Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

As SURVIVOR: PEARL ISLANDS pushed forward, the down-on-their-luck Drake tribe lost their third Immunity Challenge in a row, leading them to vote Trish Dunn, the 42-year-old sales executive from Annapolis, Maryland, out of the tribe by four votes to two. Trish tried in vain to form an alliance at the last minute, but Drake chose to have her say goodbye instead. After Trish's expulsion, she explained, "I didn't see this coming at all, obviously. But, I always knew that anything can happen and so I really never took anything for granted."

It was a sad morning in the Drake camp when the tribe mascot Balboa, Rupert's baby pet snake, was found dead in his little bag. But, as Drake lost their mascot, Morgan gained one of their own. Pelican Pete, a local pelican, invited himself into the tribe against the wishes of Osten Taylor, the 27-year-old equity trade manager from Boston, Massachusetts. As he threatened Pelican Pete with a machete, the rest of the tribe laughed at Osten's fear of animals. "I believe Osten is afraid of it. It pisses me off. Like if you're afraid of the jungle and you're afraid of the sea and you're afraid of birds… Know what? Don't even come out here," complained Ryan Opray, the 31-year-old electrician from Los Gatos, California.

Following Rupert's advice, Drake worked to raise the floor of their shelter. The incessant complaining by Shawn Cohen, the 28-year-old advertising sales from New York, New York, angered Jon Dalton, the 29-year-old art consultant from Danville, Virginia, to the point of yelling. Jon wasn't the only member of Drake who questioned Shawn's work ethic. "Maybe Shawn should get a clue that he's not anybody's buddy here. That he has to get whatever has to happen done. He needs to make sure we win the challenge or he's going home and that's it," noted Sandra Diaz-Twine, the 29-year-old office assistant from Ft. Lewis, Washington.

As the tribes met for the Reward Challenge, Host Jeff Probst explained that the challenge involved firing cannons like the pirates of old. The first tribe to hit all their designated targets would win. The reward consisted of a grill, spices, lobsters and steaks. The reward also allowed the winning tribe to loot one item from the losing tribe's camp. And, if Morgan were to win, they would receive the second piece of the map to their buried treasure.

As the challenge began, the cannons fired loudly. It was a very close competition, as it came down to Andrew Savage, the 40-year-old attorney from Chicago, Illinois, who needed to hit his target to collect the Morgan win. Alas, Andrew missed the target, paving the way for Christa Hastie, the 24-year-old computer programmer from Los Angeles, California, to blast her target with a cannon ball. Drake was triumphant once again.

Celebrating their victory, Drake returned to camp in high spirits. They grilled up their mouth-watering steaks, and then enjoyed the feast into the night. As morning broke, Jon made the victorious trek over to Morgan to loot the tribe's water pot. Jon even enjoyed a shampoo thanks to the hospitality of the Morgan tribe. While at Morgan, Jon also mentioned that Drake lost a recent Immunity Challenge on purpose. "I think that's just nonsense and I think it's bad sportsmanship for him, the little bastard, to indicate that we didn't, fair and square, win that challenge," noted Andrew.

As the tribes reconvened for the Immunity Challenge, Jeff Probst explained that the castaways would have to utilize strategy as well as endurance in order to win. Tribe members from each tribe would be forced to hold a pole up on their shoulders behind their neck. Periodically, weight would be added to the pole. Members of each tribe would determine to which of the opposing tribe members' poles the weight would be added. The last tribe standing would win immunity.

Morgan immediately chose to add all the weight to Rupert's pole while Drake preferred to distribute their weight allotment among the Morgan castaways more evenly. The Morgan tribe's strategy proved to work as Rupert buckled under the weight. In the end, Christa couldn't compete against two Morgan men as she collapsed from the weight of her pole. This proved Morgan's strategy wise, as Andrew's determination sealed their victory.

Back at the defeated Drake camp, the tribe dealt with the inevitability of the night's looming vote. In a clandestine meeting, Trish lobbied to form an alliance to vote out Rupert due to his strength, power and likeability. The alliance needed Shawn to complete the plan.

However, wind of this covert plot made its way back to Rupert, who orchestrated a secret alliance of his own. Since her plan backfired, Trish was voted off in a four to two vote, and became the sixth person to be ousted from SURVIVOR: PEARL ISLANDS.