Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

With only three days remaining in SURVIVOR: PEARL ISLANDS PANAMA, Balboa alliances shifted yet again. At a suspense-filled Tribal Council, the three remaining women joined together in order to vote out Burton Roberts, the 31-year-old marketing executive from San Francisco, California. Upon seeing his torch extinguished for a second time, Burton remarked, "I wish Jon the best, and I hope he wins. Lill, I hope you can live with yourself. We had an alliance; you broke it."

After returning from the Tribal Council in which her best friend Christa was voted out, Sandra Diaz-Twine the 29-year-old office assistant from Ft. Lewis, Washington, knew she was on the chopping block, but she wasn't going to go out without a fight. Sandra planned to sabotage the Balboa camp in order to get her preemptive revenge. "I'm going to hide the pick-axe, all the knives, all the machetes. I mean, little by little, they just won't see it coming," explained Sandra.

As the troika of Jon, Burton and Lill went to get snails, the boys informed Lill that they wanted to vote Darrah out next. Believing that was unfair, Lill took exception to the change of plans as her trust in Jon and Burton weakened. "They can screw her over; they can screw me over," realized Lillian Morris, the 51-year-old scout troop leader from Cincinnati, Ohio.

As the tribe converged for the Reward Challenge, host Jeff Probst explained that the competition would contain elements from many previous Challenges. The castaways would have to untie themselves from a post, find a key buried in the sand, escape from a jail cell, fire a slingshot at plates and, finally, solve a puzzle. The first castaway to complete this race of second-chance obstacles would win the reward of a night in Panama City involving camping out at classic ruins as well as a feast of local food.

As the Challenge started, Lill took the lead as she made quick work of untying the ropes that bound her. Losing her coordinates, Lill lost the lead as she dug for her key. Jon Dalton, the 29-year-old art consultant from Danville, Virginia quickly found his key and moved ahead into the jail cell. Spending too much time assembling his pole, Jon lost the lead to Burton. Burton kept the lead by breaking all three plates in quick succession then solving the word puzzle in order to win the night in Panama City. In the end, Burton chose Jon to join him on the excursion.

After winning the Reward Challenge, Jon and Burton traveled to the mainland where a brand new GMC® ENVOY® XUV™ was waiting for them. The truck was Burton's, a secret addition to the Reward. Burton drove his new truck through Panama City, headed toward the ruins. Once they arrived, Burton and Jon inhaled a feast of local flavors while toasting the girls eating mussels back at the Balboa camp. "Honestly, those three girls have all been riding coattails the entire time they've been out here," claimed Burton.

Back at the Balboa camp, the three girls spoke of the deceitful ways of Jon and Burton. After Lill broke the news to Darrah Johnson, the 22 year-old mortician from Liberty, Mississippi, that she was next to be eliminated, the women agreed to vote off Burton and Jon in order to make it a "women only" Final Three. They devised a plan in which Sandra would pretend to be depressed, thinking she was sure to be voted off next, while Lill and Darrah would claim to still be strong allies of Jon and Burton. "If Burton wins Immunity, Jon's gone. If one of us wins Immunity, Burton's gone," schemed Darrah.

Fresh off their excursion, the boys returned to camp to a warm reception. Lill and Darrah explained that Sandra was depressed and didn't even try to strategize at all while the boys were gone. Skeptical, Burton attacked Lill with a barrage of questions, while Jon assured Sandra she was going to make it to the Final Three. Sandra made the deal with Jon to vote off whomever he said in order to make it another three days. After Sandra swore to Jon on her two kids, she explained, "In my head and mumbling under my breath, I was like 'I'm gonna swear on my two kids that I'm gonna screw you and Burton.'"

As the tribe reconvened for an Immunity Challenge, host Jeff Probst explained that the castaways would be walking the plank. The Challenge involved the tribe members using their canteens to pour water into a tube that would lift a key that would open a lock that would release a rope, allowing them to lower a plank into the water. The first castaway to lower five planks and walk them would win individual Immunity.

The Challenge began with Darrah taking the lead. Burton followed, quickly making it a tight race as Jon and Lill fell behind. Using her small hands to her advantage, Darrah made up for falling back by digging for her third key while Lill struggled with her plank. Jon got even with Darrah at the fourth plank, but had trouble getting his fifth key, which eventually gave the victory and Immunity to Darrah for the third time in a row.

Tired and depleted, Lillian made it clear she was not interested in having to reassure Jon and Burton of her loyalty over and over again. Burton tried to trick Sandra into admitting the women's alliance by claiming Lill already told him of it. Sandra emphatically denied it and continued to posture the hopelessness of being next to go. "I wouldn't worry if I were you, because I'm going to write Lill's name down. If that's what is going to save me, then so be it," Sandra promised Burton.

But Sandra didn't write down Lill's name at all, as the three women turned on the men by voting out Burton in a three-to-two, women-versus-men, decision. Burton becomes the fifth member of the Jury and will ultimately help decide who will win the million dollars and the coveted title of Sole Survivor.