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Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

With only nine days remaining, the fiercely competitive Tammy Leitner, the 29-year-old crime reporter from Mesa, Arizona, was voted out of the Soliantu tribe in a 5-2 vote. Tammy LeitnerAfter Robert DeCanio declined to relinquish his Immunity necklace, Tammy became the tenth castaway voted off the island and will return every third night as a member of the Jury that will ultimately decide who will take home the title of Sole Survivor. Tammy's torch was extinguished; she exited Tribal Council, and gave her Final Words, "Even though I knew tonight was coming and it was my turn, it still sucks to be voted off."

Truly A Tribe Of Love?
Upon awaking from a restless and uncomfortable night's sleep, the Soliantu tribe complained about the uncomfortable living situation. As they said good morning to each other with hugs, Sean Rector, the 30-year-old teacher from Harlem, New York, questioned the sincerity behind these gestures: "There are certain people who are genuinely affectionate and feel a family vibe, but in the context of this game--where people are trying to position themselves--can a love tribe truly exist?"

A Birthday Celebration
On the morning of Day 28, the tribe celebrated the 36th birthday of Vecepia Towery, the office manager from Portland, Oregon. They toasted with a special breakfast consisting of mangos and bananas. As the tribe passed the fruit around to each other, Vecepia exclaimed, "If I wasn't at home, you guys are the next best thing to be with." ( Vecepia on her birthday )

Shark Infested Waters
Eating a steady diet of taro root, troca, and coconut, the tribe's energy level had diminished to an all-time low on Day 28. Feeling weaker than ever before, Paschal English, the 57-year-old judge from Thomaston, Georgia, stated, "I feel like we are all just like used spark plugs. It is a difficult time for me food-wise, and from an energy perspective." Wanting to add protein and more variety to their meager diet, Kathy Vavrick-O'Brien, the 47-year-old real estate agent from Burlington, Vermont, stood at the shoreline leering at the black-tipped baby sharks swimming in the shallow waters, waiting for one to swim close enough for her to capture. With machete in hand, Kathy stood patiently as the sharks swam by, tempting her. "This is crazy, they are taunting us. They would be great food," Kathy explained.

Sean Serenades Vee
As Sean and Vecepia checked for Tree Mail, Sean took a moment to sing Vecepia "Happy Birthday." Realizing that it was a special day for her, he gave a teary-eyed Vecepia a birthday hug. Comforting her, Sean said, "I know how much this means to be away from our homes and families. I just wanted to tell you happy birthday, sister, and I love you."

Reward Challenge: Rock Bottom
After receiving tree mail, the Soliantu tribe met host Jeff Probst at Challenge Beach, where he explained the rules of the Challenge and revealed the next reward: a day on a private cruise ship, complete with a hot shower, a change of clothes, and a hot meal. To win, the Survivors had to successfully complete a challenge much like musical chairs. Starting from a floating dock, the seven castaways had to jump into the water and retrieve six large shells at the bottom of the ocean. The Survivor who did not surface with a shell would be eliminated. After three rounds, the four remaining Survivors would compete in a final sprint to the shore that would require them to carry a 40-pound stone. The first person to transport their stone and bring it to Jeff would win. When the diving began, Vecepia became the first casualty as the diving proved to be too tiring for her. Round two found Sean eliminated, then Neleh. This set up the final race to the shore between Paschal, Robert, Kathy, and Tammy. Despite being the oldest member of the tribe, and suffering from a diminished level of energy from the lack of food, Paschal proved to be the strongest Survivor as he carried the 40-pound rock to shore, where he deposited it at Jeff's feet and was declared the winner. ( Action at Reward Challenge )

A Cruise for Two
Paschal and Neleh feast Jeff Probst arrived on shore in a boat, ready to transport Paschal to his reward. As Paschal boarded the transport boat, the tribe stood by, envious of what Paschal was about to experience. Just before leaving, Jeff asked a surprised Paschal, "I hate to have you enjoy this great experience all alone. Is there someone you would like to take with you?" Without hesitation, Paschal waved and screamed to Neleh to come join him on the adventure. "There was no conscious decision, it was automatic. She is the epitome of a young lady, and deserves it," Paschal explained. As Neleh excitedly jumped aboard, Paschal's quick decision irked Sean, "Did she [Neleh] deserve A cruise for twoit as much as anyone else? I doubt it. It was Vecepia's birthday, and she was feeling down. I would have picked Vecepia." Once aboard the cruise ship, Neleh and Paschal were taken to their extravagant rooms where they showered and cleaned up for the first time in 28 days. "That was wonderful. I haven't felt this good in over a month," Paschal exclaimed. Later, the two were escorted to the stern of the ship where a lavish dinner consisting of fresh bread, escargot, steak and crème brulé was set up. "We are so lucky to be here," Neleh declared. Back at Soliantu Beach, the others sat around the fire imagining what Paschal and Neleh were experiencing.

