Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

On night 27, Deena Bennett, the 35-year-old deputy district attorney from Riverside, California was voted out of the tribe in a 6-2 vote. Deena's demise was due to her Machiavellian approach to the game, as she challenged a sound alliance in hopes of voting out the physically threatening Alex Bell. Deena becomes the second member of the Jury that will return every three days to observe Tribal Council and eventually vote for the Sole Survivor. Upon having her torch extinguished, Deena submitted her Final Words: "They saw me as a threat, and I wanted to change the face of the game and vote out the people that were the strongest so that we could finish out until the end. Relationships grow and there are attachments. I got nixed." ( Deena's Final Words )

Jacaré's youth"Every morning I give Matt a debriefing of wild goose chases I want him to work on for the day just to keep his mind busy so he doesn't have a chance to figure out what's really going on," explained Rob Cesternino, the 24-year-old computer projects coordinator from Wantagh, New York, as he created his daily ruse for the unsuspecting Matthew Von Ertfelda, the 33-year-old restaurant designer from Washington, DC. Soon after, Matthew approached Butch to inform him about what he thought was the tribe's secret voting plan. "I am Butch's link to what's happening. I told him I will decide when we speak and I will initiate all communication. I am his lifeline out here," the unwitting Matthew explained.

A big handThe tribe received Tree Mail, along with blow darts, spears, and bow and arrows, and was instructed to practice for the upcoming Reward Challenge. After a short time with the indigenous weapons, Matt proved to be the most skilled of the group. However, not wanting to appear too physically threatening to the other tribe members, he toyed with the idea of throwing the Challenge.

Rob blows a dartThe tribe met Host Jeff Probst, who explained the rules of the Reward Challenge. The tribe would compete in a three-stage elimination Challenge using indigenous Amazonian weapons. First, a blow dart contest in which the top four Survivors to come closest to the bull's eye on a target would move on to the second round, a spear throwing contest. The two Survivors who came closest to the bull's eye would move on to the final round, where they would shoot a bow and arrow. The person hitting closest to the center of the target would win the Reward: a day at the Amazon Coffee Bar.

As the Challenge began, Matthew proved his proficiency as his blow dart landed a bull's eye. Moving on with him to the second round were Deena, Alex Bell, the 32-year-old triathlon trainer from Los Angeles, and Butch Lockley, the 50-year-old middle school principal from Olney, Illinois. In the spear-throwing portion of the Challenge, Matthew once again landed a bull's eye. Alex came in a close second, propelling both of them into the final round. In the final round, Alex out-shot Matthew with the bow and arrow, relishing his victory. Before sending Alex on his way to the coffee bar, Jeff allowed him to choose a tribemate to join him in the delicious experience. On the spot, Alex chose Jenna Morasca, the 21-year-old swimsuit model from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

While Alex and Jenna bonded over iced coffee, cookies and pastries, little did they know that back at camp Deena was busy plotting against Alex. "Alex clearly came out as a dominant individual, and that frightened me," she remarked. Concerned about the threat posed by Alex's physical strength and popularity in the group, Deena proposed to the surprised group "that if Matthew wins Immunity, Alex must go."

When Jenna and Alex finally returned to camp, wired on caffeine, they wisely brought with them a surprise for the group: two chocolate cookies for each tribe member to enjoy.

As the tribe enjoyed the cookies back at camp, Matthew and Butch set out in the boat in hopes of catching fish. After a few futile attempts without a bite, Butch reeled in more than he bargained for: a piranha. As he unhooked the fish and brought it into the boat, the razor sharp teeth of the piranha sunk into Butch's finger. "Yeah, he nailed me. He got me pretty good," Butch lamented.

"Alex and Jenna were my original alliance, and I'm not going to turn my back on them, so I told Jenna about Deena's plan to vote out Alex," explained Heidi Strobel, the 24-year-old P.E. teacher from Buffalo, Missouri, as she pulled Jenna aside. Armed with this new information, Jenna then approached Alex to reveal Deena's plot to oust him at the next Tribal Council. Playing both sides of the fence, Rob put the delicate situation into perspective: "Things have really gotten interesting here at Jacaré. Deena and Alex both think they are calling the shots in this game."

While sleeping outside, exposed to the elements of the Amazon jungle, Heidi was soon reminded that the game of SURVIVOR is very real as a spider crawled up her leg and bit her knee. As her knee swelled, she uttered, "It just won't even bend now. It was such a sharp pain. I can't even touch my knee without extreme pain."

The tribe reconvened with Jeff Probst, who explained the rules of the Immunity Challenge. The tribe would compete in a four-round elimination race to eat native Amazonian delicacies.

Rob gulps it downAs the Challenge began, Jeff presented the first plate of food: Amazonian grasshoppers. The first six Survivors to eat the insect would move on to the second round. Matthew finished first, while the others struggled and even gagged. Deena, Alex, Rob, Butch and Christy joined Matthew in the second round, which found the Survivors in a race to down ten live coconut worms. Once again, Matthew proved impervious to the squirming worms as he downed all ten without hesitation. Deena, Alex, and Christy joined Matt in round three, where the first two Survivors to finish five beetles would move on to the final round.

The final round pitted Deena against Matthew. Their Challenge was to be the first person to finish a live beetle larva found in trunks of dead trees. With unwavering confidence, Matthew swallowed the larva whole, as Deena chose not to eat. The win gave Matthew the invaluable Immunity Necklace, which kept him safe from the upcoming night's vote. ( Alex on Deena's position )

Back at camp, Deena approached Jenna in hopes of convincing her to oust Alex at the night's Tribal Council, unaware that Heidi had already told Jenna about the plot. "Deena stabbed us all in the back, and I am so incredibly shocked, and I can't ever forgive her for that," Jenna explained.

In the end, Deena's plotting led to her downfall, and she became the ninth person voted out of SURVIVOR: THE AMAZON. Deena will return every three nights as the second member of the Jury, which will observe Tribal Council and will eventually vote for the Sole Survivor.