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Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

On Day 21, after the two competing tribes merged into one, Rob Mariano, the 26-year-old construction worker from Canton, Massachusetts, was voted out of the newly formed Soliantu tribe. Rob, who ruffled tribal feathers with his confrontational approach to the game, became the seventh member voted out of Survivor: Marquesas. With his torch extinguished, Rob looked back at his time spent on the island, saying, "I'd like people to know that this was a game I hope that no one comes away with any bad feelings."

An Archeological Find
While collecting food on the morning of Day 19, the Maraamu tribe stumbled across an ancient burial containing a human skull called a Paepae. Awed by the discovery, Paschal English, the 57-year-old judge from Thomaston, Georgia, exclaimed, "This is unbelievable! It's hard to believe how many centuries we are looking at right here." Explaining just what they had witnessed, Kathy Vavrick-O'Brien, the 47-year-old real estate agent from Burlington, Vermont, noted, "A paepae is a Marquesian monument where they use to have ceremonies and even perform cannibalism."

As the Rotu tribe performed their morning tasks, Rob Mariano announced, "This tribe is a bunch of morons." Cooling off in the water, Rob and Sean Rector, the 30-year-old teacher from Harlem, New York, took the opportunity to strategize together: "We don't know if they are keeping their word. Just as a precaution they might get rid of one of us, just so we can't form a new alliance."

Ambassadors' Decision
Rob and Kathy at the tohuaBoth tribes received tree mail informing them that within five minutes one person from each tribe must be selected to follow a map to an unknown destination. Rob Mariano volunteered for Rotu and Kathy was chosen at Maraamu. After a long trek, both representatives met Jeff Probst at what he called a Tohua. He explained that is was “a public meeting place. Anything important that would happen in traditional Marquesan tribal life would happen here.” Jeff explained to Kathy and Rob that they would be responsible for merging the two tribes. They would spend the night at the Tohua and discuss island issues, including the creation of the merged tribe's new name and flag.

As Rob and Kathy sat at a picnic table, Jeff surprised them with a full meal, including pizza and beer. Elated, Kathy explained, "Jeff sat us down and gave us pizza and Coors Light. I was sitting across from this young buck (Rob) thinking, I am going to pound beers and eat pizza with this guy!"

While eating, Rob and Kathy discussed what had been going on in their respective tribes. Rob revealed that Kathy's former Rotu teammates had all agreed to vote with Sean, Vecepia and Rob in voting out the Maraamu tribe members once the merge occurred. Kathy was shocked by the apparent plans of the tribe members she thought were her friends, specifically Zoe. To protect themselves, Rob and Kathy decided to create a bond with one another, promising never to vote against each other. Wary of Rob's eagerness to ally himself with her, Kathy stated, "Don't stab me in the back." Later, Rob added, "John Carroll thinks I have an alliance with the team, Kathy thinks I have an alliance with her. I have been lying this whole game." As night fell, Rob and Kathy headed for their sleeping area, thankful for the comfortable accommodations.

Five Minute Drill
One happy familyOn Day 20, Rob and Kathy arrived back at the Maraamu camp to inform Neleh Dennis, the 21-year-old student from Layton, Utah, and Paschal that they had five minutes to gather everything around camp and place it onto the raft. After the tribe scurried around gathering the supplies, they celebrated the news that the tribes were going to merge into one and that they were moving to the Rotu beach.

Soliantu--Sacred Allegiance to the Sun
As the Maraamu tribe arrived at Rotu's beach, they were greeted with open arms. However, due to Rob's divulging of information the previous night, Kathy was a bit hesitant at accepting her old tribe members' good graces. "I was aloof to Zoe, I didn't trust her. I didn't trust John. I didn't trust Tammy and I didn't trust The General (Robert DeCanio). I was quiet and hanging on the outer rim," remarked Kathy. As the tribe gathered, Rob brought out a flag revealing the new tribe's name: "Soliantu," meaning Sacred Allegiance to the Sun. ( Rob Mariano describes the Merge )

Kathy Vulnerable?
As the cheerful tribe settled down from the excitement of the merge, the members of newly formed Soliantu quickly returned to their day-to-day chores of keeping up camp. Kathy, feeling vulnerable, spoke with Paschal, warning, "I am about to get axed. There are powerful people on this beach and they are playing us, just so you know." Later, as the new tribe ate their meal together, Kathy reiterated how she felt, saying to the group, "I know this is a game, but I don't think lying fits into this game. Integrity is critical."

Later, Tammy Leitner, the 29-year-old crime reporter from Mesa, Arizona, gave her own thoughts on ethics, explaining, "This is a game about being the smartest person, outwitting, outplaying, outlasting everyone else, and you may have to tell a little white lie along the way. I went into this knowing that I was going to do what it takes to win the game."

Let the Truth Be Told
On Day 21, Rob Mariano confronted Zoe Zanidakis, the 35-year-old fishing boat captain from Monhegan Island, Maine, as she and Kathy were out gathering food, asking, "Didn't you tell me the other day that you were going to vote out Kathy? The trust in this group is gone." Zoe, denying Rob's allegations, overwhelmed and frustrated Kathy who walked away confused as to who was telling the truth. Rob concluded, " I don't like to be lied to again, and again and again. It irritates me." Trusting Rob's intuition, Kathy realized the importance of winning the upcoming Immunity Challenge, adding, "I am going to trust what Rob told me and I need Immunity to stay in the game."

Immunity Challenge: Sea Legs
The tribe met Jeff Probst at the Immunity Challenge where he explained that the Challenges ahead were all individual, not for a team, and that they were now playing for the right to wear the coveted Immunity Necklace. He then explained the rules for "Sea Legs." Each tribe member had to stand on a floating platform in the choppy sea. The tribe member to stand the longest without having any body part other than his or her feet touching the platform, would win Immunity.

As the Survivors began their balancing act, the surf became a factor, swaying each platform and causing difficulty. Falling off her platform, Neleh became the first casualty, as one-by-one the members of the newly formed Soliantu tribe lost their balance, each landing in the ocean. Finally, the challenge came down to two: John Carroll, the 36-year-old registered nurse from Omaha, Nebraska, and Kathy. Fate was on Kathy's side as John leaned down, touching the platform, and giving Immunity to Kathy.

Tempers Flare
With the intense pressure of the upcoming Tribal Council, Rob Mariano and Sean Rector approached John Carroll to discuss the vote. As the three disagreed about whom their allegiances were with, tempers flared as Sean began screaming, "Don't tell me it's an individual vote when the four of you all vote the same way."

Frustrated with the way John Carroll handled the situation, the passionate Sean explained, "I am upset with John because we have disclosed personally how it's like to be a black man, and what it's like to be a gay man, and what it's like to be isolated. We have shared moments that have nothing to do with the game. When you share moments like that, and he goes ahead and pulls this B.S., it's hurtful."

The remaining eight Survivors arrived at Tribal Council, where host Jeff Probst introduced a new facet to the meeting -- the bearer of the Immunity Necklace could assign Immunity to another tribe member, thus relinquishing Immunity for themselves. After Kathy rejected Jeff Probst's offer to give away her Immunity, Rob Mariano was voted out of the newly formed Soliantu tribe with 7 votes against him. Rob became the seventh member voted out of Survivor: Marquesas.