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Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

On Day 24, after an intense Tribal Council, John Carroll, the 36-year-old registered nurse from Omaha, Nebraska, was voted out of the Soliantu tribe in a vote of 6-3. John, the self-proclaimed leader of what he thought was a secure alliance, became the target of a tribe that shifted its perspective after an Immunity Challenge revealed a distinct pecking order. John becomes the eighth person voted out of Survivor: Marquesas and will now return every three nights to observe Tribal Council as the first member of the seven-person Jury that will ultimately decide who wins the title of Sole Survivor and the million-dollar prize. After exiting Tribal Council, a teary-eyed John gave his thoughts: "Well well, well, I am the first member of the Jury and I wish I could have done a little bit better."

Clearing the Air
Returning from the Tribal Council in which Rob Mariano was voted off the island, the Soliantu tribe congratulated each other for making it so far into the game. "We should all be very proud, you guys," expressed Tammy Leitner, the 29-year-old crime reporter from Mesa, Arizona. Later that night, while the tribe huddled in their hut, Sean Rector, the 30-year-old teacher from Harlem, New York, made the tribe suddenly aware that he had a problem with flatulence. "Sorry, that was the first one that actually had substance," he said. Robert DeCanio, the 38-year-old limo driver from Queens, New York, explained Sean's uncomfortable situation by adding, "This diet has played havoc with Sean's system. He does have a little flatulence problem. I sleep down at the other end of the tent and I am usually upwind from him, so I have been a little bit fortunate."

The Storm Picks Up
After a storm swept through the camp early on the Day 22, the tribe realized how lucky they were that no one was hurt after noticing that two trees had fallen down, just missing their tent. Later that morning, as the wind calmed down, Kathy Vavrick-O'Brien, the 47-year-old real estate agent from Burlington, Vermont, stirred up her own storm as she confronted Zoe Zanidakis, the 35-year-old fishing boat captain from Monhegan Island, Maine. Kathy asked Zoe if she and the other three original members of Rotu -- Tammy, Robert and John -- conspired to vote her out. After Zoe denied having any plan to do so, Kathy claimed, "Zoe just lied to me and I think she has been lying from the beginning, and I just can't take that."

Cooling Off
Wanting to cleanse themselves from the previous night's vote and the constant pressures of the game, the tribe hiked to the waterfall and jumped in. "I don't know why, but I get empowered by the waterfall. It's invigorating," Kathy explained. "For me, the waterfall cools me off and rejuvenates everything inside of me and I am ready to go again once I get out of there," added Neleh.

A Kite Project
Returning from the waterfall, the Soliantu tribe checked their tree mail and found a letter, attached to a kite kit, instructing each tribe member to construct their own kite for the upcoming Reward Challenge. As the tribe spent the day building their kites, Kathy continued to be focused on the game: "I think the next facet of this game is to eliminate the non-original Rotu people, but I would love to be able to vote out John or Tammy instead." In order to accomplish her goal, Kathy spoke with Paschal, hoping to convince him that the only way to preserve their time on the island was to vote off the powerful people in the tribe. "I need to have them experience the turmoil, and to see how people act, then they might commit," Kathy added.

Reward Challenge: Go Fly A Kite
With their kites in hand, the tribe met host Jeff Probst at the Reward Challenge, where he explained the Kathy flies a kiterules and revealed the Reward. The first tribe member to fly their kite 300 feet into the air would win. The reward: a king-sized Snickers candy bar, and a day-trip scuba dive at an exotic coral reef. After Jeff teased the castaways with a small bite of the Snickers, he started the event. Kathy got her kite in the air first as the strong wind picked her kite up quickly. The other tribe members didn't have as much success as they struggled to get their kites airborne. Kathy proved to have built the best kite as she soared to another victory. ( More action at Reward Challenge )

The Dive Trip: Alliances Strengthen
As the Soliantu tribe trekked back to camp, Kathy headed out on her dive trip aboard a speed boat that took her out to the coral reef, where she put on scuba gear and dived in. She described the situation: "The feeling when you first go under water is like going from day to night. It's a whole other world down there." Kathy enjoyed more than just the dive, as she took pleasure in spending time away from the others, continuing, "It was a vacation down there, getting away from the tribe. I feel like I am so far away from everything down there -- no stress."

