Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

On night 33, after an emotional three days of surprise visits from their loved ones, the Chuay Jai tribe said goodbye to Jake Billingsley, the 61-year-old land broker from McKinney, Texas. Jake, the last remaining member of Sook Jai, found himself facing a tight group of former Chuay Gahn members, and he could not negotiate his way in. Voted out of the tribe 5-1, Jake becomes the fourth member of the Jury that returns to the island every three days to observe Tribal Council and will ultimately vote for who will be the Sole Survivor. Upon leaving the Tribal Council area, Jake looked back on his memorable experience on the island, "When one door shuts, another one always opens. I had such a grand experience here. I'll go back to Texas and I'll be the happiest guy in the world."


Clay JordanRelaxing in the sunReturning to camp after Tribal Council, Clay Jordan, the 46-year-old restaurateur from Monroe, Louisiana, expressed his indignation at Jake's comments that he works harder at camp than others. "I didn't like that statement at all at that Council meeting," barked Clay. Believing Clay was out of line, Helen Glover gave her opinion, "I don't think that Clay liked that statement at Tribal Council because it's true. Jake does more work than Clay. The people working know they are working. The people skating know they are skating."


After receiving Tree Mail, the tribe met host Jeff Probst at the Reward Challenge, where he unexpectedly brought each Survivor's loved ones from home to compete in the Challenge. One by one, each loved one entered the area as tears of joy ran down the Survivors' homesick faces. Jeff then explained, "The loved ones are going to compete against each other in a bug-eating contest. The winner will spend 24 hours at the tribe camp with their Survivor as an honorary member of the tribe. If at any time you fail to eat anything, you are sent off with no contact whatsoever with your Survivor."

As the Challenge began, the loved ones all stomached a spoonful of red and flying ants. The second round consisted of eating a water roach. As each loved one bit into the crunchy bug, the castaways encouraged them to swallow the Thai delicacy. After the elimination round, where the teary-eyed Survivors had to say goodbye to their family members, the final round came down to Helen's husband Jim against Jake's wife Jenny. Helen's husband Jim ate his way to victory as he devoured a boiled tarantula and scorpion.

fter arriving at the Chuay Jai camp, Helen's husband Jim received the full tour of what would be his home for the next 24 hours. "I was surprised at how proud they were at what they had done with their camp. This is not the Helen that I know," explained Helen's shocked husband Jim. As the couple slept together under the mosquito net for the first time in over a month, Helen explained her emotions; "You have no idea that not having family out here with us is actually physically painful. You just don't know it until you get out here just how huge family is."

After taking Jim on the morning paddle to the water hole, Helen seized the opportunity to strategize with someone from outside the game. "I trust Brian and I don't trust Clay. Morally, I know that I wouldn't be this far in the game if it hadn't been for Brian. So, could I begrudge him a million? No," explained Helen. Jim, proud of his wife's ethical conduct, added, "I thought she would do anything for the million dollars, but she said, 'I also want to do what's right.'" Later, as Jim departed camp, an emotional Helen Glover hugged her husband goodbye, "In a way I wish this never happened because having him leave is so hard. I knew it would be hard, but not that hard."

When the Survivors met Jeff Probst at the important Immunity Challenge, he once again explained the rules. Each person had to gather their own misshapen pieces from a nearby pile and fit the assorted, oversized pieces in such a way that they construct a colored cube. First person to have successfully constructed their colored cube would win. Just before starting the Challenge, Jeff provided yet another twist to the game of SURVIVOR. Running out from around the corner, each loved one returned to embrace their family member. "Guys, your loved ones are going to be your partner in today's Immunity Challenge. They will be tied to your wrist. You will win or lose Immunity based on how well you work with your loved one," explained Jeff.

The race began as each team scrambled for their colored pieces. In a close finish, Ted Rogers and his brother Alwan outwitted the rest and won the coveted Immunity necklace. After the two rolled around in the sand celebrating, the grateful Survivors once again said goodbye to their loved ones.

With the upcoming vote looming, Jake, the lone remaining member of the original Sook Jai tribe, reflected on his vulnerability, "I went into that Challenge today knowing that I had to win Immunity. Now it doesn't matter because I know what's really important. It's about love, it's about family."

In the end, Jake Billingsley was voted out of the tribe 5-1. Jake becomes the fourth member of the Jury that will return every three days to observe Tribal Council and will ultimately vote for who will become the Sole Survivor.