Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

On night 18, after a heartbreaking Tribal Council, Shawna Mitchell, the 24-year-old retail sales woman from Redwood City, California, was voted out of the Jaburu tribe in a 4-2 vote. Shawna's energy peaked with the arrival of the men at camp. However, her romantic interest in Alex Bell, the 32-year-old triathlon trainer from Los Angeles, California, wasn't enough to save her, and she became the sixth person voted out of SURVIVOR: THE AMAZON. As her torch was extinguished, Shawna looked back on her time spent in the Amazon: "I went through so much in this brief amount of time here. I don't think I have had a bigger crash course on life."

Returning to camp after Tribal Council, where Jeanne Hebert had been voted out of the tribe, Tambaqui discussed the reasoning behind the vote. "We have to go forward, and there is no guarantee that there is going to be a merger, so we have to now work together as a team," noted Roger Sexton, the 56-year-old vice president of estimating from Valencia, California. Afraid of being voted out, Christy Smith, the 24-year-old adventure guide from Basalt, Colorado, thanked her tribe for respecting the qualities that have kept her in the game.

After brushing his teeth for the first time in sixteen days, a refreshed Matthew Von Ertfelda, the 33-year-old restaurant designer from Washington, DC, explained why he felt grateful for the tribal switch. "Coming over here was a huge change for the better," he admitted, "I felt like my head was on the chopping block while I was at Tambaqui."

Alex was grateful for different reasons, as Shawna stroked his hair. "There may be romance in the air," said Shawna, "I am definitely a huge flirt. It feels great…Alex and I enjoy taking care of each other out here. The two of us instantly clicked. I want to get to know him better. He is an incredible person."

After receiving Tree Mail, both tribes met host Jeff Probst at the Reward Challenge, where he explained the rules. Competing two at a time, the Survivors would balance on a revolving log over a mud pit. The person to stay on the log longer than their competitor would win a point for their team. First team to earn five points would win the reward: spices to flavor up their bland food, and a bowl of fruit.

Matthew in actionAfter being paired off randomly, one against another of the same sex, the Challenge began. Matthew earned the first point for Jaburu as Roger plunged into the mud pit first. As the Challenge continued, the tribes found themselves tied at four points. The final round came down to former tribemates squaring off: Christy from Tambaqui against Jaburu's Jenna, the 21-year-old swimsuit model from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Christy outlasted Jenna, who slipped from the wheel first. She fell into the pool of mud giving Tambaqui the victory.

After losing the Reward Challenge, Jaburu headed to the river to wash their sorrows away by taking a bath. Using their sexuality to their advantage, the bikini-clad women of Jaburu scrubbed the men's backs. Alex enjoyed the moment: "The best part of the bath was having Shawna scrub my back. I was in heaven." As the communal bath continued, Jenna observed, "If the bikini helps me go farther in the game, I will wear it. I am sure it was good eye candy for the guys."

Returning to camp, Tambaqui enjoyed the fruits of their labor as Butch Lockley, the 50-year-old middle school principal from Olney, Illinois, took a moment to share a revelation: "In my lifetime there are five defining moments. I now have two more. Yesterday, when Christy realized that we kept her for her talent and ability, the smile that came across her face was unbelievable." Turning to Christy, Butch continued, "Then, today, when you helped win that Challenge, I saw that you truly knew that you were one of us. I will never forget your face. You do not have a disability." Appreciating Butch's sentiment, Christy responded, "I strive my whole life trying to prove that very point to people and show people that there is nothing wrong with me."

Her authority in the tribe having diminished with the arrival of the men, Deena Bennett, the 35-year-old deputy district attorney from Riverside, California, realized the need for a strategic move. While gathering water, she approached Rob Cesternino, the 24-year-old computer projects coordinator from Wantagh, New York, in hopes of creating a new voting block. "Deena is as hungry as I am, and she is the kind of person that no one would suspect that I have anything in common with," said Rob. After solidifying their new allegiance, the two headed back to camp to rejoin their unsuspecting tribemates.

While fishing together, Rob also aligned himself with Matthew in hopes of creating an even stronger voting block. Matthew was oblivious to Rob's true intentions, and Rob commented, "Matthew has no idea that he is being played by myself. The guy is a complete idiot and has no concept of what's going on in this game."

As night fell, the flirting continued at the Jaburu camp, with the attention aimed squarely at Shawna. One at a time, Alex, Matthew and Rob explained in detail where they would take Shawna for a fantasy date. It was Rob who won the hearts of the women as he described his romantic New York City rendezvous. "Rob, that was the most incredible date ever. You win!" Shawna exclaimed.

Both tribes reconvened at the Immunity Challenge, where Jeff Probst explained the rules. Each tribe would be given a huge slab of cooked meat on a hook. With their hands tied behind their backs, they had to tear off as much meat as possible with their mouths and place it onto a scale. The tribe that had gathered in ten minutes the most meat in their basket, measured by weight, would win Immunity.

The Challenge began with a piranha-like frenzy as each Survivor attacked the meat with their mouth, then transferred it to the scale. The lead changed throughout the Challenge as both tribes competed fiercely. Heidi tore off an enormous slab of meat and rushed the massive, dangling slab over to the scale. Some dropped pieces on the ground, others transferred pieces to other tribe members using only their mouths! It was neck-and-neck until the final seconds, when Tambaqui tore off a huge slab of meat, putting them ahead at a crucial moment, and bringing them victory. The win would send the Jaburu tribe to the dreaded Tribal Council, where they would have to vote one of their own out of the tribe.

With the impending Tribal Council looming in the night, the Jaburu tribe discussed the upcoming vote. After Alex and Shawna revealed that their votes would be cast against Matthew, Rob contemplated his next move. "Matt or Shawna could get the boot tonight. I finally get Matt eating out of the palm of my hand, and they want to vote him off!"

In the end, Shawna Mitchell, the 23-year-old retail saleswoman from Redwood City, California, was expelled at Tribal Council. Shawna becomes the sixth person voted out of SURVIVOR: THE AMAZON.