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Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

On night 36, after a dynamic Tribal Council, Ted Rogers, the 37-year-old software developer from Durham, North Carolina, was voted out of the Chuay Jai tribe. Perceived as a mental and physical threat, Ted was ousted in a 4-1 vote. Ted, a member of the original Chuay Gahn tribe, will join the Jury that will ultimately vote for who will win the million dollar prize and the title of Sole Survivor.

After having his torch extinguished, Ted left the island in good spirits as he noted, "This has been a long, wonderful trip. I was truly blessed to make it this far."

With the five remaining members of Chuay Jai all from the original Chuay Gahn tribe, Helen Glover put the game into perspective: "We are the Chuay Gahn tribe who started out as the joke team of SURVIVOR, as the old people. But you know what? We never lost focus and we never gave up. Now that Jake left, the game is on and we have to vote each other out. The game is on full speed ahead."

Confident with his position in the tribe, an enlightened Brian Heidik explained his knack for the game, "You have to skate to survive now, and Mr. Freeze is in the house, and even though its 110 degrees out here, I have my skates on."

Later, the tribe received a special Tree Mail, which accompanied a full-length mirror and pictures of themselves taken just before the game started. As the tribe took turns looking at their now-wiry frames in the mirror, they gazed in astonishment. After living off the land, and consuming just enough food to get by, a once stout Ted Rogers added, "Seeing myself in the mirror that scrawny, I didn't know who I was. It's like two totally different people."

While the men crowded around the mirror in awe of their new bodies, Jan Gentry explained, "The women could barely see themselves because the men took over the mirror. That was pathetic. They were admiring themselves."

Checking themselves out A CRUMBLING ALLIANCE?
While retrieving Tree Mail, Ted asked Brian if their alliance was still intact. Brian, not wanting to reveal his cards, ambiguously acknowledged their once-solid bond. Wary of Brian's intentions, Ted explained his uncertainty, "Brian saying everything is business and not to take anything personal sent a signal to me that he is wavering in our alliance."

After receiving Tree Mail, the tribe headed out for the final Reward Challenge, where they were greeted by host Jeff Probst, who was driving a new Chevy Trailblazer. "This is part of what you are playing for," explained Jeff. Along with the new car, the winner of the Challenge would receive a full Thai dinner, a shower, and massage.

As the Surivors lined up for the Challenge, Jeff explained the rules. The tribe had to race to solve a word puzzle. First, they had to collect a series of placards, each bearing an English letter, which they would have to acquire at successive stations along a course. Once they had gathered all the letters, they would have to unscramble them to form two mystery words. First person to spell out the words correctly would win.

The Challenge began as the five competitors raced frantically to gather the appropriate letters. Clay took an early lead, finding a correct letter in a bin of Thai letters, and arrived at the second, word-solving, phase in the lead pack with Brian. Helen and Ted, however, were right behind them, and soon arrived to try and unscramble the words. Having figured out the puzzle, Brian raced to place his letters in the correct order, but misspelled the phrase "Road Trip" and yelled it out aloud, giving Ted the correct answer. Ted capitalized on Brian's error and in a flash had the phrase spelled correctly. He had won the new truck and chose Helen to join him for a night at the spa.

Arriving at the spa reward, Helen and Ted were greeted by two Thai masseuses who informed them of their night's event, "We have for you dinner, shower, and massage." After a brief strategizing session where Helen agreed with Ted to take Clay out at the next Tribal Council, the two devoured a full Thai dinner, along with three bottles of wine.

Helen found herself unable to relax during her massage due to an inebriated Ted's constant, loud outbursts. She explained, "It wasn't my reward, it was Ted's reward. So being the polite guest that I was, I let him enjoy his night." "My body is drunk, but my mind is clear," stated Ted, as he stumbled back to his bed.

Keeping her word to Ted, Helen approached Jan in hopes of creating a voting block to oust Clay. Not disclosing her final decision to Helen, Jan stated, "Why do you think Brian keeps Clay so close? Keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer."

Later, Helen and Brian canoed to the water hole, where Helen professed her allegiance to Brian and revealed her distaste for Ted. "I am definitely playing both sides of the fence; that's what you have to do. I would bet you that everyone out here is doing the same as well. Ted thinks I am solidly in his court, and I may be. Brian and Clay think I am tight with them, and I may be. Frankly, I don't know at this point," declared Helen.

Reconvening at the Immunity Challenge, the Tribe met host Jeff Probst, who explained the rules of the game. The Survivors were to start at the base of a ten-step staircase. Each step was part of a jigsaw, the pieces of which lay in a jumble at the foot of the staircase. The Survivors had to gather their missing pieces and build their way to the top of the stairs to the finishing platform. First person to have successfully completed their staircase and climb to the top would win.

As the Challenge began, the Survivors hurried to collect their jigsaw-step pieces. Brian and Clay took early leads, but Brian was able to step his way to victory, and won the much-desired Immunity Necklace, guaranteeing himself a spot in the final four. Breathing deeply, Brian proudly took in the experience.

Step on up! With the impending vote looming, the Survivors returned to camp amid a swirl of paranoia. "I think at this point in the game everyone is playing everyone. It's only natural for people to be on pins and needles and really observe what's going on around camp," explained Ted. Meanwhile, Brian felt totally in control of his own destiny and explained his confidence: " I have three 'ins' to the game. One person is disposable: Jan. I have a loyal soldier in Helen, and a good friend in Clay. When I choose to use them against each other is yet to be seen."

Tribal Council In the end, it was Ted Rogers who felt the wrath of Tribal Council and was voted out of the tribe. Ted becomes the fifth member of the Jury that will eventually vote for who will be the Sole Survivor.