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Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

After a pressure filled Tribal Council on Night 18, Robb Zbacnik, the outspoken, skateboarding, 23-year-old bartender from Scottsdale, Arizona, was voted out of the tribe in a 5-1 vote. Robb had irritated his tribe by eating from their store of bananas without consulting the group. In his final days, Robb's attitude turned around as he came to embrace his experiences on the Island and came to terms with his tribemates. As Robb exited Tribal Council, he gave his final words, "I would like to embrace this moment and tell everybody how thankful I am. The game has forever broadened my horizons."

Ken reacting to RobbNo rest for the weary "It's hard to separate reality from the game out here," stated Erin Collins, the 27-year-old real estate agent from Austin, Texas, as she and Robb discussed the mood in camp. Robb felt paranoid and vulnerable after the previous night's vote, when his friend Stephanie Dill was voted out. He approached Ken Stafford, the 30-year-old police officer from Brooklyn, NY, to question his loyalty, "You know what's bothering me? I think you are playing a much harder game than you are leading to believe." In disbelief, Ken responded to Robb's allegations, "You have a problem with me because I am honest with you, I don't want to hear it." As the two men continued their argument, the rest of the Sook Jai tribe sat near-by, wondering what was to come.

A contemplative Clay Having to make a three-mile swim for fresh water, the Chuay Gahn tribe's frustrations grew as their hope of finding their missing boat was slowly sinking. "The boat has been a sore spot for everybody since we got here and then the last time we used it the guys thought they had it secured, but the tide rose very high and took it out to sea," explained an irritated Helen Glover, the 47-year-old navy swim instructor from Middletown, Rhode Island, as she swam back to shore. In one last effort to find the boat, Clay Jordan, the 46-year-old restaurateur from Monroe, Louisiana, Brian Heidik, the 34-year-old used car salesman from Quartz Hill, California and Ted Rogers, the 37-year-old software developer from Durham, North Carolina, swam miles away from shore to search behind a tiny island in hope of recovering the missing canoe. They returned empty handed.

A concerned Shii Ann "We all agreed to wait to eat the bananas until they get ripe, because Robb is capable of eating thirty bananas a day and Penny is not, so we are going to do it in a fair manner," stated Ken. Nearby, a hungry Robb scarfed down a banana without the tribe's permission. Wanting to ration the remaining bananas equally, Shii Ann Huang, the 28-year-old executive recruiter from New York City, confronted Robb. He retorted, "If I'm hungry, I am going to eat a banana. I don't want to hear another word."

The tribes reconvened and met host Jeff Probst at the next Reward Challenge, where he explained the rules. Each tribe would have to select a person to be a ball launcher, while the others were situated at four different stations spread out along the beach. Using giant wicker baskets attached to poles, the Survivors would have to catch balls from their own launcher while trying to keep opposing tribe members from catching balls lobbed from their own launcher. First tribe to have caught five of their balls would win. The Reward--an authentic Thai feast, which included shrimp, fresh pineapple, vegetables and wine to toast their victory.

With food on their minds, the challenge began with great intensity. Sook Jai took an early lead as Robb caught the first ball launched by Penny. He then made an incredible run, catching three more balls for a total of four points. However, Chuay Gahn put up a fierce fight and soon they were tied at four balls each. In the end Sook Jai's youthful athleticism proved to be too much as they took the fifth and final point. Sook Jai won the challenge and the much-desired Reward.

Sook Jai arrived at the reward location to find a sprawling table filled with Thai delicacies. "You couldn't have imagined a more perfect setting and a more perfect feast laid out in front of us," exclaimed Robb, as he and the others indulged. Continuing their feast and surprised by the opulence of the meal, Erin Collins, the 26-year-old real estate agent from Austin, Texas, stated,Sook Jai enjoying the Thai dancers "I felt like royalty, sitting there." As the tribe reflected on their special experience together, authentic Thai dancers began to entertain the overstuffed tribe. Reflecting on the moment, Robb revealed his true feelings, "You guys, today we worked so hard. And after all the drama we had this morning, this is honestly better than anything I could ever imagine."

Ted planning for his future on the IslandBrian considering his next movePredicting that a merge between the two tribes was inevitable, Ted sat with Brian to confirm their alliance with one another. With the Sook Jai tribe having one more member than Chuay Gahn, Ted explained the importance of going into a merge with even numbers, "If we can win immunity just one more time, they will have to come down to five members. Then it will be just like starting over." ( Brian explains his position )

On Day 17, Robb and Ken hiked deep into the jungle and discovered a bat-filled cave. After exploring the cave, Ken and Robb sat under a tree and began working out their differences. Robb reflected, "I will never be here again in my life and it puts everything in perspective that much more. Ken and I had an amazing conversation and he made me make sense of myself. Not many people have done that. We definitely made peace."

Having discovered a dead baby bat at the mouth of the Chuay Gahn cave, Jan Gentry, the 53-year-old teacher from Tampa, Florida, announced to the tribe that she wanted to have a funeral service. As the tribe watched, a teary eyed Jan dug a tiny grave for the bat. Brian stated, "I don't know if that's just Jan being emotional or if she is actually losing it a little bit out here."

After receiving tree mail, the tribes met host Jeff Probst at the next Immunity Challenge, where he explained the rules. There were 21 flags placed in a circle. Alternating turns, the tribes were allowed to gather one, two, or three flags at a time. The goal was to be the tribe to get the last remaining flag. This Immunity Challenge was all brains and no brawn. Move by move, the 'tribal chess match' played out. After a tension-filled match, it was the older Chuay Gahn tribe which outsmarted the younger Sook Jai and won Immunity.

Returning from the Immunity Challenge, a depressed Sook Jai realized that another one of their members would be voted out at the next Tribal Council. Despite their earlier differences they gathered around the fire to drink wine that had been left over from their feast. "It's the last night together as a family you guys, it doesn't feel good." Stated a solemn Robb Zbacnik. As the tribe drowned their sorrows, each member realized just how life altering the game of SURVIVOR could be.

A grim Tribal CouncilIn the end it was Robb Zbacnik the 23-year-old bartender from Scottsdale, Arizona who was voted out of the Sook Jai tribe. Robb becomes the sixth person voted out of SURVIVOR: THAILAND.