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Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

On Day 27, Zoe Zanidakis, the 35-year-old fishing boat captain from Monhegan Island, Maine, was voted out of the Soliantu tribe in a 7-1 vote. Zoe joins John Carroll as the second member of the Jury, which will return every three days to observe Tribal Council, and which will eventually vote to determine who will be the Sole Survivor. As Zoe's torch was extinguished, she gave her final words, saying, "It's a little bit of a surprise to be voted off this early. I did my best. I guess Zoe is leaving." ( Zoe's Final Words )

A New Soliantu
Relieved by the previous night's vote in which John Carroll was voted out of the tribe, Sean Rector, the 30-year-old teacher from Harlem, New York, found himself in a new, jovial mood. "Can't you feel a brand new day," sang Sean as he leapt into the water, rinsing off the past 24 days and looking for a fresh start. "With John gone, and now that A brand new day for Seanmyself, Kathy, Vecepia, Paschal, and Neleh got together, now truly may the best man win with no alliance." Proving that Survivor is as tough mentally as it is physically, Neleh Dennis, the 21-year-old student from Layton, Utah, explained, "It's just funny to see that we turned around at the last second to beat them at their own game by all voting together is hilarious. I just laughed my head off."

The Outcasts
"The mood at camp is very happy. They are sitting pretty, they have five now," stated a nervous Tammy Leitner, the 29-year-old crime reporter from Mesa, Arizona. While sitting with Robert DeCanio, the 38-year-old limo driver from Queens, NY, Tammy claimed, "We are outcasts. They view us as traitors. Basically, we got screwed because of John, and it's our own fault for trusting him." Concerned with Zoe's true allegiance, Tammy approached her as they searched for food and asked what her intentions actually were. Denying that she had ever formed an alliance with John, Tammy and Robert, Zoe revealed, "You want me to tell you, Tammy? From the get-go I didn't like you, I really didn't dig you at all." Zoe disclosed, "I am distancing myself from Tammy at this point. I am here to win."

Reward Challenge: Coconut Juice
After the tribe received tree mail, they met host Jeff Probst at the next Reward Challenge, where he explained the rules of the game. The tribe split up into teams of two, which had been randomly selected by drawing numbers out of a hat. The teams consisted of Sean and Paschal, Tammy and Vecepia, Kathy and Robert, and Neleh and Zoe. The goal of the Challenge was to fill a three-foot-tall bamboo shoot with coconut juice. To do this, the Survivors were given two choices. They could either gather coconuts scattered about on the shoreline, or swim out and grab a bundle of coconuts anchored in the water. Once the coconuts were retrieved, they had to crack them open, and drain them into their bamboo shoot. The first team to fill their shoot with coconut juice would win. The reward -- a helicopter ride over the Marquesas Islands, a horse-back ride, and an authentic Marquesan feast.

As the Challenge began, the teams frantically set out collecting coconuts or grabbing bundles to bring back to their bamboo shoots. Sean and Paschal took the early lead as Sean broke open a huge coconut and drained its juice into the shoot. Neleh and Zoe were close behind, but it was not enough as Sean and Paschal cracked open a series of coconuts and filled their shoot to the top, becoming the winners.

On the morning of Day 26, a helicopter landed at Soliantu's beach to pick up Sean and Paschal. Once airborne, the two realized how lucky they were as they viewed the lush Marquesan landscape from above. As they landed on the side of a mountain, two local Marquesan men rode up on horseback to greet the two Survivors, and instructed them to climb on to their horses. Sean, nervous around the horses, carefully approached the animal, saying, "The only horse I have been on before is the merry-go-round at Central Park!" After both Sean and his temperamental horse settled down, the men set out on their journey to the feast.

Arriving at the shore, Sean and Paschal were greeted by locals, where an excited Sean stated, "This is better than Gilligan's Island!" Sitting in a shaded area and presented with giant coconut drinks, Sean and Paschal toasted their new friendship. "Who knew that a little black boy from Harlem would be sitting here with a Southern white judge from Georgia," Sean exclaimed. Feeling a bond strengthening between the two, Paschal noted, "We became much closer than we were. I feel very fortunate to know him. That's what's good about this game -- you never know what's going to happen."

