave. Wandering through the darkness, the tribe got lost and their morale plunged even lower. Frustration turned to tears as the tribe was split over whether to press on or return to camp. "After about an hour in the dark, we were all tired; our feet were killing us. And we came back to our shelter, and it poured all night," recalled Stephenie LaGrossa, the 25-year-old pharmaceutical sales rep from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

After spending the night tending the fire, Tom Westman, the 41-year-old NYC firefighter from Sayville, New York, became frustrated with tribemate Willard for ignoring his camp duties. Tom bitterly complained to Gregg about Willard's lack of work ethic and supposed strategy of letting his tribemates carry him. As Tom put it, "Because of his age, he can't contribute a lot, but he can come out here and put another log on the fire."

As the tribes convened for a Reward Challenge, host Jeff Probst explained that the two tribes would race to salvage sake bottles from a shipwreck. One player at a time would be pulled to the shipwreck on a raft by their tribemates. Once the player arrived, they must dive down to retrieve a sake bottle. The first tribe to bring back six bottles wins. But there was a double twist: both tribes would be going to Tribal Council and voting someone off that night. For ther Reward, the winning tribe would witness the other tribe's Council while enjoying stew and root beer.

The Challenge started off with a splash as Stephenie and Jennifer dove into the water, both retrieving bottles for their tribe. As the competition continued, the Survivors dove down and collected bottle after bottle until the tribes were tied at two apiece. With a slight lead, Ulong's Ibrehem had difficulty retrieving a sake bottle. While Ibrehem kept trying in vain, Koror caught up to Ulong and seized the lead. As Ibrehem returned to his tribe empty-handed, Koror held a sizeable 4-2 lead.

Ulong saw a window back into the Challenge when Koror's Ian Rosenberger, the 23-year-old dolphin trainer from Key Largo, Florida, also had trouble locating a bottle. However, it was too little too late for Ulong as Ian retrieved the sixth and final sake bottle, and brought it home to secure another victory for Koror.

Returning from the victory, Koror was in high spirits, despite having to vote someone out that evening. It was evident that most, if not all, of the Koror tribe would be voting for Willard because of his age. Already joined with Jennifer, Gregg approached Coby with the offer of a secret alliance, reasoning that the tribe was sure to lose Willard and Caryn Groedel, the 46-year-old civil rights attorney from Solon, Ohio, first. Gregg added that the strategy from there would entail him and Jennifer teaming with Coby and Janu Tornell, the 39-year-old Vegas showgirl from Las Vegas, Nevada, to pick off Koror leaders Ian and Tom. As Coby beamed, "The game is just now getting interesting."

In the end, the game did get interesting as Koror voted off Willard, as expected, in a unanimous vote. Willard was the fifth castaway to be voted out of SURVIVOR: PALAU. In a surprise move, Koror granted Immunity to Ibrehem and Angie received the three votes needed to make her the sixth castaway voted out of SURVIVOR: PALAU.