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Season 3: Episode 10 - FAREWELL TO FRANK
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

Frank Garrison, the 43-year-old telephone technician from Odessa, New York, became the tenth person voted out of SURVIVOR AFRICA. Silent and resolute, Frank watched his flame extinguished and then left the group. Frank received four votes, which was enough to send him packing. But the most tearful vote came from his good friend Teresa, who struggled about voting against her friend in an emotional confession. ( Frank's Final Words )

King of the Jungle 
As "Little Kim" (Kim Powers) and Ethan stood guard late on the 27th night, they heard the unmistakable growling of a lion. Close enough to be spotted, the "King of the Jungle" stalked the camp and roared, perhaps a reminder to the tribe that they were not-so-welcome strangers in this strange land.

Bodies Weaken 
On the morning of day 28, the tribe struggled to their feet, feeling the effects of nearly one month of living in the African bush. "Our bodies are starting to show signs of trouble," explained Lex. "We're starting to get sick." The rigorous conditions and near-starvation diet were taking their toll: bodies were thinning, boils were festering, and Kim Johnson's legs were swelling badly. As usual, "mush or gruel" was the morning's menu. "It's like eating chalk twice a day. Then they put corn in it, and you got chalk with some corn," griped a now thinner Tom.

Crumbling Alliances 
Physical problems aside, tribal politics remained paramount in everyone's minds. While gathering firewood, Tom and Ethan discussed the latest developments since the Tribal Council vote. They both expressed concern over Lex's support of Brandon, and questioned Lex's allegiance. Tom, believing that Lex broke their alliance by voting against Frank, added, "From here on out, I have a question with Lex."

Reward Challenge: Auction 
After finding a small, carved pig at the mailbox, Teresa read the clue for the Reward Challenge: "You'll need all your strengths for all the events down the road... A great day for a carbo-load."

Finding customized wallets inscribed with their names, the tribe gathered to listen s host Jeff Probst explained the challenge. Acknowledging their weakened physical state, he explained that this wouldn't really be a "challenge," but rather a "pure reward." Inside the wallets were 20,000 Kenyan shillings to be spent on an auction. First item on the block: a breakfast of hot coffee, sugar and chocolate croissant. Opening bid was 3,000 shillings. Lex won the coffee. Soon, Teresa won herself a wedge of cheese, Tom got a glass of cold beer, Kim Powers nabbed an ice cream sundae and Ethan won himself a jar of hot fudge. Kim Johnson took her chances on a covered mystery plate and won a fried chicken dinner. She then proceeded to sell a chicken breast to a very jealous Lex. Teresa augmented her cheese with a big hoagie sandwich. The bidding climaxed when Tom and Ethan pooled their shillings and bid on another mystery dish, which turned out to be a full breakfast, including pancakes and bacon. Realizing his partner Ethan was Jewish and could not join him in eating the bacon, Tom danced around in joy, proclaiming, "He's a Jew! He's a Jew!"

Figuring Out Tom 
The seemingly friendly auction exposed a political undercurrent. "It was interesting to see who's a more clever and shrewd wheeler and dealer," Lex said of the challenge. Already in the spotlight, Tom was the subject of much discussion and speculation back at camp. "Tom is not the most politically correct person," Little Kim joked. "I go back and forth on whether Tom is for real or some of it's just a put-on. I think he's smarter than he lets on."

Kim Johnson agreed. "He plays a good ol' boy, but I don't think he's as back-woods-ish as he would like to make you think." Adding to the unanimous opinion, Lex said, "I knew quickly that he was a lot brighter than he let on." Regardless of his duality, Tom still seemed to be popular among the group.

A Family That Bathes Together... 
At the watering hole, Big Tom helped people bathe by pouring water on them. He also managed to sneak a few peeks during the bathing sessions. None of the tribe's female members seemed to mind, though. "We're getting pretty comfortable with each other, and it's like your family now," claimed Ethan, but then added the sober reminder that "it makes everything a little more difficult now, because tomorrow I'm gonna have to vote one of these people off."

Immunity Challenge: African Folklore 
After taking back the Immunity necklace from Lex, host Jeff Probst gave the tribe a detailed description of African social ritual, each tribe member had to run to one of seven stations arranged in a circle. Each station contained a choice between two statements, one true, one false, each with a corresponding ostrich egg. The tribe member had to decide which fact was true, then crack open the egg. A false answer would lead to an empty egg; the correct answer would reveal a strip of colored leather contained in the egg. The tribe member would then tie the colored strip to the corresponding band of color on a staff they had been provided. First person to get five strips tied to their staff and return to the center of the circle would win immunity. The tribe ran from gate to gate cracking eggs and grabbing colored strips, occasionally cracking an empty egg. A close contest ended, once again, with Lex as the victor. He would be safe for at least another three days.

Appreciating a Moment 
As the sun peaked over the horizon on the morning of day 30, Frank took a moment to reflect on his month in Africa. "To be here is just awesome," he said. "My love for being here just grows every day."

Aware of the impending vote, Frank discussed the need to show his more sensitive side. At breakfast that morning, he attempted to emote his sensitivity in a diatribe against people who support gun control. His harsh tone did not prove to be very popular with the tribe.

Preparing to Vote 
With only 7 people left and old alliances weakening, the group faced a difficult vote at the impending Tribal Council. In an attempt to break up the once-powerful alliance of Kim Johnson, Tom, Ethan and Lex, Teresa proposed to Kim Johnson that they vote off Ethan, reasoning that although he was the most likable person in the world, he could be the most competitive. Teresa felt it was necessary to protect her alliance with Frank and, therefore, protect her position in the tribe. Bound by a friendship with Ethan, Kim refused, leaving Teresa on her own.

Tribal Council
Echoing the words of Ethan, the tribe's sense of family made the voting difficult and emotional. With only six tribe members now remaining, Frank silently left the Tribal Council, becoming the third member of the Jury, which will ultimately decide who will be the Ultimate Survivor.