Season 25: Episode 13 - "Gouge My Eyes Out"
Posted on Dec 13, 2012 12:00am

On night 33, the Dangrayne tribe returns from Tribal Council after just voting out Carter. Michael, Lisa, Malcolm, Denise and Abi-Maria are all thrilled to be the final five remaining in the game. Abi thanks everyone for not voting her out. She reveals, "I bluffed with my fantasy hidden immunity idol. I don't know if they buy it or not, but I'm going to try to pull it off at next Tribal again and see how it goes." Lisa and Michael discuss how hard it was voting out Carter because he is so nice and sincere. Lisa comments, "This game is not fair, but if I had a choice to bring somebody that was worthy of being there or somebody I could beat, I would bring somebody I could beat." Malcolm was surprised and concerned to hear Lisa admit at Tribal Council that she wants to take someone to the end that she can beat. He comments, "Her head's in the game. She tipped it off and it makes her dangerous going forward."

The next morning, Abi announces to everyone that she is leaving camp to get some water. After she disappears, Michael and Malcolm joke about the fact that she is trying to get them to believe that she is going to hide her hidden immunity idol after not using it at last night's Tribal Council. Malcolm comments, "She's keeping the act going around camp like she still has one, but the threat was so high on her last night to go home and she was so relieved to find out that she didn't, that there's no way she would have held onto it in her bag." Abi knows that Malcolm is safe from the next vote because he has a hidden immunity idol. She reveals, "I need to make sure that the alliance that Denise and Malcolm have is destroyed, because they are very dangerous together." Since Malcolm is safe, Abi plans on going after Denise. So, Abi tries to get Lisa to support her plan by warning Lisa that she is at the bottom of the alliance of four. Lisa listens to Abi, but admits, "I don't believe Abi for a second, but I need Abi close whether we keep her or she goes to the jury." If Abi stays, Lisa contemplates taking her to the end because no one would vote for her. If Abi is voted out and goes to the jury, Lisa would like Abi's vote. Lisa is just happy to have options at this point in the game. She boasts, "I do believe I'm taking control of my destiny, but part of taking control of my destiny is waiting until the right time to make my big move."

Later that day, the Dangrayne tribe arrives at the challenge and Jeff Probst, the host, explains the rules to win reward. Each SURVIVOR will race up and over a slide and then race into the ocean where they will untie a bundle of rings and then race back. Once they have collected both bundles of rings, they must toss them and attempt to land one on each of the five pegs. The first to get it right wins reward. The winning SURVIVOR will take a helicopter ride and later board a boat where they can enjoy pizza and soft drinks. In addition, they will get to watch whale sharks. The winner gets to choose two people to join them on this reward. Michael and Malcolm are the first back to the mat with their first bundles of rings. Denise and Abi are a close third and fourth, while Lisa struggles to get her first bundle of rings untied. Michael and Malcolm continue to lead after retrieving their second bundles of rings. Denise, Abi and Lisa finally get their second bundles and start tossing them towards the pegs but not before Michael has already landed three rings on his pegs. Malcolm has one ring landed. Just as he scores his second ring, Michael scores his fourth ring leaving him with only one more to land. Denise and Lisa finally score one ring each. Malcolm scores his third and fourth ring, so he too needs to land only one more. It's a face off between Michael and Malcolm until Michael lands his fifth and final ring giving him the victory. Michael remembers that the last time he was in a helicopter he was being evacuated from SURVIVOR: THE AUSTRALIAN OUTBACK. Jeff assures him that this trip will be more fun. Michael chooses Malcolm to go on the reward, paying him back for choosing him and his son to participate in the loved one's reward. Michael then chooses his strongest ally Lisa as the third and final person to go on the reward. Denise and Abi are not selected and this upsets Abi. She says, "I guess my vote doesn't mean anything." Michael, Malcolm and Lisa then board the helicopter to start their trip.

While the others are on reward, Denise and Abi are back at camp. Abi is not happy about missing out on the reward and feels left out of all the alliances. She's especially disgruntled about being stuck back at camp alone with Denise. Abi comments, "Denise is like a horrible person. It's not a fun day." Denise is trying to stay positive, but she is also not happy about being left with Abi. She reveals, "It's like the first date with the kid who like pulled your hair all the time in kindergarten." Abi complains to Denise about not being chosen for the reward. She feels that Michael was wrong not to pick her because she is a swing vote and she has a hidden immunity idol. Denise politely listens to Abi. She admits, "I'm just trying to get through the afternoon and make it as tolerable as it can be."

