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Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

On night 30, after a passion-filled Tribal Council, Penny Ramsey, the 27-year-old pharmaceutical sales representative from Plano, Texas, was voted out of the Chuay Jai tribe with four votes against her. After turning her back on her former ally Jake Billinglsey, the majority of former Chuay Gahn members banded together to help extinguish her torch. Penny will return every three days to observe Tribal Council as the third member of the Jury that will ultimately vote for who will win the million-dollar prize and the title Sole Survivor.

After leaving the Tribal Council area, Penny reflected on her time spent on the island: "Well, I definitely wasn't ready to leave the game, but I came out here knowing I was one of 16 and I wanted to see how far I could get, and I am very proud of myself."

On day 28, disturbed from having received three votes at the previous night's Tribal Council, Ted Rogers realized that the three former members of Sook Jai had targeted him. Jake informed Ted that former Chuay Gahn members, hoping to save themselves, told him to vote for Ted. Wary of Jake's information, Ted claimed, "Jake was sitting here lying to me, just as much as I was lying to him." Unbeknownst to Ted, it was Clay Jordan who spread the word to vote for Ted at the last Tribal Council. "Ted didn't know that we instigated those votes for him, and he won't," said Clay.

The Survivors met Host Jeff Probst at the Reward Challenge, where he explained the rules. Competing in pairs, the Survivors would have to race in a four-stage obstacle course. Each stage was designed to eliminate players. In the first stage, the castaways had to pair up, with the remaining player instantly eliminated. Then the pairs had to negotiate their way across towers using two wooden planks to bridge the gaps. The first two pairs to successfully make it across would move on to the next stage, a belly crawl under a bamboo course. The first three Survivors to finish the belly crawl would move on to the third stage, a wall climb in which they had to use the aid of another competitor to help each other over. First two to climb over the wall would move on to the final stage, a race along a bamboo balance beam. First person to complete the balance beam and cross the finish line would win. The reward: a trip to the mainland for an elephant trek through the Thai jungle, along with an authentic Thai lunch.

Brian HeidikThe race began, and immediately Jake was eliminated, as no one would team up with him. The Survivors struggled to complete the strenuous stages of the race. When Clay was faced with taking either Brian Heidik or Ted on with him in the Challenge, he chose Brian, leaving a disappointed Ted. In the final heat, which pitted Clay against Brian, Clay slipped off the balance beam and Brian took home the victory. But Clay's loss was short-lived, because when host Jeff Probst announced that Brian could choose one person to join him on his adventure, Brian exclaimed, "Clay, I wouldn't be here without you. You deserve half of this."

Uncertain of Brian's actions, Ted contemplated the strength of their allegiance to one another: "Losing the Challenge was a big disappointment to me because I hate losing. But I was also shocked that Brian did pick Clay. The fact that he did select Clay kind of tells me that their bond is much closer than I thought it was." "I have an agreement with Ted," explained Brian, "my agreement with Clay is another. I have to see which option is going to work best for me down the road."

After an exciting ride aboard a helicopter, Clay and Brian arrived on the mainland at their Reward location, where they climbed onto the back of an elephant, which took them deep into the Thai jungle. While Clay sat back to enjoy Thailand's majestic scenery, Brian wasn't feeling the same way. "Brian was terrified of this elephant," Clay observed, "He had a death grip on the side of the chair the entire time. For two hours he stayed ready to jump off that elephant!"

As they finished their trek, the hungry Survivors were greeted with a special Thai lunch. "We ate every type of Thai food you can imagine. It was the best food I have had in thirty years," Clay raved. Taking advantage of having leftover food and beer on the table, in a political move Clay filled his canteens to bring back to his hungry tribemates.

Back at camp, with Brian and Clay gone, Jake approached Helen Glover in hopes of swaying her vote. "The only way for us to win this game is to get rid of either Brian or Clay," Jake reasoned. Wary of Jake's intentions, Helen noted, "The last thing Clay and Brian said to me before they left was 'keep an eye on Jake the Snake.'"

"I have to keep trying. I can sit here and get voted out, or I can stir things up a little. I have nothing to lose." Jake later explained.

Returning to camp, Clay and Brian were greeted with open arms as they shared the soup and beer with their tribemates. Spirits lifted, the grateful tribe sat listening to the day's events. Impressed with Brian and Clay's tactical maneuver of bringing food back for the others, Jake observed, "I think it was a smart move on their part, bringing food back. What it said to the tribe was, 'Stay behind us, we will take care of you.'"

"I am fighting for my life right now," explained Penny as she prepared for the upcoming Immunity Challenge. Realizing that the former members of Chuay Gahn were upset with Jake for playing both sides of the fence, Penny distanced herself from her former ally. "I can't stay around Jake anymore because that hurts me," she noted.

Arriving at the Immunity Challenge, Host Jeff Probst explained the rules of the game. The Challenge tested the Survivors' knowledge of Thai culture, as each castaway had to answer a multiple-choice or true-or-false question. Each tribe member who answered a question correctly was permitted to snuff out a competitor's torch. The Survivor left with a lit torch would win.

As the game began, Penny's intentions became clear as she immediately targeted Jake and snuffed his torch. As the game continued, Helen proved too smart for the others as she won the Challenge and the much-desired Immunity Necklace, keeping her safe from the vote and guaranteeing her at least three more days on the island.

While preparing for Tribal Council and having spent the last thirty days together, Jake speculated on why Penny had turned against him during the Immunity Challenge. "I guess the thing that bothered me the most was that Penny came up and snuffed me right from the beginning. I guess she had her reasons, but I don't know what they are."

Helen puts out the fireIn the end, Penny's ways caught up with her as she was voted out of the tribe. Penny Ramsey becomes the tenth castaway voted out of SURVIVOR: THAILAND and the third member of the Jury, which will ultimately determine who will be the Sole Survivor.