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Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

After a tense Tribal Council, Robert DeCanio, the 38-year-old limo driver from Queens, New York, was voted out of the Soliantu tribe in a 5-1 vote. Robert, the last member of the old Rotu alliance, became the eleventh person voted out of Survivor: Marquesas. He now becomes the fourth member of the Jury, which will return every three days to observe Tribal Council, and which will eventually vote to determine who will be the Sole Survivor. After leaving Tribal Council, the General gave his final words, "I always say knowledge is power, and I will take this over to the Jury and judge the people who have judged me."

Home Sick
Despite the remarkable feat of remaining 31 days on the island, the castaways awoke from another miserable night's sleep longing for both energy and their loved ones back home. As her eyes swelled with tears, Kathy Vavrick-O'Brien, the 47-year-old real estate agent from Burlington, Vermont, described the tribe's mindset: "Just over the past two or three days, everybody has been talking about missing home and their loved ones. It's just uncanny to see what's happening with our mental stability." While fixing the tribe's hut, Sean Rector, the 30-year-old teacher from Harlem, New York, didn't realize how deprived his mind and body were, and nearly fell from a tree, having to be helped down by Robert DeCanio. Yearning for his family, Paschal English, the 57-year-old judge from Thomaston, Georgia, put life on the island into perspective: "It's really weird to miss home so much, and to have this family here, and we are going to go back home where we really want to be, and I know what's going to happen -- we are going to miss each other."

A Special Reward Challenge: Turtle Roll

Emotions run high After the tribe read their Tree Mail, they met host Jeff Probst at the next Reward Challenge, where he proceeded to give the Survivors a huge shock. Acknowledging that the castaways had been missing their loved ones back home, he teased the group by offering them a phone call home, then abruptly took back his offer. "We are about to do you one better than a phone call," Jeff said. From around the corner came a line of loved ones from back home, huge smiles on their faces as they called out to the shocked and ecstatic castaways. Immediately tears of joy began to run down the faces of the Survivors as Neleh's mother, Rebecca, was first to reveal herself. Next came Kathy's son Pat, followed by Robert's sister Diana, Sean's buddy Daryl, Vecepia's fiancé Leander, and finally Paschal's wife Beverly.

Once each family member was revealed, Jeff explained the rules of the Challenge. Competitors would stand around the far edge of a large puzzle, comprised of six-sided individual pieces. One at a time, the competitors would step from one piece to the next. As they stepped off a piece, they had to flip it over, revealing the color green. Taking turns, they would have to continue moving on to new pieces without the option of stepping back on a green piece. Once a person was trapped, unable to step on an "open" piece, they were out. The last person left on the board would win. Before beginning, Jeff revealed one more surprise: the loved ones would be competing in the challenge, not the Survivors.

The game began as each loved one began making moves by stepping onto pieces around the edge of the puzzle. After a series of moves, Paschal's wife Beverly was first to be blocked out of the game. Before Beverly left the beach, Jeff allowed her and Paschal to embrace one another.
Robert and his sister Diana Sean and PatrickAs the game progressed, one by one, each Survivor was allowed to hug their loved one good bye as they left the game. Finally, after a close finish, it was Kathy's son Patrick who won the game. Jeff informed the tribe and a highly emotional Kathy that her son would be joining the tribe for an overnight stay at Soliantu Beach.

A New Member of Soliantu
Returning to Soliantu Beach with her son, Kathy quickly displayed her maternal side, asking, "How is the house? Have you been partying in the house, Pat?" Introducing him to island life, Kathy quickly put her son to work, stating, "We are going to make Patrick get the taro, and we are going to make Patrick crush the troca shells." As Pat struggled to crack the shells, the harsh reality of the tribe's poor living conditions became apparent, as he stated, "I've never been an outdoors person. I am a preppy from the East Coast. I like my TV and my couch!" ( Kathy and her son talk )

A New Outlook On Life
Beverly and Paschal EnglishThe surprise visit of his wife elicited a new perspective on life for Paschal, who realized that Survivor had taught him a lesson. "I am 57 years old and for the first time I have come face to face with myself. Some of the things that I have seen and reflect on, I'm not really proud of-how much I take for granted and what a wonderful wife I have. When I go back home my attitude is going to change," Paschal revealed.

Kathy Searches for Answers
Having the opportunity to ask an outsider strategy on the game, Kathy looked to her son for help. While going for a walk, Kathy explained her predicament to him, "Here I am having this loyalty with Paschal and Neleh, and if we get down to the final three, they would vote me out. If I end up in the final three with Sean and Vee, they are going to vote me out. Help me, what should I do?" Pat, unable to offer useful advice, added, "I don't know, I have never played a game like this before. This is messed up."

Saying Goodbye
< As morning came on Day 32, Kathy and her son Patrick awoke from sleeping on the tribe's raft. "I slept terrible last night, it's uncomfortable. I am glad I get to sleep in a bed tonight," stated Pat. As the tribe said their good byes to him, Kathy walked her son down the beach, hugged him, and tearfully sent him home. "Peace baby, I love you," Kathy screamed as the boat sped away. ( Tribe says goodbye to Patrick )

Frustrations and Strategies Return
While walking with Kathy, Robert's frustrations and feelings of vulnerability with his position in the tribe became apparent, "If you look at the way it's going, each member of the Jury was a part of my old alliance. It seems like they are being picked off one by one and I'm the last one left." Conspiring with Robert, Kathy asked, "Do you think Paschal and Neleh are going to be in the final two, and do you think there is a way of stopping it?"

Later, while Sean and Vecepia trekked through the jungle, Sean became irritated with Neleh's happy-go-lucky attitude, as he mimicked her high-pitched voice. "Basically Vee and I feel like Neleh has been riding Paschal's coattails. She has been playing the girl-next-door role way to the next level." Vecepia then added, "Cute little Mormon girl, sweet little Mormon girl, doesn't have jack to do with this game!"

Immunity Challenge: Sands of Time
Reconvening at Challenge Beach, the tribe met Jeff Probst, who explained the rules of the Immunity Challenge. The Challenge would test the Survivor's proficiency with a slingshot. Each Survivor recognized their name emblazoned on an hourglass-shaped structure dotted with different shaped tiles. Behind those tiles were piles of sand. At the base of each structure was a small tiki. Using the slingshots, the Survivors had to fire rocks at the tile panels of another tribe member's structure, releasing sand, which would cover the tiki. Once a Survivor's tiki was completely covered with sand, that person would be eliminated from the game. The Survivor whose tiki remained uncovered would win.

One by one, the Survivors propelled rocks at the tile panels. Robert fired and hit the lowest panel on Paschal's hourglass, covering his tiki with sand. Sean was the next to be eliminated, then The General. "The chicks are in the final," announced Kathy. As the game continued, Kathy became the next victim. The final round came down to Vee and Neleh. Vecepia's accuracy was too much for Neleh, as she buried Neleh's tiki, winning Immunity for the first time. ( Action at Immunity Challenge )

No Regrets
Tribal CouncilPreparing for Tribal Council, Robert realized that he was at risk of being voted out of the tribe, though he felt no regrets about his time on the island. "I came here with four things: pride, dignity, integrity, and my backpack. Everything is still intact, plus an added bonus of the relationships and friendships that I have made here." ( Neleh dreams of being voted off )

The GeneralAt Tribal Council, Robert DeCanio became the eleventh Survivor voted off the island. He is the fourth member of the Jury, which will eventually cast their votes for the Sole Survivor.