Back at Camp, Neleh and Paschal agreed to vote with John, Robert, Tammy and Zoe at the next Tribal Council for Sean to be the next to go. "The bottom line is that we go into every Tribal Council knowing who we are going to vote out and have a back-up person," explained Tammy. Paschal, intrigued by Sean's will to stay in the game said, "Sean is feeling vulnerable right now and he is trying to stir the pot. It's fascinating watching all this take place."

A Friendly Gesture
Returning from her dive trip, Kathy diplomatically surprised her welcoming tribe members by bringing her Snickers bar back to camp to share with everyone. "The real motivational force for bringing the Snickers bar back was for peace of mind, so if they had any beef that I won a Challenge again, then I thought the candy bar would entice good feelings for the tribe." As the tribe enjoyed the rare treat, an unimpressed John stated, "It was a beautiful gesture on Kathy's part, but an eighth of Snickers ain't going to change my vote."

Mind Games Continue
Realizing that he was on the tribal chopping block, Sean reached out to Kathy by urging her to vote with him at the upcoming Tribal Council. "If I can get Kathy on my side, maybe she can get Paschal and Neleh on our side." Sean continued, "We have a one in nine chance of winning …and it's getting into crunch time." Agreeing with Sean, Kathy divulged, "I think Tammy and John are playing the game and they are playing it so hard it's obnoxious."

Kathy, motivated by Sean's pep talk, set out and approached Neleh, trying to influence her vote. Disagreeing with Kathy's views, Neleh explained, "There are always going to be alliances, and no matter how big a stink you make about things, the more vulnerable you are." After being shut out by Neleh, Kathy approached Paschal. She stated, "I don't want to be a pawn to help Tammy and John get to the top. I want this game to be fair." Paschal replied, "Well this game's not fair."

A confident John revealed, "Neleh and Paschal are really supporting my success in this game. Knowing that you can rely on those two people is like having two free passes. This is an amazing experience. It's actually kind of mind blowing."

Immunity Challenge: Parang Swing
After receiving tree mail, the tribe met Jeff Probst at the Immunity Challenge, where he explained the rules of the game. The Castaways were asked a series of questions relating to both the Marquesas Islands and survival, topica about which they should have learned quite a bit about at this point. Each person had a station with three ropes tied to three bundles of coconuts strung up in the trees. Every time someone answered a question correctly, they would be given the opportunity to chop down one bundle of any Survivor of their choosing. Once a Survivor's three ropes had been cut, they were out of the game. The last person to have any bundles of coconuts remaining, would win Immunity.

As the game began, Sean Rector was the target as his lines were cut first, followed by Vecepia Towery, then Kathy Vavrick-O'Brien. As the challenge progressed, the ousted Survivors began to spot a disturbing trend. Zoe, John, Robert and Tammy seemed to be working together in eliminating the others, and the others feared that this trend would be later reflected in the voting at Tribal Council. Finally, Host Jeff Probst asked the final question. Tammy answered correctly. She chopped down Robert's last bundle of coconuts, giving her Immunity for the first time.

Ruffled Feathers
Returning from the Challenge, the mood at camp shifted as Vecepia explained, "At the challenge there was a lot of cockiness with Tammy, Zoe, Rob and John." Echoing Vecepia's sentiment, Sean added: "Everybody saw at the challenge how arrogant the four were and I think it rubbed people the wrong way."

As Neleh and Paschal strolled together, they revealed their distaste for what had occurred at the Immunity Challenge: "They sent a signal to us today that there is a pecking order and that we were included in it." An empowered Neleh emphatically continued, "I have been nothing but nice to those guys and I would be lying to myself and to my heart if I went up there tonight and voted for Sean. We have been here for too long and worked too hard, and I am not going to go out like that."

In the end, Neleh and Paschal joined Vecepia, Sean and Kathy in voting out John Carroll. John becomes the eighth person voted out of Survivor: Marquesas and will become the first member of the Jury that will ultimately decide who will be the Sole Survivor.