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Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

After a tie vote between Lindsey Richter and Tom Buchanan at Tribal Council, Lindsey, the 27-year-old former advertising account executive from Portland, Oregon, was voted out of the Samburu tribe. Lindsey split the initial vote with Tom Buchanan, and the subsequent revote resulted in a deadlocked tie. Lindsey became the sixth Survivor to be voted out of Africa because she had received votes at previous tribal councils, whereas Tom did not. Before the second and final vote, a teary-eyed Lindsey, who earlier had considered voting against one of her allies in a last-ditch effort to save herself, explained, "On the way here tonight, my dignity took over. I don't care if I am voted out tonight, because I didn't vote for a friend of mine [Brandon]. I am leaving with my pride." Lindsey became the sixth person voted out of SURVIVOR AFRICA.

Rationing Food
At Boran, the merge (the point at which the two tribes merge and become one) was on everyone's mind. Concerned about the small amount of food they had left to last them until the merge, yet not knowing when the merge will take place, the Tribe discussed how much they should eat. Worried about running out of food, Ethan said, "We rationed our food so that we would finish what we had left in three days. If we eat the rest of the food, and in three days there is no merger, we would be screwed."

Night Shift
Over at Samburu, Tom and Lex endured a five-hour night shift, on guard lookout for animals entering the camp area. The two men voiced their frustration about the lack of responsibility the younger members of Samburu have shown, taking only one-and-a-half-hour shifts. Weary from lack of sleep, Lex complained, "We have been staying up all night for over two weeks. These guys have no concept of what a three-hour shift is. They just throw a log on the fire and go to bed."

Samburu Speculates
With Boran having gone to Tribal Council the previous night, the Samburu tribe spent the morning speculating about who had been voted out. Lindsey thought Frank was voted out, because he was the one who would cause the most friction: "Frank is a target; I think everyone will vote for him." As the Samburu tribe continued to ponder who had been voted out, Kelly explained the importance of Boran's decision, stating, "People want to see what's shaping up at Boran, because what goes on over there can totally affect what happens over here." Concerned about their strength at the coming merge, Lex and Tom sat nervous, worried that their friend Kim Johnson, who tended not to perform as well as others in physical challenges, might have been the person voted out.

Voting Strategy 
With the new Samburu tribe composed of three original Boran members and three original Samburus, Tom Buchanan explained the importance of knowing who has previous votes against them: "We know if we get beat in a challenge then we have to vote, and it's going to be a three-three tie. They're going to pick one of us, and we are going to pick one of them. The key to the vote is what's happened before." Lindsey, paranoid and concerned that she would be the next person voted out, described her predicament: "If we have to go to Tribal Council, it's all about past votes. If we have a tie, it comes down to who has more votes, and I already have four votes against me."

Clarence and the Egg
With giraffes off in the distance feeding on the plentiful acacia trees, Boran's lack of food concerned Clarence, who exclaimed, "I can't stop thinking about food. I dream about food, I think about food twenty-four hours a day." After his tribe won chickens in a previous Reward Challenge, Clarence checked to see if any had laid eggs. Later, he proposed to his Boran tribemates that if the chickens didn't lay any eggs by morning, he was going to kill one for food. Standing over the chicken coop and talking to the chickens, Clarence joked, "One of you say your good-byes; don't be mad." The tribe agreed to Clarence's proposition, but when morning came, Kim Johnson reached into the coop and found an egg. After placing it on a tray, Kim and the other Boran tribe members waited for Clarence to wake up and see the egg. Later that morning, Clarence walked over to his tribemates, looked down, and discovered the egg on the platter. In complete amazement, he blurted out, "Oh hell no! Come on, it can't be! I hate those chickens." After teasing Clarence about the situation, Ethan later revealed, "We had decided to eat the chicken for dinner anyway."

Reward Challenge--Africa 102
After receiving tree mail, both tribes met host Jeff Probst at the Reward Challenge. As the two tribes convened at Challenge Beach, the outcome of the previous night's Tribal Council was revealed to Boran. Lindsey repeated to her tribemates, "Silas is gone, Silas is gone." Host Jeff Probst explained the rules of the game: Sitting on the top row of bleachers, each team will be asked a series of questions pertaining to Africa. Answer the question correctly and move down a row on the bleachers. The first team to be standing on the ground after answering the most questions correctly wins. The reward: a full food buffet including Mountain Dew, pasta salad with vegetables, a plate full of sandwiches, and cookies for dessert.

After trading correct answers, each tribe moved down a level, until Boran finally missed a question, propelling Samburu ahead. The Samburu tribe never relinquished their lead and won the challenge. They scampered over to the picnic table and feasted on all the food as the hungry Boran tribe walked off back to camp.