Returning to Soliantu
As the tribe sat on their raft, anxiously awaiting Paschal and Neleh's arrival back to camp, Tammy explained their anticipation, "We were all sitting there, wondering if they were going to bring food back for us." Tammy's question was quickly answered as Neleh and Paschal arrived back at camp empty-handed. Later that night, Neleh described her experience in full detail. This rubbed Kathy the wrong way, and she stated, "Neleh was going on a little too much about her shower and how clean she was." Feeling guilty that she hadn't brought back food for her hungry tribe, Neleh offered the others a small mint that she had taken off the ship and that she had already put in her mouth. A dumbfounded Sean muttered, "You are offering seven starving adults a piece of candy out of your mouth. That's like saying, anyone want a piece of doo-doo!" ( Robert describes Neleh's offer )

Innocence Lost
On Day 29, with much work to be done around camp, Sean believed that Neleh wasn't doing her part to help out. "Neleh is still on the clean kick and being the princess. She just has her feet propped up and looking at her nails. There are chores to be done and there's regular living back on Soliantu!" Still angry with Neleh's work habits, Sean continued, "I think Neleh has definitely snowed Paschal, and I think she is playing this game harder than anybody left on the island. She is playing sweet-little-girl-next-door, and before you know it, she is in the finals."

Kathy, wary of Neleh's innocence and echoing Sean's sentiment, added, "I think Neleh has sixty to seventy percent sweetness and about thirty to forty percent she is working it. And I think she is working it a little too hard."

A Pig For Power
Robert, feeling vulnerable with his position in the tribe, sought to impress his tribe mates by constructing a trap with the hope of catching a wild pig that he had spotted on several occasions. While building the trap with Tammy, Robert explained his motives: "You win Immunity, I catch a pig, I am going to tell them, look, she's Immune, and I caught a pig. You can't get rid of me and not let me have any of my pig. I got pig!"

Immunity Challenge: Virtues of Fire
On Night 29, the tribe met Jeff Probst at Tribal Beach, where he explained the rules of the challenge. First, the Survivors would have to race to the end of a course to gather firewood. Next, they would use steel and flint to build a fire under a wok that was filled with oil and popcorn kernels. Once the kernels began to pop, the Survivors needed to transport their fire to a tower. Once the tower was lit, they would need to build and fan their fire until the flames ignited a small pyre at the top of the tower. The first to do so would be declared the winner.

The race began as the castaways sprinted to collect the firewood, building a foundation to begin sparking their fires. Robert, displaying a sense of great urgency, started his fire first. His oil began to boil and soon he was popping kernels of corn. Virtues of FireMoving on to the next round, he successfully transported his fire to the tower. Robert fanned his fire and watched it set the pyre aflame. Having finished the challenge first, Robert was declared the winner of the much-needed Immunity and would now be safe from the upcoming vote. ( More action at Immunity Challenge )

Robert Reinvigorated
After winning his first Immunity Challenge, Robert DeCanio felt reborn as the tribe amused themselves at the waterfall. "The win was very big for me, bringing me back to life. I was feeling a little down and the win really made me feel good about myself," he explained. But his thoughts quickly turned towards Tammy, whom he felt would be the next one voted out of the tribe. "I'm a little bummed that I think Tammy is on her way out. She is like a sister to me, and I would like to do something to see if I can save her." While preparing for their Tribal Council trek, Tammy stated: "I'm not used to losing, I am super competitive, and you know what? I am not giving up on this game until I hear my name read at Tribal Council."

In the end, it was Tammy's name that was read at Tribal Council. She becomes the tenth person to be voted out of Survivor: Marquesas and the third member of the Jury that will eventually vote to decide who will be the Sole Survivor.