Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

On night 36, after a rain-soaked Tribal Council, Heidi Strobel, the 24-year-old P.E. teacher from Buffalo, Missouri, was voted out of the tribe with 3 votes against her. Heidi, perceived as a physical threat to the all-male alliance, campaigned to have the ailing Jenna Morasca voted out. Her attempts were futile, and she becomes the fifth member of the Jury, which will return every three nights to observe Tribal Council and eventually vote for who will win the one million dollar prize and the title of Sole Survivor. As she trekked out of Tribal Council for the last time, Heidi revealed her thoughts about the game: "What an awesome time, what an awesome adventure! I have a lot of heart and a lot of pride for making it this far into the game. I am so excited to be a part of the Jury." ( Heidi's Final Words )

Jenna & Heidi take a standJenna's had enoughAs Jenna Morasca, the 21-year-old swimsuit model from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, brushed the sleep from her eyes, she began to feel the effects of the harsh living conditions she had endured over the past 34 days. "The hardest thing about the end of this game is you are so tired all the time, and then on top of that, you have to live with people you don't trust, and that really does wear on you mentally," Jenna explained. Meanwhile, Rob Cesternino, the 24-year-old computer projects coordinator from Wantagh, New York, who had earlier betrayed Heidi and Jenna at Tribal Council, revealed his new plan to vote out Heidi. Getting wind of Rob's plan, Heidi remarked, " All I know is that I am not going without a fight."

Never enough wood!Butch Lockley, 'Wood-Crazy Nut'"I don't know what Butch's obsession with firewood is, but when Butch wakes up in the morning, the first thing he says is, 'we need to go get some firewood.' When he gets back from gathering the firewood, he says, 'I think we need to get some more wood,'" noted Rob, as Butch Lockley, the 50-year-old middle school principal from Olney, Illinois, spent the morning meticulously gathering an abundance of firewood. "I am just a wood-crazy nut, I guess," admitted Butch, as he stacked the firewood near the shelter. ( Butch on collecting wood )

Heidi's knotty problemAfter the tribe received Tree Mail, they met host Jeff Probst at the Reward location, where he explained the rules. Competing in a five-stage race, the Survivors first had to untie knots to escape a cage. Second, they must race to solve a puzzle. When the puzzle was correctly completed, they must swing on a rope across a riverbed to solve another puzzle. Once that was completed, they must race to the final stage, where they would be propelled down a flying fox pulley line to retrieve a set of keys. First person to retrieve their keys wins a new Saturn IONâ„¢, along with a barbeque with one of their tribemates.

As the Challenge began, Butch, Rob and Matthew Von Ertfelda, the 33-year-old restaurant designer from Washington, D.C., all forged an early lead as they escaped the cage. The decoder puzzle proved to be the defining point of the Challenge when Matthew took the lead and never looked back, flinging himself down the flying fox line to retrieve his keys and win the new Saturn IONâ„¢.

Rob has plans for HeidiBefore the tribe began their long paddle back to camp, Matthew selected Rob to join him on his tailgate barbeque, where they were to enjoy hot dogs, hamburgers and marinated chicken. Ironically, while Matthew and Rob lit their grill, little did they know that embers from the tribe's fire caught flame, and a devastating fire began to consume the Jacaré camp. As flames shot high into the air, the fire singed everything in its path, including all of the Survivors' clothes and personal belongings.

As the fire subsided, Butch, Heidi and Jenna returned to camp in shock, realizing their camp had burned to the ground. "All of our stuff is gone. Everything we have is gone," observed a somber Butch. As they sifted through the charred ashes, Heidi found her personal bag untouched by the flames and admitted, "I totally felt guilty having been the only person to have their backpack not burned." Having gathered the abundance of firewood earlier in the day and placed it all around the fire pit, Butch wondered if the accident could have been avoided: "The first thing that came to my mind was, God, could this have been my fault? We will never know, but it sure was disappointing."

Rob mans the grillAfter gorging themselves at the tailgate barbeque, Matthew and Rob returned to camp to find that their belongings had been destroyed in the fire as well. "I am not big on conspiracy theories, but with about 137 days' worth of dry wood collected, our camp burnt to the ground. Was there a connection? I am not one to point fingers"¦Butch," Rob remarked.

Matthew pitches inRaising high the roof beamWith much work needed to rebuild their shelter, the men set out to reconstruct the camp while Jenna and Heidi sat by without lending a hand. "We are not doing any work for them. If they are going to vote us out, why would we want to help make their lives easier out here?" pondered a frustrated Jenna. Unhappy with Jenna's and Heidi's refusal to help, Matthew warned, "If I were Jenna or Heidi, I would work real hard and help out in camp and convince people that I shouldn't be the first to go. They are just digging a deeper grave for themselves as far as I am concerned."

Springing into action!After Jeff took back the charred Immunity Necklace, he explained the rules of the Challenge. Competing on a rope course, the Survivors had to negotiate their way through different obstacles to retrieve five feathers. First person to successfully gather their feathers from all five of the individual rope obstacles would win. As the competition began, the Survivors hurried carefully along the course while gathering their feathers. Once again, Matthew proved his physical dominance over his tribemates as he raced to an early lead, which he never relinquished. Matthew's victory would keep him safe from the vote at the night's Tribal Council, along with a guaranteed one-in-four chance at the million-dollar prize. ( More action at the Immunity Challenge )

Tribal CouncilAs the pressure of the game increased along with the unrelenting hardship caused by the harsh elements in the Amazon jungle, Jenna broke down in tears, wanting out of the game. "I can't do this anymore. I feel like crap. I hate every minute of being here. There are so many more things that are important to me right now, and I can't even walk." Recognizing her own vulnerable position in the game, Heidi attempted to take advantage of Jenna's collapse as she campaigned to have Jenna voted out. "Jenna is genuinely concerned about her health. She should go tonight; she won't make it," Heidi explained to Rob.

In the end, Heidi Strobel's persistent powers of persuasion weren't enough to change the minds of Rob, Butch or Matthew as they voted her out of the tribe. Heidi becomes the fifth member of the Jury and twelfth person to be voted out of SURVIVOR: THE AMAZON.