Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

As SURVIVOR: PEARL ISLANDS twisted forward, the Drake tribe made their first journey to Tribal Council. In a surprise move, the tribe voted out Burton Roberts, the 31-year-old marketing executive from San Francisco, California with five out of seven votes. Upon leaving Tribal Council, an upset Burton delivered his Final Words. "I'm disappointed beyond what words could explain. But being a strategic player and knowing the threat that I posed, I probably would've done what the majority ended up doing."

As day 10 rolled in, the tired Morgan tribe faced losing their shelter to the rising tide. With little food to fuel them, they built a breaker wall out of sand. Andrew Savage, the 40-year-old attorney from Chicago, Illinois, speculated," I think it's us against everything else out here. Against the surf, against the mosquitoes, against the crabs, against the fire ants…everything."

It wasn't much better at the Drake camp, where stress gave way to emotions as Jon Dalton, the 29-year-old art consultant from Danville, Virginia, exploded into a tirade over work delegation. The unusual dynamic of a full tribe enduring for as long as ten days was taking its toll. Cliques formed. Personalities clashed. "I think because we've won so many Challenges, it's starting to get annoying, because we really want someone to leave," stated Christa Hastie, the 24-year-old computer programmer from Los Angeles, California.

As the tribes converged for the Reward Challenge, Host Jeff Probst explained that they would be solving a puzzle. Each tribe's puzzle had sixteen pieces: eight pieces buried in the sand and eight hidden out at sea. The tribes had to collect the sixteen pieces and use them to solve the puzzle. The first tribe to put together the giant jigsaw would win a sewing kit, a piece of a map to a buried treasure and the right to loot an item from the other tribe's camp.

The race for the puzzle began as a close one until Morgan member Osten Taylor, the 27-year-old equity trade manager from Boston, Massachusetts, had trouble swimming. As Osten's tribemates rushed into the water to rescue him, the Morgans fell behind in the competition. Just when it looked as if Drake had an insurmountable lead, Trish Dunn, the 42-year-old sales executive from Annapolis, Maryland, began to struggle when digging out the Drake piece, allowing Morgan to make a huge comeback. It was all for naught, however, as Drake assembled their puzzle in the nick of time. Drake continued their winning streak and Morgan lost…again.

With all three pieces of the map in place, the Drake tribe had a good idea where to look for their buried treasure. After some confusion over finding a spot the map called "Devil's Fork," the tribe hit pay dirt as Shawn Cohen, the 28-year-old advertising sales executive from New York, New York, struck the buried chest with his shovel. The tribe eagerly gathered to see what the bounty contained as they opened the strongbox. Inside they found goblets, candles and candleholders, canned foods, sugar, honey, blankets, coffee beans and, to everyone's pleasure, chocolate. But not all members of Drake were happy. "The blankets smell like crap, the hammock smells like crap, the mosquito net smells like crap. I call it a ghetto Christmas. It's like asking for an Incredible Hulk doll and getting your sister's Ken doll painted green," complained Jon.

Desperately needing food, Andrew, and Ryan Opray, the 31-year-old electrician from Los Gatos, California, went to the other side of the island to fish. The rest of the Morgan tribe greeted looting Drake member Trish, who stripped the Morgan tribe of their lantern. Adding insult to injury for the Morgan tribe, the crucial fishing expedition failed miserably as Ryan and Andrew returned empty-handed. "We don't have any energy, we don't have any water: phenomenally frustrating," said Andrew bluntly.

In a clandestine night meeting, Burton proposed to Rupert Boneham, the 39-year-old troubled teens mentor from Indianapolis, Indiana, that they lose the upcoming Immunity Challenge on purpose in order to rid the tribe of one of the women. Rupert reluctantly agreed. "As long as no one else knows, we can run the game," Burton informed Rupert.

When the tribes converged for the Immunity Challenge, Jeff Probst explained that it would be a battle of strength and balance. The goal was for both tribes to cross a human checkerboard over the water. When face-to-face with an opposing tribe member, a hand-to-hand clash would occur. Whoever lost their balance and hit the water first would have to start over. The first tribe to get all members across the board would win Immunity as well as a surprise reward.

Because Drake outnumbered Morgan, they had to sit out three tribe members. Strangely, they chose to sit out two of their strongest players, Rupert and Burton. This choice gave a huge advantage to the Morgan tribe, who won without much competition. For the first time since SURVIVOR: PEARL ISLANDS began, the Morgan tribe finally claimed the Immunity Idol.

Jeff Probst announced that the surprise Reward was the right to kidnap a member of the other tribe until the next Immunity Challenge. Morgan decided to nab Rupert, who boarded the Morgan boat, leaving his Drake tribe behind.

With so many alliances in place over at the Drake camp, Jon found himself in the pole position as a possible swing vote. As tribemates individually lobbied Jon for his support, he got drunk with power as well as with the whiskey. "I'm having a blast, even more than I imagined," he gloated, "I'm on paradise, and I'm a freaking puppet master!"

In the end, Burton was blindsided by a secret alliance that included his closest friend in the tribe, Shawn. Burton received five out of seven votes at Tribal Council, making him the first Drake member to be voted out of SURVIVOR: PEARL ISLANDS.