Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

In a shocking Tribal Council on night 30, Alex Bell, the confident 32-year-old triathlon trainer from Los Angeles, was voted out of the tribe with four votes against him. Alex met his demise after Rob Cesternino, the 24-year-old computer projects coordinator from Wantagh, New York, switched his allegiance and conspired to vote Alex out of the tribe. Alex becomes the third member of the Jury that will return every three days to observe Tribal Council and will ultimately vote for who will win the million-dollar prize and the title of Sole Survivor. Upon leaving Tribal Council, Alex delivered his Final Words: "Wow, you guys got me. I don't know who on my alliance flipped on me, but I think it was Rob. I played the game as best as I could." ( Alex's Final Words )

Troubled allianceMatthew does his choresWith their solid alliance intact, Heidi, Jenna, Alex and Rob awoke on day 28 with renewed confidence in the game. While Butch and Matthew were out fishing, Rob remarked, "One of those guys are going to get fired if they don't catch fish. They are falling behind on chores around here as well." Secure as the dominant voting block, the four eased through the day without doing any of the much-needed work around camp. Aggravated by their poor work ethic and intolerable behavior, Matthew Von Ertfelda, the 33-year-old restaurant designer from Washington, DC, complained, " I find their behavior to be incomprehensible."

Despite her assumedly secure position in the game, Jenna Morasca, the 21-year-old swimsuit model from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, began feeling the pain of being away from home for nearly a month. "I think about my family often, but it helps to have a core group of people here to help take your mind off of your family."

The Survivors received Tree Mail and fond that each of them had been given $500 in cash. Soon, they met host Jeff Probst, who he explained the rules of the Challenge, which was a food auction. Offered a limited number of food items, each Survivor would have to outbid the others to buy a selected item. Highest bidder would win the item.

As bidding began, the first item on the block was a piece of cheesecake, which Heidi Strobel, the 24-year-old P.E. teacher from Buffalo, Missouri, won with a bid of $120. The auction continued as each hungry Survivor outbid the next for various delicacies, including peanut butter and chocolate. Alex dropped a sizeable chunk of change on a mystery item, which turned out to be manioc flour. He bounced back, however, when he bid on and won a steak dinner.

In yet another twist to the game, Jeff surprised the tribe with the next item up for bids: letters from home. As tears welled up in their eyes, the homesick Survivors began bidding. Christy Smith, the 24-year-old children adventure guide from Basalt, Colorado, outbid Jenna, winning her letter from home. Next, Jeff surprised the tribe again as he auctioned another letter. Jenna got her wish, as her tribe allowed her to outbid everyone, and received her letter from home.

As the tribe returned to camp with stomachs full, Jenna expressed the opinion that Christy shouldn't have outbid her for the letter, knowing that Jenna's mother has been ill. As Christy set off to read her letter from home in private, Matthew had a different perspective: "My feeling was that Christy deserved the letter. She has had a really bumpy ride, and the letter would really raise her spirits. I think that Jenna was being selfish."As a tearful Christy read the letter from her best friend back home, she explained the impact of true friendship, "Maybe I can't trust anyone out here, but I can definitely trust people at home."

As morning came on day 29, Alex approached Rob with a shocking revelation. "If we are in the final four," he pointed out calmly, "Heidi and Jenna will never vote for each other, so the way I see it, my vote would definitely go towards you."

Believing that Alex revealed his cards too soon, Rob approached Matthew, assuring him, "This is going to be the most important conversation we have ever had in this entire game." Rob had concocted a new strategy, but to make it work, he needed Matthew to understand how and why he had reached this new point. To accomplish this, Rob would have to admit some uncomfortable truths about his relationship with Matthew. Rob revealed that he had heretofore been stringing Matthew along, pretending to be his ally when, in truth, his real alliance was with Alex, Heidi and Jenna, who planned eventually to vote Matthew out. After exposing his alliance's plan to make it to the final four, Rob proposed his new strategy to Matthew: "Me, you, Butch and Christy now need to get rid of Alex at the next Tribal Council." Matthew readily agreed, adding, "I will give you my only word that I will ever give in this game."

The Survivors received Tree Mail, along with a questionnaire regarding their tribemates, and were instructed to answer each question privately, as the answers were to be used at the upcoming Immunity Challenge. After answering the questions, the tribe met Jeff, who explained the rules of the Immunity Challenge. Using the questions previously given to them, the castaways had to guess the most common answer among the tribe to each question posed. Each question's answer would be the name of one of the tribe members. First person to answer five questions correctly would win.

The Challenge began with Butch, Rob and Jenna taking an early lead. The Survivor voted most honest was Matthew. Matthew correctly guessed himself when asked which tribe member needed therapy the most. As the Challenge progressed, the final question came down to Matthew and Rob, who each had four points. The final question asked the tribe whom they had the biggest crush on. Rob answered "Heidi" correctly and won the Challenge, keeping himself safe from the upcoming Tribal Council vote.

With the Tribal Council looming that night, Alex was unaware of Rob's plot against him. "We are going to Tribal Council tonight and Jenna, Heidi, Rob and I have decided that Matthew is way too big of a physical threat," he explained. Preparing for Tribal Council, Rob struggled over whether to follow through with his plan of voting Alex out "I am turning my back on three people that potentially will be on the Jury," he mused, "Three people that are definitely not going to vote for me if I am in the Final Two."

In the end, Alex Bell was ousted from the Jacaré tribe with four votes against him. Alex is the third member of the Jury that will return every three days to observe Tribal Council and will eventually vote for the Sole Survivor.