As the two were taken over to their dining area, the Marquesan locals began a traditional tribal dance. Paschal explained, "I don't know how to put it in words, but for me to be here in the South Pacific and all the history it has, you just have to comprehend and savor the moment. This won't happen again for me in my lifetime."

Tribal Dance
Sean and Paschal feastAfter 26 days of unsavory, meager food, Sean and Pascal devoured the feast set in front of them. Roast pork, goat, and potatoes were among the delicacies. During the meal, as the Marquesans danced, Sean and Paschal snuck food into their pockets to bring back to the others. With stuffed pockets, Paschal and Sean joined the locals in their ritual dance. "I feel like Julius Caesar," Sean remarked. Enjoying the time spent together, Paschal put the experience into perspective, stating, "Sean and I looked at each other; two guys from different walks of life, ten thousand miles away from home in paradise. I will never hear another tribal drum beat again and not think of this day. It will bring a smile to my face."

Paschal and Sean soak in the cultureSaying thank you and goodbye, Sean and Paschal headed back to camp, both in tears, realizing they had shared a truly touching moment together.

Returning Home
Sean, Kathy and VecepiaAs the Helicopter landed back at camp, Sean and Paschal were greeted with open arms as they showed the group the food they had smuggled back. Sean explained, "Even though they may be the same people that vote you off, there is a human side that you do realize. It was exciting coming back and bringing food for the tribe because the best victories are the ones you can share."

A Final Gasp For Air
Robert and Tammy's last gaspOn the morning of Day 27, Tammy awoke feeling vulnerable that she might be the next to go. After speaking to Robert, she agreed with him that their only chance of survival was to try to re-align themselves with Neleh and Paschal. "I want you to know that when John Carroll said he was speaking for the group, he wasn't," pleaded Robert. Tammy then desperately tried to appeal her case, but to no avail, as Paschal remarked, "It was like their last gasp. What Tammy and Rob were saying wasn't sincere and it just didn't make any sense." Neleh perceived a ploy on the part of Robert and Tammy: "They got caught at their own game and now they are trying to manipulate us. I am not falling for it," she remarked.

The Games Continue
Hoping to win over the confidence and friendship of the other tribe members, Zoe made jewelry for everyone. She also hoped it had the effect of distancing her from Tammy and Robert, with whom she had previously shared an alliance. "I guess you could say that I am letting people know in little ways that I'm not part of any alliance, I am trying to fit in here," Zoe explained. As Zoe wove her bracelets, Tammy sat by observing. "Zoe is sucking up to people. It's so fake, and it's so apparent, but I just don't understand why it's not so apparent to everybody else."

Rehearsing for the Challenge
The tribe received tree mail that was written on stilts. They were told to practice standing on them for the upcoming Immunity Challenge. As the tribe spent some time trying to balance on the stilts, Tammy observed, "It was fun watching everybody practice on the stilts, because they sucked!" Later, Tammy brought the stilts down to the end of the beach to practice, out of sight from the others, so as to not reveal her cards before the Challenge. Motivated by her success on the stilts, Tammy claimed, "I'm not out of it yet, not till I hear my name read at Tribal Council."

Immunity Challenge: High Stepping
After Jeff Probst took back the Immunity Necklace from Tammy, he explained the rules of the Challenge. Two at a time, the Survivors had to enter a ring in the sand and try to knock their opponent off their stilts. The first person to fall off would be out, with the winner moving on to the next round, until there would be only one person remaining. The first round paired Vecepia against Robert, Kathy against Paschal, Tammy against Neleh, and Sean against Zoe. Most of the Survivors had trouble just staying on their stilts. The only one who seemed truly capable of walking on them for any length of time was the well-rehearsed Tammy, who moved through the competing rounds just by standing the longest. She won Immunity and kept herself safe from the vote for at least three more days.

Decisions To Make
With the upcoming vote looming, the Soliantu tribe debated who was going to be voted out. Neleh struggled with her decision -- either Robert, who had been in a foul mood lately, or Zoe. "Zoe has been a hard worker from day one. I know we have to get rid of her because her chances of winning Immunity over Rob is a lot bigger. But the way Rob has been lately, maybe it will work out better if he leaves tonight. No one wants to be around him anymore."

In the end it was Zoe Zanidakis who was voted out of the Soliantu tribe. Zoe becomes the ninth person voted out of Survivor: Marquesas and the second member of the Jury that will ultimately decide who will be the Sole Survivor.