Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

On night 33, after a tension-packed Tribal Council, Christy Smith, the 24-year-old adventure guide for the deaf from Basalt, Colorado, had her Cinderella experience cut short as she was voted out of the tribe 4-2. Christy's earlier indecision led to her downfall, as she couldn't commit to either alliance after the crafty Rob Cesternino led the assault against her. Christy becomes the eleventh person voted out of SURVIVOR: THE AMAZON and the fourth member of the Jury that will return every three nights to observe Tribal Council and eventually vote for the Sole Survivor. Believing that she had been in a position of power, Christy was shocked by the outcome of the vote as she left Tribal Council. "I didn't deserve to get voted out," she said, teary-eyed, "I am going to make sure that those freakin' evil stepsisters of mine are not going to win the million dollars." ( Christy's Final Words )

Rob CesterninoTeamworkRetuning from the earlier Tribal Council in which Alex Bell was voted out of the tribe, Heidi Strobel, the 24-year-old P.E. teacher from Buffalo, Missouri, and Jenna Morasca, the 21-year-old swimsuit model from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania became outraged at Rob's decision to break their alliance. "At Tribal Council, when I heard the vote I almost passed out. I've never felt more betrayed in my life. Rob screwed the alliance," explained Jenna. Rob Cesternino, the 24-year-old computer projects coordinator from Wantagh, New York, pled his case to the girls, trying to explain why he turned against them. "I am sorry that I hurt you guys, but it's time to evaluate what you are willing to do to win this game." ( Heidi on Rob's deceit )

Christy & her 'evil stepsisters'On day 31, while the men set out to rebuild and secure their shelter, Jenna and Heidi, with their backs to the wall, approached Christy in hopes of potentially swaying her vote. "I know Christy is the wild card, so if we can get her to vote off one of the guys instead of me or Jenna, then we have a better chance of making it to the end," explained Heidi. Christy, unwilling to believe the girls' sincerity, stated, "I know Jenna and Heidi are kissing my butt because they want something from me, but I have the power."

After receiving Tree Mail, the tribe met host Jeff Probst at the Reward location, where he explained the rules. First, the six Survivors had to race in the sand to uncover four paddles. The two who didn't find paddles would be eliminated from the Challenge. Once the paddles were uncovered, the four left had to race in a canoe out to a floating box, where they would find a survival-related question and an assortment of bags filled with puzzle pieces. They must match the correct answer to the corresponding colored bag, then paddle back to shore, where they would open their bag. If they had chosen the correct bag, they would find the correct puzzle pieces that would, when fit together, form the shape of a snake. A wrong answer at the box would give them a bag stuffed with blacked-out puzzle pieces. A wrong answer would force them to paddle back to the box and retrieve another bag. First person to have solved the puzzle would win the Reward: a visit from a loved one back home.

Matthew aims to winMatthew & MomAs the Challenge began, Heidi and Butch Lockley, the 50-year-old middle school principal from Olney, Illinois were immediately eliminated because they couldn't find the paddles. Matthew Von Ertfelda, the 33-year-old restaurant designer from Washington, DC, used his command of the canoe to his advantage as he took an early lead while the others struggled. Rob soon retrieved the correct bag of puzzle pieces, raced back to shore and competed against Matthew to complete the puzzle. However, Matthew's early lead gave him the time advantage he needed to solve the puzzle first and win the Reward Challenge.

In a yet another twist to the game, host Jeff Probst offered Matthew a proposition: "If you are willing to give up your visit from your mother, I will make sure that your five other tribemates will all get a visit from their loved ones." In an apparently selfless act, Matthew sacrificed the good of the individual for the good of the group and allowed his tribe to embrace their loved ones as they came running out from around the corner. After allowing the friends and family members a chance to talk with the teary-eyed Survivors, they were soon sent away. However, not wanting Matthew's noble act to go unrewarded, Jeff surprised the group again when Matthew's mother arrived on her own boat. "You and your mom will have a night together at an Amazonian tribal village," Jeff explained.

Tearful reunions
Arriving at the village, Matthew and his mother found a delicious banquet awaiting them. As they ate dinner and reminisced, they were greeted by the locals and were given an Amazonian tribal dance show. "It was a great way to end the evening. It was an incredible experience for both of us," Matthew remarked.

After seeing their loved ones, and with spirits lifted and emotions running high, the tribe returned to camp drunk from wine. Using the joyous moment to his advantage, Rob took the opportunity to make amends with Jenna and Heidi. "I really used last night as an opportunity to kiss and make up with the girls because I knew that they hated my guts. I wanted them to remember all the fun we had and not just the bad things," Rob explained.

Matthew's gracious act at the Reward Challenge led Rob to believe that Matthew was now more of a threat than an ally. He approached Jenna with a new plan, which would involve taking her with him to the Final Two. "I have a better chance of winning against you than I do against Matthew," he explained. Rob's plan set Jenna into a frenzy as the two clashed over morals. "This is where I draw the line," Jenna admonished, "You are lying to everybody, and you don't care about personal relationships. All you care about is yourself." Later, she told the entire tribe of his shifting plans

The tribe arrived at the important Immunity Challenge, where Jeff explained the rules. In a two-stage Challenge, the tribe would have to use a slingshot to crack open plates that had shuffleboard pucks inside them. The goal was to crack open as many plates as possible out of ten attempts and collect the pucks. Second, they would have to slide their pucks on a large shuffleboard, aiming for an X at the other end of the playing field. The number of plates they had previously broken would determine the number of chances to hit the X. The person whose puck landed closest to the X would win.

Immunity Challenge: ShootAs the Challenge began, the Survivors took aim on their plates and launched the slingshots. Jenna, Butch and Heidi broke the most plates, giving them five pucks as the tribe headed toward the shuffleboard. Jenna proved that having more chances at the shuffleboard was of the utmost importance. As the others ran out of pucks, she used her last puck to help glide her way to victory, earning her the coveted Immunity Necklace.

Returning to camp after the Immunity Challenge, an insecure Rob approached Christy in hopes of assuring her vote against Heidi. "You know, Rob, I don't know what I am going to do," she responded, "My decision is still up in the air." Christy's threat of defecting toward the Jenna and Heidi alliance caused Rob to attempt the unthinkable: realigning himself with Heidi and Jenna to vote off Christy. "Let's make this easy on everybody and just off Christy tonight," Rob pleaded to Heidi.

In the end, Christy Smith was voted out of the Jacaré tribe. Christy becomes the fourth member of the Jury and will eventually cast a vote to help decide who will be the Sole Survivor.