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Season 3: Episode 11 - SURVIVOR SAFARI; KIM P. VOTED OUT
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

After 33 days in Africa, Kim Powers, the 29-year-old freelance marketer from Conshohocken, PA, waved goodbye after being voted out of the tribe. With just seven days left, camaraderie was strong among the six remaining tribe members, causing decision-making to be tougher than ever. After exiting Tribal Council, Kim reflected on the time she spent in Africa: "I am the last remaining member of the original Samburu tribe and I am proud that I made it as long as I have. I made it this far and have no regrets." Kim will now join Kelly, Brandon and Frank as the fourth member of the Jury, which in the end will decide who will be the Ultimate Survivor.

As the tribe shrank in size, the sense of family grew. But so did feelings of isolation and solitude. Ethan reflected on this paradox by confessing that, in spite of the constant companionship, "I am so alone."

Reward Challenge: Know Your Loved One 
Giving us a glimpse into the tribe members' personal lives, each Survivor got to watch their parents, spouses and children on a videogram, sending a message of love and encouragement. Nearly everyone was brought to tears. For a few moments, the tribemates dropped their guard and shared their true emotions.

When the family videograms ended, host Jeff Probst explained the Reward Challenge. Tribe members were to be asked a series of personal questions which their family had previously been asked on videotape. If each tribe member's answer matched the answer their family gave, they would score a point. The winner would take a plane to an exclusive resort in the Masai Mara, go on safari to see the migrating wildebeest, sleep in a real bed, and enjoy fabulous food, all charged to a VISA credit card.

The Survivors wrote down their answers to the questions on pads of paper, comparing them to the answers their family members gave. Topics included the Survivors' most embarrassing moment, the physical trait they liked least, their greatest fear and their greatest achievement.

Demonstrating a great familiarity between himself and his wife, Lex won the challenge. As Lex was about to board the plane, he was given the opportunity to choose someone to accompany him. He chose Big Tom, and they hopped on the small plane and took off for the resort.

"Our own pooper!" Big Tom exclaimed upon arriving at their deluxe accommodations. Not having seen a toilet in nearly a month, Tom seemed eager to try it out. As they stuffed themselves with snacks and drinks that had been laid out for them, Tom noted, "We've eaten more right now than we have in 30 dirty days." Agreeing to keep details of their luxurious reward to a minimum when they returned to camp, an ecstatic Tom and Lex boarded a car for the safari.

"I feel like Marlin Perkins!" Tom cried out as the car weaved through hordes of wildebeest, zebras and elephants. Lex was at a loss for words. Tom, on the other hand, couldn't hide his amazement. He was especially impressed with the strange looking wildebeest. "They're as ugly as a girl I used to date back home!"

After a long night of feasting on lamb and drinking bourbon, Lex and Tom took off in a hot air balloon. Cruising over the African veldt, they spotted a lion stalking a wildebeest. Transfixed, they watched the lion move in and kill his prey.

After an intense 24 hours, Lex lamented the inevitable, "Going back to camp at this point is going to be miserable.… I'm feeling sick about it." He added, "It means going back to the game." His confidence, however, had not diminished. "I'm going to be the last person standing," he proclaimed.

Back At Camp 
In contrast to Lex and Tom's elation, the mood at camp was somber. "I'm holding out to see what happens at the Immunity Challenge," Teresa admitted.

Immunity Challenge: Pot Shots 2 
Once again taking the Immunity Necklace back from Lex, host Jeff Probst explained the Immunity Challenge. Eighteen clay pots hung on a line. Each Survivor's name was marked on three pots. Using an African weapon known as a Ringa, the group had to throw the wooden sticks at their opponents' pots, trying to break the ones that didn't bear their own name. The last person left with an unbroken pot would win Immunity.

After a tight race, Kim Johnson found herself matched up against Big Tom, who still had two pots hanging to her one pot. Her Ringa hit its mark, knocking out one of his pots. But Tom also hit his mark, smashing her last pot and her chance of winning Immunity. Big Tom won the necklace, gaining himself Immunity. "Somebody's gonna leave tonight, and it ain't gonna be me," he declared.

Getting Ready to Vote 
Their camaraderie strong, the group had no trouble remembering what the game was all about as they prepared to extinguish somebody's torch. While the women entertained the notion of splitting alliances along gender lines, Lex expressed his concern over Teresa, whom he marked as having a dangerous "fire in her belly." Wanting to put that fire out, he continued to warn, "There's nothing more dangerous than a desperate animal."

Meanwhile, Teresa attempted to convince Kim Johnson that if all three women agreed to vote off Lex, she was certain she could sway Tom to lend the deciding vote. "This is the time to start thinking who do you want to go to the end with and who do you want off," Teresa whispered to Big Tom.

Even though Kim Johnson seemed unconvinced that Tom would turn on Lex, Tom confided that he was still holding a grudge against Lex regarding his ill-fated alliance with Brandon. "I'm still irritated with Lex," Tom said. "I feel like Lex betrayed me."

Tribal Council 
As the silent jury returned to witness the vote, the tribe sat nervously, knowing that those were the very people who could ultimately determine their fate. When host Jeff Probst questioned the group on their vulnerability, Lex admitted he knew what it felt like to have votes against him and "almost take that walk of shame."

In a vote that seemed motivated by pure strategy and zero malice, the old alliance held, and Little Kim was forced to leave the tribe, with 4 of the 6 votes.