Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

After a shocking welcome to their new adventure, the castaways of SURVIVOR: PEARL ISLANDS have begun the quest to become the Sole Survivor. On night three, after the newly formed Morgan tribe made their first dreaded paddle to Tribal Council, they voted Nicole Delma, the 24-year-old massage therapist from Hermosa Beach, California, out of the tribe in a seven-to-one vote. Nicole's tell-it-like-it-is attitude and overt attempts to create alliances backfired, thus seeding distrust among her tribemates. Upon leaving Tribal Council, Nicole gave her Final Words: "Even with a million dollars at stake, I still had to say what I thought, when I thought it. And that's exactly what did me in."

Aboard a seaworthy craft heading down the angry Pacific waters of Central America, sixteen Americans began the adventure of a lifetime. Anticipating a respite before the actual game was to begin, the castaways were comfortably clothed in suits, dresses, even a Boy Scout uniform. But Host Jeff Probst turned everything upside down when he announced that the game was not going to start the next day or the day after that. Rather, it had already begun. This time, the castaways were going in with nothing but the clothes on their backs!

Shock crept across their faces as the realization hit them that they would truly be stranded. Jeff tossed the castaways' sneakers overboard. With only the clothing on their backs and a sack of Panamanian currency, the two tribes were sent to fend for themselves in a local village, where they would have to acquire anything and everything they would need to survive the next weeks. "I'm wearing an Armani suit. How am I going to get by? What am I going to do with a suit?" questioned Shawn Cohen, the 28-year-old advertising sales executive from New York City.

One by one, each tribe member jumped overboard and swam towards the small fishing village, where their task would be to use the currency they were given to acquire what they'd need to survive for the next 39 days.

"This is beyond what I bargained for. I knew it was going to be the adventure of a lifetime; I didn't know it was going to be this big of an adventure of a lifetime." explained Ryan Shoulders, the 23-year-old produce clerk from Clarksville, Tennessee.

Upon reaching the town, the Morgan tribe chaotically attempted to get supplies while the Drake tribe successfully delegated responsibilities as Sandra Diaz-Twine, the 29-year-old office assistant from Ft. Lewis, Washington, used her ability to speak Spanish to barter more effectively with the locals. Another Drake tribe member, Rupert Boneham, the 39-year-old troubled teens mentor from Indianapolis, Indiana, seized an opportunity and stole all the Morgan tribe members' shoes as they left this most important booty unattended. Rupert then quickly bartered away the stolen items. "Pirates pillage. Pirates steal. Pirates take advantage. We are pirates, so we pirated," explained the smiling Rupert.

As both tribes continued to barter for necessities, Morgan tribe member Osten Taylor, the 27-year-old equity trade manager from Boston, Massachusetts, traded all his clothes, except his boxer shorts, in order to help his tribe.

After numerous failed attempts to communicate with the locals, both tribes finally boarded their rented vessels and began the journey to their respective islands, which would serve as their homes for the next 39 days.

Upon arriving at their beach, with little time remaining before sundown, the Morgan tribe split up and delegated responsibilities. While Lillian Morris, the 51-year-old scout troop leader from Cincinnati, Ohio, tended to a fire, Osten found a spot for the shelter.

Meanwhile, over at the Drake camp, unity reigned. Upon arriving on land, they joined hands in a huddle. Shawn shouted, "We're going to have the time of our lives and at the same time, we're going to kick some butt!"

As night fell, sleep didn't come easily for the Morgan tribe. Rocks fell from above, while hermit crabs bit the members from underneath their makeshift shelter. Uneasy in his new environment, Osten was momentarily shocked when he mistook a vine for a snake.

The Drake tribe also found sleep difficult, but for far different reasons: they celebrated their new home by getting drunk. As the cheap Panamanian wine was passed around, inhibitions were lowered, especially those of Jon Dalton, the 29-year-old art consultant from Danville, Virginia. The more Jon drank, the more jokes he cracked and the more he annoyed his tribemates. "He talks too much crap, all night long, cursing. He thinks it's cute, but it isn't. It gets old," explained Sandra.

