Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

On night twelve, after a revealing Tribal Council, Ghandia Johnson, the 33-year-old legal secretary from Denver, Colorado, was voted out of her tribe 4-2. Ghandia accused Ted Rogers of having made inappropriate sexual advances toward her, and she fought to win the consensus of the other females in pursuit of voting him out of Chuay Gahn and off the island. However, it was Helen Glover's swing vote that ultimately cast Ghandia off the island. As Ghandia exited Tribal Council, she gave her final words: "I made a big mistake of trying to play one side against the other, but unfortunately the evil Ghandia came to rue her ugly head and the good Ghandia just couldn't stop her." ( Ghandia's Final Words )

After returning from Tribal Council, where Jed Hildebrand had been voted out of Sook Jai, the tribe concluded that they had made the right decision in ousting him. But the following morning, Stephanie Dill, the 29-year-old fire fighter from Fayetteville, Arkansas, made it clear that she wasn't happy with the tribe's decision: "They got rid of Jed. I was shocked. As hard as this is out here, I don't think you get rid of the people that are really helping you."

Later, while the tribe complained of being hungry, Stephanie found squid that washed ashore from the changing tides. Frustrated with the work ethic of her tribe mates, she complained, "It's kind of like the old light bulb joke: how many people does it take to build a damn fire?!"
Jan, Helen & Ghandia"The mood is different; it's not as jovial as it used to be," explained Jan Gentry, the 53-year-old teacher from Tampa, Florida, describing the aftermath of the Ted and Ghandia controversy. Ghandia, realizing her tribe members were avoiding her, stated, "If Chuay Gahn were a body, then I am an arm that got bit off by a shark, and it's not there anymore." ( Ghandia's silent treatment)

Angry over the touchy situation, Ted let his true feelings for Ghandia be known: "As far as I am concerned, she is nonexistent. I only see five people on this island. I hope I never see her again for the rest of my life." Echoing Ted's sentiment, a fuming Clay Jordan added, "Do I feel sorry for Ghandia? Hell, no. I am ready to get her ass back to Denver as quick as I can."

After receiving Tree Mail, both tribes were given a 10-foot tall, 250-pound dummy to decorate and bring with them to the upcoming Reward Challenge. Chuay Gahn worked closely together, while Sook Jai's relative indifference was apparent as Stephanie did much of the work.

The Survivors met at Ko Chuka, a small island off the coast of Tarutao, bringing along their "new tribe member." There, they met host Jeff Probst, who explained the rules of the Challenge: the Survivors would have to race around the small island in the intense heat, while carrying their enormous dummy. First tribe to make it around the island and cross the finish line would win. The reward: bananas, along with a mystery food prize that would be waiting at the winning tribe's camp.

Despite Sook Jai's lack of unity, the tribe pulled together as their strength and youth proved too much for the older Chuay Gahn tribe. Sook Jai crossed the finish line first, their enormous dummy in tow, and took home a much-prized reward of ripe, delicious bananas. ( More action at the Reward Challenge)

Back at Chuay Gahn, with much work to be done, the men lounged in the water while the women continued to perform the chores around camp. While boiling water, stoking the fire, and preparing the food, Jan commented, "I am starting to feel tension with the work load. The men aren't pulling their weight or offering to help." Frustrated with the men, Ghandia complained, "I am getting tired of us doing all the work and preparing food. I have a husband at home. I didn't come here to acquire three more."

Men in the wildernessBrian Heidik, the 34-year-old used car salesman from Quartz Hill, California, gave his thoughts on the division of labor, "I think that it's the natural transition in life: ladies in the kitchen and the men take care of business. That resorts back to thousands and thousands of years. The women just naturally went to their duties."

Back in camp after having won the Reward Challenge, Sook Jai reveled in their victory as they filled their stomachs with bananas. Stephanie enthusiastically explained the importance of winning the nutritious bananas, "I think everybody is feeling elated right now. My energy level went from being a two to about a six, now. I feel pretty good."

The bananas weren't all that lifted the tribe's spirits. Upon returning to camp, Sook Jai found four chickens waiting for them as the mystery reward. Robb explained the tribe's excitement: "I feel amazing. Nourished and happy, even thankful, about every good emotion possible. Things aren't so bad out here."

The tribes met Host Jeff Probst at the Immunity Challenge, where he explained the rules. Working in pairs, the tribes had to solve two puzzles. Seven distinct shapes were provided, and would need to be assembled to form an image that perfectly matched two images displayed in front of them. The first tribe to solve the puzzles correctly would win.

Jake and Penny began the first puzzle for Sook Jai as Ted and Clay maneuvered the pieces for Chuay Gahn. Sook Jai completed the first puzzle and took the lead. As Chuay Gahn continued to struggle, Ken and Shii Ann of Sook Jai proved quite skillful with the puzzle as they quickly completed the second puzzle, giving Sook Jai victory and sending Chuay Gahn to another Tribal Council.

Ghandia, feeling vulnerable in the upcoming vote, positioned herself with the women of Chuay Gahn in hopes of creating a voting block to vote the boisterous Clay Jordan out of the tribe. Approaching Helen Glover, Ghandia revealed that Jan was on board with the idea and that Helen would ultimately be the deciding vote. Feeling the pressure of the upcoming vote, Helen explained her dilemma, "This is where the game gets ugly. I want to stay, and that would mean voting Ghandia off tonight. I never thought I would be the swing vote."

Chuay Gahn at Tribal CouncilIn the end, Helen decided to vote for Ghandia Johnson. Ghandia becomes the third person voted out of the Chuay Gahn tribe, and the fourth person voted out of SURVIVOR: THAILAND.