Michael, Malcolm and Lisa are now on the boat enjoying pizza, cookies and soda. Michael is especially enjoying the soda, which he has not had for over thirty years. Malcolm comments, "Michael Skupin doesn't eat sugar in real life. He over ate on sugar and he acted like a drunk chick at a bar." Michael feeds Lisa a cookie from a swim fin. Then he climbs a mast and acts as a look out for whale sharks. Malcolm is amazed at how much fun Michael can be since he hasn't seen this side of him before in the game. The crew on the boat spots a whale shark in the water. Malcolm, Michael and Lisa jump in with fins, snorkels and masks to get a close up visit. Malcolm and Michael swim next to the massive fish and actually touch it. Lisa swims close but keeps a safe distance away. Malcolm reveals, "To see something that huge and to be around something that powerful was awe inspiring." Michael swims so close to the fish that he ends up swimming headfirst right into it. The fish then swims away. Malcolm admits, "In the midst of all this excitement I have a game to play." He takes advantage of being alone with Michael and Lisa and suggests that they vote out Denise next. Even though she has been his closest ally, Malcolm feels that none of them can win against Denise if she makes it to the end because she is hardworking, nice and has survived every Tribal Council. Malcolm comments, "My best chance to get to the final three and to win a final three is going to be next to Lisa and Skupin." Michael likes the idea of cementing a final three with Malcolm. He feels that Malcolm has the best chance of winning the immunity challenges. Michael admits, "If he wins, he has more power in who gets to come to the final three." Lisa also likes the security that a guaranteed final three provides. Malcolm, Michael and Lisa agree to take each other to the final three. As they celebrate, Lisa reveals, "If it's the best way for me to go, then great I've made a deal. And if it's not, then I can make another deal."

The next morning, Denise wakes up in extreme pain. She explains, "This morning when I got up and as soon as I moved, there's sharp incredible stinging. It's like my whole neck was on fire." She has fang marks in her neck and thinks that she may have been bitten by something like a snake, lizard, scorpion or tarantula, since they have all been seen around camp. While fighting back tears, she says, "I'm trying to tell myself to suck it up because you have three days left." Denise hopes that it is nothing serious and she will be able to continue in the game. Lisa, Michael, Malcolm and Abi gather around her for support. Lisa and Michael say prayers asking for her quick recovery. Abi feels bad for Denise, but she is also hopeful that Denise will not win immunity at the next challenge. Abi reveals, "I came here not to be feeling bad for other people. I came here to win a million dollars."

The Dangrayne tribe arrives on their mat. Jeff explains the rules of the immunity challenge. They will each use planks to cross a rope bridge collecting pieces to a maze along the way. Once across the bridge, they will assemble the maze and use a ball to complete it. The first person to finish wins immunity and has a one in four chance at winning the million dollars. One of the others will be voted out tonight at Tribal Council. Michael, Lisa, Malcolm, and Abi all make good progress on the rope bridge gathering maze pieces. After Malcolm collects his second and final piece, he loses his balance and falls from the rope bridge. So he must go all the way back to the start, which puts him far behind. Skupin and Denise get across the rope bridge first and start assembling their mazes. Lisa and Abi are next across, while Malcolm is still making his way across the bridge again. Denise takes the lead in assembling her puzzle. Skupin has a hard time with it, and Abi and Lisa do their best. Malcolm finally gets across the rope bridge and starts putting his together too. Denise completes her maze, but one piece doesn't quite fit. Meanwhile, Malcolm is quickly solving his maze and catches up to Denise. Lisa, Skupin and Abi are falling behind. While Denise is still struggling to find the perfect fit for her pieces, Malcolm finishes his maze and puts the ball inside to get it to the finish point. In the end, Malcolm has an amazing comeback and wins immunity. Malcolm has a lot of power with both an immunity idol and a hidden immunity idol. Denise is relieved that Abi did not win immunity. She reveals, "Tonight is a slam dunk. There is no other name I will be writing down other than Abi's and the torture of dealing with her will be done."

Back at camp, Abi is disappointed that she didn't win the immunity challenge. She reveals, "I need Skupin and Lisa to vote with me against Denise." Abi first tries to get Michael's support. She tells him that he and Lisa have no chance of winning against Denise and Malcolm, but they would be able to beat her in the end. Michael agrees with Abi but tells her that he needs to talk it over with Lisa. He finds Abi difficult to live with, but he admits, "Hanging out with Abi for the next three days would definitely be worth a million dollars." So Michael tells Lisa about his conversation. Lisa likes the idea of going to the final three with Abi instead of Malcolm or Denise. Meanwhile, Malcolm and Denise are talking down at the beach. Denise asks Malcolm if he would consider giving his hidden immunity idol away tonight since he won the regular one. Malcolm assures her that they are all voting for Abi tonight, so she has nothing to worry about. He reveals, "I really have no intention of giving Denise the idol. There's no reason to. She's safe." Michael and Lisa are still talking back at camp. Michael points out that if Malcolm wins immunity at the final four, then they are not guaranteed to go to the final three. Lisa admits, "We need all available manpower to defeat Malcolm at the final immunity challenge and Abi's not a scary opponent. So, we may need Denise in there to knock Malcolm out of there." Lisa is basing her vote tonight on what will give her the best chance to get the end. She hopes to make the right decision.

At the start of Tribal Council, Abi admits that she is vulnerable tonight. Not wanting to go out quietly, she says, "I am the best person to take it to the end with them because everyone here can beat me." Abi recommends that everyone vote out Denise tonight because they cannot beat her in the end. She goes on to say that Lisa and Skupin will not win the game, but Malcolm or Denise will. As Michael tries to respond, Abi calls him an idiot and a moron. Lisa admits that she would rather take someone to the end that she could beat. Malcolm warns the others that Abi could possibly win if she makes it to the end. The Dangrayne tribe then votes. No hidden immunity idols are played. Jeff reveals four votes -- one for Denise and three for Abi. Abi-Maria Gomes, the 32 year-old business student from Los Angeles, CA, becomes the fourteenth person to leave SURVIVOR: PHILIPPINES.