As morning came, the still-uncomfortable Drake tribe worked together to make their clothing more manageable. Still wearing his heavy suit, Shawn cut his slacks at the knees and made them into shorts. Sandra made shoes of branches, while 24-year-old Christa Hastie, the computer programmer from Los Angeles, cut her skirt in half and supplied Rupert with a new outfit to replace his heavy, wet jeans. "It's done: I'm wearing a dress," Rupert rejoiced, "I'm never gonna put them pants back on!"

Dehydrated and struggling to find water, the Morgan tribe was relieved to find directions to a freshwater well on their map. Upon arriving at the well, Ryan Shoulders and Lillian bonded while filling the canteens. Lillian remarked, "The one person who befriended me with sincere friendship was Ryan Shoulders. Ryan's a good kid."

Meanwhile, at the Drake camp, the alpha males were emerging. In a battle of providers Burton Roberts, the 31-year-old marketing executive from San Francisco, California, proudly returned with the tribe's first catch. Not to be outdone, Rupert spent the day spearing fish after fish. "I'm coming out here to be the caretaker. I'm trying to make these people believe that there is no way they can get along without me, and I think I'm doing it, " smiled Rupert.

The tribes met Jeff Probst for the first Immunity Challenge, and he explained the rules. As the pirates of Old needed to move and conceal their artillery, so now would the tribes of New. Each tribe was to transport an excruciatingly heavy cannon along a jungle course from one side of the island to the other, negotiating certain obstacles along the way. The first tribe to complete the course would win Immunity and would be safe from the looming Tribal Council.

The race began as both tribes struggled to transport the heavy artillery across the uneven jungle terrain. The Drake tribe took an early lead as they reached their first obstacle and had to disassemble their cannon to advance. Meanwhile, the Morgan tribe fell further behind.

As the Challenge continued, Osten removed his shorts, which had been falling off him for quite some time. In an act of unity, other male members of the Morgan tribe removed their shorts, causing Jeff Probst to declare, "Osten, you are a first, my man. A totally nude Challenge!"

Upon reaching the beach, the Drake tribe got bogged down in the sand as the Morgan tribe took the lead. Just before the finish line, the Morgan tribe's cannon stuck in the sand. They pushed and pulled the enormous object with all their strength, but the sand would not release the cannon, and the Drake tribe regained the lead and crossed the finish line first. The loss would send the Morgan tribe to the game's first Tribal Council, where they would have to vote one of their own out of the tribe.

"When I turned around and saw them idiots bouncing around naked in the mud, in the muck, in the stickers and the thorns, it was hilarious," laughed Drake member Rupert as his tribe returned victorious to their island.

Meanwhile, the mood at the Morgan camp was somber, as 40-year-old attorney Andrew Savage from Chicago inspired his tribe with a pep talk: "We learn from it. We move on, and we kick their butt the next time, and we remember how cocky they were when they won."

Faced with the unenviable task of having to vote out one of their own, Morgan alliances formed, and the finger-pointing began. Nicole conspired to rid the tribe of 27-year-old pharmaceutical rep Tijuana Bradley. Catching wind of Nicole's plot to vote her out, Tijuana confronted her and later stated " As far as Nicole, I think it is enemy status; it's gotten to that point. I can't trust her."

"The people that I think are at risk? Skinny Ryan: he just hasn't been pulling his weight at camp or at the Challenge. Nicole, with the high drama today, she's been labeled, in some people's eyes, as being dishonest, so her neck's on the line because we don't know if we can trust her. And Lilly: is her neck on the chopping block? Yeah, she's definitely a contender to being voted off tonight," noted Andrew, as the tribe prepped for Tribal Council.

In the end, it was Nicole Delma, the 24-year-old massage therapist from Hermosa Beach, California, who received seven out of eight votes at Tribal Council and became the first person to be voted out of SURVIVOR: PEARL ISLANDS.