The huge lunch was bittersweet for Kim Powers, as she was unable to walk and keeled over with stomach pains back at camp. With little to eat during the past 16 days, Kim's stomach had shrunk. Lindsey empathized, "Kim gorged on stuff her body isn't used to, and her tiny little five-foot-one figure isn't going to hold that very well. She was close to vomiting." As the others reclined back at camp, satisfied with their reward, Kim curled up on the pull cart to fight off the pain.

The Silas Aftermath
After Silas's expulsion, the young Samburu alliance was in a tailspin. Lindsey remarked, "When I saw that Silas was gone, my heart sank. I was definitely shocked." Realizing that she had treated the older Samburu members poorly, Lindsey recognized that in order to continue to survive, she needed more than just her physical skills. Brandon expanded on Lindsey's dilemma: "I told Lindsey that was probably a big part of them [Frank and Teresa] switching their vote to Silas. You all got in their face, and you have to really think about it. It looks like we are the ones over the pit now."

Hand Signals
Recalling that Kim Johnson had flashed hand signals at the last Reward Challenge, Kelly finally realized what Kim had been attempting to communicate to her tribe. Kelly explained, "I am such an idiot. All this time Kim had been flashing me an 'L' sign with her hands. I am sitting there and I thought, 'Oh, Lindsey.' Then I think she flashed me a 'B' for Brandon. Kim thinks they have votes against them." Kim Powers of Samburu had spotted the two women attempting to talk at the challenge, and quickly relayed the information to Lindsey, who became paranoid, thinking, "They were trying to tell each other something. I don't know if it was 'vote for Lindsey; she has votes.'"

Brandon Takes the Bullet
Realizing that Lindsey has four votes against her and would be eliminated in a tie vote, Brandon understood that in order for his alliance with Lindsey and Kim Powers to remain intact, he had to have Lex, Tom, and Kelly vote for him, because he had no previous votes. Furthermore, knowing if there is a tie vote, and confident he would be able to outsmart Tom (who also had no previous votes) in a question-and-answer round, he felt he would be able to oust Tom and save the once-strong young Samburu alliance. Brandon proclaimed, "I am going to do it. There is no way around it. There is no way I can lose to him. I can't imagine what question he [host Jeff Probst] would ask that he would know and I wouldn't."

The Archer
After receiving tree mail notifying them about their next Immunity Challenge, the tribes were given a bow-and-arrow set to practice for the upcoming archery contest. Frank, an experienced hunter, immediately took charge of his tribe by giving them archery lessons. Ethan, pleased to have Frank on his side, was eager to learn, adding, "This is Frank's thing. He is very vocal in giving us all the help he can. Without him, I wouldn't know all the little stuff that could bring us to win later on."

Immunity Challenge-"Spearit" Hunt
Boran and Samburu met host Jeff Probst at the Immunity Challenge, where he explained the rules of the game: using a bow and arrow, each tribe has five targets ranging from thirty to seventy feet away. One member from each tribe will attempt to hit a target and set it on fire. The first tribe to light up all their targets in order, from closest to farthest, wins Immunity. As the competition began, each tribe traded off hits and misses. Surprisingly, Frank, who earlier had claimed to be proficient at the bow and arrow, failed to hit his target in each one of his attempts. However, Ethan proved to be a quick learner as he connected and hit the final target seventy feet away. Boran had won Immunity, sending Samburu back to Tribal Council.

Preparing for Tribal Council
After losing the Immunity Challenge, the entire Samburu tribe felt vulnerable to the upcoming vote. Lex approached Brandon to comfort him and told him, "I just wanted you guys to just go into this vote knowing however we [Lex, Tom, and Kelly] vote is not going to be easy for us, because we like all of you." Brandon replied, "I am not taking anything personal, and if you vote for me, that's cool, it's part of the game."

Later, Brandon, Kim and Lindsey discussed their strategy, including the fact that Lindsey had previous votes. Momentarily unbeknownst to them, Kelly was walking by and overheard their conversation. Thinking that the votes were going to be cast against her now, Lindsey considered changing her voting allegiance, saying, "Right now, I feel like this is a selfish game, and I'm in it for myself." In an attempt to deflect votes away from her, Lindsey approached Kelly, hoping to convince her that she was now going to vote for her own ally, Brandon. Lindsey and Kim then spoke with Tom about their new strategy of voting Brandon off. Kim, however, stated firmly, "They are basically saying, 'Align with us and we can take you further.' I am just not going to do it, and I know Brandon wouldn't do it to me."

In the end, Lindsey's conscience had the final say, as she cast her vote against Tom rather than Brandon. The tribe voted three-to-three between Lindsey and Tom. In the end, after a tearful Brandon apologized for allowing Kelly to overhear him, Lindsey Richter was ultimately voted out because of the votes cast against her at previous Tribal Councils. Lindsey became the sixth person voted out of SURVIVOR AFRICA.