Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

After a mystery-filled Tribal Council, Christa Hastie, the 24-year-old computer programmer from Los Angeles, California, was voted out in a four-to-two decision. Christa became the victim of Jon's broken promise that would have taken her to the Final Four. Upon leaving Tribal Council Christa remarked, "I wasn't quite expecting to get voted off tonight. It's really surprising to see how everybody out here fooled me at every moment of this entire game."

After returning from the Tribal Council in which Tijuana Bradley was voted out, Christa and Sandra Diaz-Twine, the 29-year-old office assistant from Ft. Lewis, Washington, second-guessed their alliance with Jon. Sandra and Christa tried to break this alliance by secretly lobbying Darrah Johnson, the 22 year-old mortician from Liberty, Mississippi, to join them in order to vote out the men. "I'm just gonna play it," confirmed Darrah, "Let them come up to me and see what's going on, and then I'll decide what I'm going to do after that."

As the tribe convened for a Reward Challenge, host Jeff Probst explained that they would compete in teams of three. Starting from a platform in the water, the first team member would traverse a balance beam, then dive into the water in order to retrieve paddles tied to floating boxes. Both players would then untie three barrels from an underwater cable and proceed to a ladder, where the last paddle would be tied. All three players in the team would then jump into the water and proceed to the beach to retrieve their designated boat. The team would then race the boat to the water and paddle back to the first floating platform. The first team to touch the platform would win. The tribe was excited when they learned that the reward was a night at a spa in which the winning team members would get to enjoy a refreshing shower and massages, followed by a full dinner and a comfortable night's sleep in a real bed.

The team of Darrah, Lill and Jon took the lead, with Darrah making quick work of the first paddle. Sandra had trouble with the first paddle, setting her team even further behind. By the time Darrah, Lill and Jon made it to shore, they owned a large lead. They needed that lead, as it took a long time for them to get the boat into the water, which set up a closer race. But it was too little too late as Darrah, Lill and Jon reached the platform first and took home the most generous reward.

After enjoying a magnificent plane ride over the Pearl Islands, Darrah, Lill and Jon were ecstatic to arrive to a full-service resort that would be their home for the next 24 hours. After a much-needed shower, the castaways enjoyed a massage, complete with cucumber slices placed over their eyes. They looked forward to a delicious dinner and a good night's sleep. "This was, bar none, the greatest reward we could be given at this stage in the game," exclaimed Jon Dalton, the 29-year-old art consultant from Danville, Virginia.

It wasn't so cushy back at camp, where Christa and Sandra pressed Burton about the strength of his alliance with them. Burton claimed he hadn't spoken to Jon about it, which concerned Christa because Jon had claimed he had. Burton said it best while talking to the girls: "No matter how strong your best friend is out here, at the end of the day, it's not as strong as a million dollars."

At the spa, Darrah, Lill and Jon devoured a royal feast. Jon was the consummate gentleman as he wined and dined the women. After dinner, the trio talked strategy late into the night, clad in their pajamas. Jon played the women by secretly promising both that they were going to end up in the Final Two with him. "I had so much fun in explaining to D and Lill that Christa made me swear on my grandmother's grave," laughed Jon, "And I told them it upset me so much to do that. One of her last wishes was that I win."

After eating an incredible breakfast spread, Darrah, Lill and Jon to the Balboa camp. Jon regaled the tribe with details from their incredible trip. Jon and Burton quickly broke away to discuss their plan, and decided that Christa would be the next Survivor voted out of the tribe. In an evening conversation with Lill, Burton said he couldn't promise her a position in the Final Two. "What I've told Lill," Burton proclaimed, "Is that I would never lie to her in this game."

As Balboa converged for Immunity, host Jeff Probst explained that the Challenge involved shooting old muskets at targets laced with kerosene. The first player to set three of their own targets ablaze would win Immunity.

The Challenge began with a bang as Christa took an early lead by hitting her first two targets. Darrah tied Christa quickly by hitting her first two targets in a row. With two targets hit each, it came down to Darrah versus Christa. Christa lined up her shot, took aim and just missed the target. Darrah then stood in, took aim and coldly set the third target on fire. For the second time in a row, Darrah won Immunity.

As the tribe returned to camp, secret rendezvous were occurring all over the place. Christa was told the alliance was voting Lill out; Lill was told the alliance was voting Christa out. The numerous deceptions set the stage for a suspenseful Tribal Council. Christa put it best: "Lying is the way to go out here. Everybody has done it, and everybody has done it well."

In the end, Jon and Burton broke their recent alliance with Christa and Sandra by directing the vote so that Christa was voted out of the tribe in a four-to-two decision. Christa becomes the fourth member of the Jury and will ultimately help to decide who will win the million dollars and earn the title of Sole Survivor.