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Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

On night twenty-four, after a tension-filled Tribal Council, Ryan Opray, the 31-year-old electrician from Los Gatos, California, was ousted in a resounding eight to one decision. Ryan became the first member of the Jury and will return every three nights to observe Tribal Council in order to ultimately decide who will be the sole Survivor. Shortly after leaving Tribal Council, Ryan stated, "I thought I'd be in this 'til the end. I knew I wasn't a quitter, but I think I had no idea how tough I was."

As the chill of the morning crept into the Balboa camp, Lillian Morris, the 51-year-old scout troop leader from Cincinnati, Ohio, celebrated her renewed life in the game by being the first to rise and get to work. Not sharing the same sentiment and realizing his strongest ally was recently voted out, former Morgan tribe member Ryan pondered his fate within the tribe, saying, "I'm basically next on the chopping block and it sucks."

While setting out on a fishing expedition, Ryan tried to create an alliance with Burton Roberts, the 31-year-old marketing executive from San Francisco, California. Ryan pleaded with Burton to recruit other Balboa members in order to vote out the former Drake alliance of Rupert, Sandra and Christa. "What he's saying is he could get himself, Darrah and Tijuana. If I could get Lill, we could have five, run them out and then go from there," noted the uncommitted Burton.

Returning from his fishing trip, Burton presented the tribe with a stingray that provided quite a shock, as it was an electric ray. But that didn't stop the tribe from cooking it and enjoying its meat. Tijuana Bradley, the 27-year-old pharmaceutical sales rep from St. Louis, Missouri, reveled in the rags to riches experience of going from the Morgan to Balboa, explaining, " Food, food, food. Everything is nice over here. They have food all the time; it's so not where I come from. They've got it going well. They got great food. Rupert does a lot of fishing and hunting. Burton, he caught the stingray so it's very exciting for me."

As Balboa converged for the first individual Reward Challenge, Host Jeff Probst explained that the tribe would use slingshots to fire marbles at targets. Each time a target is hit, it would ignite a flame that would climb up to the next target. The first person to hit their three targets in ascending order would advance to the final heat. The castaways' mouths watered as they heard the reward, which consisted of everything that comes with a great breakfast including pancakes and syrup, bacon and eggs, sweet rolls, orange juice…all to be eaten and enjoyed in a remote, picturesque location.

Sandra Diaz-Twine, the 29-year-old office assistant from Ft. Lewis, Washington, started the competition with her marble shattering the target, but Ryan won the first heat with his marksmanship. The second heat was no contest for Rupert Boneham, the 39-year-old troubled teens mentor from Indianapolis, Indiana, who hit three targets in a row to advance to the final heat. The third heat was taken by Lillian, who beat out Tijuana in a close match. The final heat was not much of a contest as Rupert's keen eye took aim and shattered the hopes of others to easily win the challenge. In a charitable move, Rupert decided to offer his breakfast to Burton, who then picked Lill to join him as his breakfast date.

After a journey across the sea, Lill and Burton landed on a scenic remote island and were treated to a breakfast buffet like no other. Enjoying the breakfast given to him by Rupert, Burton ironically exclaimed, "Here's the deal, we got to get Rupert off right now." The plan was hatched for Lill to eliminate Rupert as soon as possible by creating an alliance with Tijuana and Darrah while lying to Christa and Rupert.

Back at camp, Sandra and Christa were contemplating a similar idea as they decided to vote out Rupert and Burton over any of the girls. However, Sandra recognized a problem and pointed out, "Me and Christa definitely do feel vulnerable because Burton and Rupert are the only ones that bring anything from the ocean to us to eat."

As the Balboa tribe met for the individual Immunity Challenge, Jeff Probst explained that the competition involved a trivia test of sorts based on local pirate lore. Those who answered correctly would get to place coconuts in the bins of those who answered the questions wrong. When a castaway received five coconuts, that tribe member would be out of the game. The last castaway standing would win immunity.

The game had barely begun before Ryan had received five coconuts and was eliminated. The challenge came down to Rupert and Christa. Rupert answered the last question correctly, and he placed the fifth coconut in Christa's bin securing his immunity for that night's Tribal Council.

Knowing he was on the chopping block, Ryan attempted to create alliances with Burton, then Tijuana and Darrah. Rupert feared Ryan's attempts could be successful, saying, "Ryan has the potential to band T and Darrah and maybe suck Jon and Burton in, and give them five people that they could just steamroller over all of us."

Rupert's fears went unrealized as the Balboa crew choose to vote off Ryan in an eight to one decision, making Ryan the eighth castaway to be voted off SURVIVOR: PEARL ISLANDS. Ryan becomes the first member of the Jury and will ultimately be part of the vote to decide who will win the million-dollar prize and title of sole Survivor.